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Recarbonization of the Biosphere

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Table of contents

1. Terrestrial Biosphere as a Source and Sink of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
Rattan Lal, K. Lorenz, R. F. Hüttl, B. U. Schneider, Joachim Braun

2. Climate Change Mitigation by Managing the Terrestrial Biosphere
Rattan Lal

3. Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate in the Anthropocene
K. Lorenz, P. J. Crutzen, Rattan Lal, K. Töpfer

4. Historic Changes in Terrestrial Carbon Storage
R. A. Houghton

5. Soil Erosion and Soil Organic Carbon Storage on the Chinese Loess Plateau
Ch. Dahlke, H.-R. Bork

6. Methane Emissions from China’s Natural Wetlands: Measurements, Temporal Variations and Influencing Factors
Xiaoke Wang, Fei Lu, Le Yang

7. Accounting More Precisely for Peat and Other Soil Carbon Resources
Hermann F. Jungkunst, Jan Paul Krüger, Felix Heitkamp, Stefan Erasmi, Sabine Fiedler, Stephan Glatzel, Rattan Lal

8. Permafrost – Physical Aspects, Carbon Cycling, Databases and Uncertainties
Julia Boike, Moritz Langer, Hugues Lantuit, Sina Muster, Kurt Roth, Torsten Sachs, Paul Overduin, Sebastian Westermann, A. David McGuire

9. Carbon Sequestration in Temperate Forests
Rattan Lal, K. Lorenz

10. Decarbonization of the Atmosphere: Role of the Boreal Forest Under Changing Climate
Jagtar Bhatti, Rachhpal Jassal, T. Andy Black

11. Recarbonization of the Humid Tropics
Michelle Venter, Oscar Venter, Susan Laurance, Michael Bird

12. Carbon Cycling in the Amazon
Carlos Clemente Cerri, Martial Bernoux, Brigitte Josefine Feigl, Carlos Eduardo Pellegrino Cerri

13. Grassland Soil Organic Carbon Stocks: Status, Opportunities, Vulnerability
Richard Theodore Conant

14. Cropland Soil Carbon Dynamics
Klaus Lorenz, Rattan Lal

15. The Carbon Cycle in Drylands
Penélope Serrano-Ortiz, Enrique P. Sánchez-Cañete, Cecilio Oyonarte

16. Carbonization of Urban Areas
Galina Churkina

17. Potential Carbon Emission Trajectories of Shanghai, China from 2007 to 2050
Ru Guo, Xiaojing Cao, Jing Zhang, Fengting Li, Hongtao Wang

18. Processes of Soil Carbon Dynamics and Ecosystem Carbon Cycling in a Changing World
Felix Heitkamp, Anna Jacobs, Hermann F. Jungkunst, Stefanie Heinze, Matthias Wendland, Yakov Kuzyakov

19. Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Interactions and Biosphere-Atmosphere Exchange of Nitrous Oxide and Methane
Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, Michael Dannenmann

20. Carbon Storage and Sequestration in Subsoil Horizons: Knowledge, Gaps and Potentials
Cornelia Rumpel, Abad Chabbi, Bernd Marschner

21. Transforming Carbon Dioxide from a Liability into an Asset
Carlo Rubbia

22. Bioenergy and Biospheric Carbon
Tim Beringer, Wolfgang Lucht

23. The Economics of Land and Soil Degradation-Toward an Assessment of the Costs of Inaction
Joachim Braun, Nicolas Gerber

24. Assessment of Carbon Sequestration Potential in Coastal Wetlands
James T. Morris, James Edwards, Stephen Crooks, Enrique Reyes

25. Research and Development Priorities Towards Recarbonization of the Biosphere
Rattan Lal, Klaus Lorenz, Reinhard F. Hüttl, Bernd Uwe Schneider, Joachim Braun

Keywords: Life Sciences, Terrestial Ecology, Ecosystems, Urban Ecology, Biogeosciences, Climate Change

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27 pages
Natural Sciences

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