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Women in Islam

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Table of contents

1. The ‘Women’s Movement’ in Modern Islam: Reflections on the Revival of Islam’s Oldest Issue
Terence Lovat

2. Reconciling Traditional Islamic Methods with Liberal Feminism: Reflections from Tunisia by Mohamed Talbi
Kelly al-Dakkak

3. Young Muslim Women and the Islamic Family: Reflections on Conflicting Ideals in British Bangladeshi Life
Santi Rozario, Geoffrey Samuel

4. Women and Human Development in the Muslim World
Muhammad Ahsan

5. Being Muslim in the Neoliberal West: Reflections on an Ethnographic Study of Muslim Women in Australia
Belinda Green

6. Youth Identity Formation in the Presence of the ‘Other’: Reflections on Being Young and Muslim in an Interfaith Setting
Mehmet Ozalp, Kulsoom Siddiqui

7. Social Inclusion in the Context of Foreign-Policy Debates: Reflections on Jihad, Human Rights and Gender Equality in Islam
Halim Rane

8. The Contribution of Muslim Women in the Flourishing of Modern Society: Reflections on Refugee Transition from East to West
Ibtihal Samarayi

9. Islamic Legal Maxims for Attainment of Maqasid-al-Shari‘ah in Criminal Law: Reflections on the Implications for Muslim Women in the Tension Between Shari‘ah and Western Law
Luqman Zakariyah

10. The Way Forward for Muslim Women: Reflections on Australia’s Social Inclusion Agenda
Mohamad Abdalla

11. Muslim Women in Higher Education: Reflections on Literacy and Modernization in Israel
Zehavit Gross

12. Hagar/Hajar, Muslim Women and Islam: Reflections on the Historical and Theological Ramifications of the Story of Ishmael’s Mother
Robert Crotty

13. Muslim Women Academics in Higher Education: Reflections from South Africa
Doria Daniels, Nazreen Dasoo

14. Muslim Women, Peer Relationships and Educational Trajectories: Reflections on Muslim Stereotypes in a British Setting
Jody Mellor

15. Voices from Shia Imami Ismaili Nizari Muslim Women: Reflections from Canada on Past and Present Gendered Roles in Islam
Adil Mamodaly, Alim Fakirani

Keywords: Humanities / Arts, Religious Studies, Anthropology, Religion and Education, Non-Western Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion

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256 pages
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