Law, Pui-lam

New Connectivities in China

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Table of contents

1. NPOs in China: Some Issues Concerning Internet Communication
Boxu Yang

2. Dot the “I’s” and Cross the “T’s”: A Sociological Interpretation of Chinese Cyberspace and the Qianyuan Grace Wang Incident
Chung-tai Cheng

3. Rage and Reflection: Chinese Nationalism Online Between Emotional Venting and Measured Opinion
David Kurt Herold

4. Beijing Calling… Mobile Communication in Contemporary China
Leopoldina Fortunati, Anna Maria Manganelli, Pui-lam Law, Shanhua Yang

5. The “Mobile” Face of Contemporary China
Leopoldina Fortunati, Anna Maria Manganelli, Pui-lam Law, Shanhua Yang

6. A Preliminary Study on the Mobile Phone Use of Migrant Workers in Beijing
Ke Yang

7. Mobile Cultures of Migrant Workers in Southern China: Informal Literacies in the Negotiation of (New) Social Relations of the New Working Women
Angel Mei-yi Lin, Avin H. M. Tong

8. Internet Use of Migrant Workers in the Pearl River Delta
Yinni Peng

9. Mobile Phones and the Empowerment of Migrant Workers in Job Search in China’s Pearl River Delta
Raymond Ngan, Stephen K. Ma

10. Mobile Communication and the Issue of Identity: An Exploratory Study of the Uses of the Camera Phone Among Migrant Workers in Southern China
Pui-lam Law

11. Beyond Privileges: New Media and the Issues of Glocalization in China
Boxu Yang

12. The Principled Machine: A Sociopolitical Inquiry of Mobile Voting in Chinese Society
Chung-tai Cheng

13. The Use of ICT Products and “White-Collarization” of White-Collar Workers: An Everyday-Life Perspective
Shanhua Yang, Jing Li

14. Home and Away: A Case Study of Students and Social Media in Shanghai
Larissa Hjorth, Michael Arnold

15. Toward a New “Electrical World”: Is There a Chinese Technological Sublime?
Matteo Tarantino

16. ICT Use with Chinese Characteristics
Wai-chi Rodney Chu, Yinni Peng

17. ICTD: Internet Adoption and Usage Amongst Rural Users in China
Jinqiu Zhao

Keywords: Social Sciences, Communication Studies, Social Sciences, general, Computer Science, general

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