Koetsier, Teun

Explorations in the History of Machines and Mechanisms

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Table of contents

1. A Social Network Model for Innovation in Early Aviation History
Francis C. Moon

2. Franz Reuleaux and the Rhenish Roots of Mechanism Theory
Reinhard Braune, Burkhard Corves

3. The Birth of the Moscow School of Applied Mechanics in the 2nd Half of the 19th Century and the Early 20th Century
Vera Chinenova, Alexander Golovin, Irina Tyulina

4. Royal Manufactures Promoted by the Spanish Crown during the 18th and 19th Centuries: An Approach to European Industrialisation
Javier Echávarri Otero, E. Guerra Ochoa, E. Chacón Tanarro, J. L. Muñoz Sanz, E. Bautista Paz, J. R. Álvarez Redondo, A. Díaz Lantada, J. M. Munoz-Guijosa

5. The Influence of the Society of Jesus on the Spread of European Mechanical Knowledge in China in the XVIth and XVIIth Centuries
Michela Cigola

6. Jang Yeong-sil: Inventor of the Striking Clepsydra during the Reign of King Sejong in Joseon
Nam Moon-hyon

7. Kurt Rauh: Saxon Mechanism Theory Brought to Aachen
Burkhard Corves

8. About Karl Hoecken and Some of His Works on Mechanisms
Hanfried Kerle

9. Gioacchino Russo – A Versatile Scientist
Francesco Petrone, Viviana Russo

10. Applied Mechanics: The Information Sheets of Professor Leonid Smirnov
Alexander Golovin, Anastacia Golovina

11. Konstantin Frolov Continuing the Soviet School Traditions on MMS (Mechanism and Machine Science)
Olga V. Egorova, Gennady A. Timofeev

12. Francisc Viliam Kovács – Leader in the Development of Mechanisms and Robotics in Romania
Erwin-Christian Lovasz, Dan Perju, Inocenţiu Maniu, Corneliu Rădulescu, Valentin Ciupe

13. An Examination of the Mechanisms of Movement in Heron of Alexandria’s On Automaton-Making

Finlay McCourt

14. The Mystery of the Defense Chain Mechanism of Constantinople
Junichi Takeno, Yoshihiko Takeno

15. Structural Synthesis of the Ancient Chinese Zhuge Repeating Crossbow
Kuo-Hung Hsiao, Hong-Sen Yan

16. Clocks and Dials with Automata: The Mosaic of Qasr El-Lebya
Helen Fragaki

17. The Drawings of Machines by the Great Architects of the Renaissance and Baroque Eras
Emanuela Chiavoni

18. Cultural Heritages in Aterno Valley (Italy): Historical Watermills for Cereals Grinding
Romolo Continenza, Stefano Brusaporci

19. The Front Dial of the Antikythera Mechanism
Michael T. Wright

20. The Historical-Technological Study of Monumental Tower Clocks: The Town Hall Clock of Alcalá la Real, Jaén (Spain)
López-García Rafael, Dávila-Rufián Iván, Dorado-Vicente Rubén

21. Improbable Mechanics: A Short History of Fake Automata
Nadia Ambrosetti

22. Centrifugal Governors: The Story of a Mistake
Max Sakharov, Valentin Tarabarin

23. The Anahuac Propeller: A Century after
J. Romero-N, C. López-C, A. Colín-R, M. Arroyo-C

24. The Rotary Aero Engine from 1908 to 1918
Giuseppe Genchi, Francesco Sorge

25. The Historical Development of Catrasys, a Cable System
Marco Ceccarelli

26. A Contribution on the History of Ropeways
K. Hoffmann, Nenad Zrnić

27. The First Hydroelectric Power Plant in the Balkans Built on the Basis of Tesla’s Principles
Svetislav Marković, Tatjana Lazović, Ljubica Milović, Bratislav Stojiljković

28. Tesla’s Research in the Field of Mechanical Engineering Focused on Fountains Design
Aleksandar Marinković, Nenad Zrnić, Bratislav Stojiljković, Milan Vulićević

29. Mechanical Models for Anti-Rhomb Linkage
Simona-Mariana Cretu, Gigi-Dragos Ciocioi-Troaca, Emil Soarece, Eugen Marian Paun

30. History of Human Powered Threshing Machines: A Literature Review
K. S. Zakiuddin, H. V. Sondawale, J. P. Modak, Marco Ceccarelli

31. At the Origins of the Concepts of Máthema and Mekhané: Aristotle’s Mekhanikà and Archimedes’ Tropos Mekhanikòs

Giuseppe Boscarino

32. Historical Reflections on the Scale Ratio in the Galilean Trattato Di Fortificazione

Raffaele Pisano, Danilo Capecchi

33. Poncelet and the Development of Applied Mechanics
Agamenon R. E. Oliveira

34. The Case of Kinematics, the Genesis of a Discipline
Teun Koetsier

35. Cognate Linkages the Roberts – Chebyshev Theorem
Egbert Verstraten

36. The Work of Otto Fischer and the Historical Development of His Method of Principal Vectors for Mechanism and Machine Science
Volkert Wijk, Just L. Herder

37. Spatial Overconstrained Linkages—The Lost Jade
Yan Chen, Zhong You

38. Designing, Analysis and Computer Modeling of Straight-Line Mechanisms
Valentin Tarabarin, Z. Tarabarina, D. Chirkina

39. The Transmission of the European Clock-Making Technology into China in the 17th-18th Centuries
Baichun Zhang

40. DMG-Lib – An Open Access Digital Library as an Exploration Tool for Historians and Engineers
Torsten Brix, Rike Brecht, Veit Henkel, Michael Reeßing

Keywords: Engineering, Machinery and Machine Elements, History of Science, Materials Science, general

Publication year
History of Mechanism and Machine Science
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18 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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