Kreutzmann, Hermann

Pastoral practices in High Asia

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Table of contents

1. Pastoral Practices in Transition: Animal Husbandry in High Asian Contexts
Hermann Kreutzmann

2. Herding on High Grounds: Diversity and Typology of Pastoral Systems in the Eastern Hindukush (Chitral, Northwest Pakistan)
Marcus Nüsser, Arnd Holdschlag, Fazlur-Rahman

3. Pastoralism, Power and Politics: Access to Pastures in Northern Afghanistan
Stefan Schütte

4. Pastoral Production Strategies and Market Orientation of the Afghan Kirghiz
Ted Callahan

5. Livelihoods of the ‘New Livestock Breeders’ in the Eastern Pamirs of Tajikistan
Tobias Kraudzun

6. Kirghiz in Little Kara Köl: The Forces of Modernisation in Southern Xinjiang
Hermann Kreutzmann

7. Legal Arrangements and Pasture-Related Socio-ecological Challenges in Kyrgyzstan
Andrei Dörre

8. Conflicting Strategies for Contested Resources: Pastoralists’ Responses to Uncertainty in Post-socialist Rural Kyrgyzstan
Bernd Steimann

9. Pastoral People and Shepherding Practices in the Western Himalaya (Himachal Pradesh): A Historical Perspective
Chetan Singh

10. State Policy and Local Performance: Pasture Use and Pastoral Practices in the Kumaon Himalaya
Christoph Bergmann, Martin Gerwin, Marcus Nüsser, William S. Sax

11. The Changing Role of Hunting and Wildlife in Pastoral Communities of Northern Tibet
Toni Huber

12. Implementation of Resettlement Programmes Amongst Pastoralist Communities in Eastern Tibet
Jarmila Ptackova

13. ‘Everybody Likes Houses. Even Birds Are Coming!’
Emilia Róża Sułek

14. Change and Continuity in a Nomadic Pastoralism Community in the Tibet Autonomous Region, 1959–2009
Melvyn C. Goldstein

15. Tibetan Pastoralists in Transition. Political Change and State Interventions in Nomad Societies
Andreas Gruschke

16. Enclosure and Resettlement in the Eastern Tibetan Plateau: Dilemma of Pastoral Development During the Last Three Decades
Wu Ning, Yan Zhaoli, Lu Tao

17. Pastoral Communities’ Perspectives on Climate Change and Their Adaptation Strategies in the Hindukush-Karakoram-Himalaya
Yi Shaoliang, Muhammad Ismail, Yan Zhaoli

18. Pastoralism: A Way Forward or Back?
Hermann Kreutzmann

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Earth System Sciences, Agriculture, Environmental Management

Publication year
Advances in Asian Human-Environmental Research
Page amount
15 pages
Natural Sciences

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