Tan, Kim Chwee Daniel

Issues and Challenges in Science Education Research

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Table of contents

1. Issues and Challenges in Science Education Research
Kim Chwee Daniel Tan, Mijung Kim

2. Science Literacy for All: More than a Slogan, Logo, or Rally Flag!
Larry D. Yore

3. Moving the Essence of Inquiry into the Classroom: Engaging Teachers and Students in Authentic Science
Barbara A. Crawford

4. Conceptual Change: Still a Powerful Framework for Improving the Practice of Science Instruction
Reinders H. Duit, David F. Treagust

5. Multimodality in Problem Solving
Shien Chue, Kim Chwee Daniel Tan

6. Understanding Photosynthesis and Respiration: Is It a Problem? Eighth Graders’ Written and Oral Reasoning About Photosynthesis and Respiration
Helena Näs

7. Introducing Students to Authentic Inquiry Investigation Using an Artificial Olfactory System
Niwat Srisawasdi

8. Developing a Peer-Coaching Model for Enhancing the Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Preservice Science Teachers
Syh-Jong Jang

9. Issues and Challenges in School-Based Assessment of Science Practical Work
Benny Hin Wai Yung

10. Creative and Co-operative Science and Technology Education Course: Theory and Practice in Finnish Teacher Education Context
Ossi Autio, Jari Lavonen

11. Increasing Accessibility to Science in Early Childhood Teacher Education Through Collaboration Between Teacher Educators and Science/Engineering Academics
Christine Howitt, Elaine Blake, Martina Calais, Yvonne Carnellor, Sandra Frid, Simon W. Lewis, Mauro Mocerino, Lesley Parker, Len Sparrow, Jo Ward, Marjan G. Zadnik

12. Stories of Teaching Hypothesis-Verification Process in Elementary Science Classrooms
Mijung Kim, Yong Jae Joung, Hye-Gyoung Yoon

13. Pedagogical Practices and Science Learning with a Focus on Educating for Sustainability for Pre-service Primary and Middle Years Educators
Kathryn Paige, David Lloyd

14. Using Simulations in Science: An Exploration of Pupil Behaviour
Susan Rodrigues

15. Integrating Digital Technologies into the Contemporary Science Classroom
Karen Murcia

16. Learning Chemistry Performatively: Epistemological and Pedagogical Bases of Design-for-Learning with Computer and Video Games
Yam San Chee, Kim Chwee Daniel Tan, Ek Ming Tan, Mingfong Jan

17. Challenging Opportunities: Integrating ICT in School Science Education
Julie Crough, Louise Fogg, Jenni Webber

18. Science in Early Learning Centres: Satisfying Curiosity, Guided Play or Lost Opportunities?
Elaine Blake, Christine Howitt

19. Engaging Children in Learning Ecological Science: Two Botanic Garden Educators’ Pedagogical Practices
Junqing Zhai

20. Knowledge Advancement in Environmental Science Through Knowledge Building
Jennifer Yeo, Yew-Jin Lee

21. Issues and Challenges: Impacting Practice and Policy
Kim Chwee Daniel Tan, Mijung Kim

Keywords: Education, Science Education, Learning & Instruction, Teaching and Teacher Education, Educational Technology

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