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Multiple Representations in Biological Education

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to Multiple Representations: Their Importance in Biology and Biological Education
Chi-Yan Tsui, David F. Treagust

2. Identifying and Developing Students’ Ability to Reason with Concepts and Representations in Biology
Trevor R. Anderson, Konrad J. Schönborn, Lynn Plessis, Abindra S. Gupthar, Tracy L. Hull

3. Pictures in Biology Education
Wolff-Michael Roth, Lilian Pozzer-Ardenghi

4. Possible Constraints of Visualization in Biology: Challenges in Learning with Multiple Representations
Billie Eilam

5. Promoting the Collaborative Use of Cognitive and Metacognitive Skills Through Conceptual Representations in Hypermedia
Lei Liu, Cindy E. Hmelo-Silver

6. Learning and Teaching Biotechnological Methods Using Animations
Hagit Yarden, Anat Yarden

7. Experts’ Views on Translation Across Multiple External Representations in Acquiring Biological Knowledge About Ecology, Genetics, and Evolution
Konrad J. Schönborn, Susanne Bögeholz

8. Evolution Is a Model, Why Not Teach It That Way?
Paul Horwitz

9. Multiple Representations of Human Genetics in Biology Textbooks
Pierre Clément, Jérémy Castéra

10. Deconstructing and Decoding Complex Process Diagrams in University Biology
Phyllis B. Griffard

11. Learning Tree Thinking: Developing a New Framework of Representational Competence
Kristy L. Halverson, Patricia Friedrichsen

12. Understanding Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration: Encouraging a View of Biological Nested Systems
Reneé Schwartz, Mary H. Brown

13. Scientific Models in the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Research and in the Biology Curriculum
Alice Siu Ling Wong, Maurice M. W. Cheng, Valerie W. Y. Yip

14. Supporting and Assessing Complex Biology Learning with Computer-Based Simulations and Representations
Barbara C. Buckley, Edys S. Quellmalz

15. Secondary Students’ Understanding of Genetics Using BioLogica: Two Case Studies
Chi-Yan Tsui, David F. Treagust

16. The Hidden Hand that Shapes Conceptual Understanding: Choosing Effective Representations for Teaching Cell Division and Climate Change
Kai Niebert, Tanja Riemeier, Harald Gropengießer

17. Analogy and Gesture for Mental Visualization of DNA Structure
Anveshna Srivastava, Jayashree Ramadas

18. Multiple Representations in Modeling Strategies for the Development of Systems Thinking in Biology Education
Roald Pieter Verhoeff, Kerst Th Boersma, Arend Jan Waarlo

19. Conclusion: Contributions of Multiple Representations to Biological Education
David F. Treagust, Chi-Yan Tsui

Keywords: Education, Science Education, Learning & Instruction

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Models and Modeling in Science Education
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