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Probabilities, Laws, and Structures

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Table of contents

1. Dutch Book Arguments and Imprecise Probabilities
Seamus Bradley

2. Objectifying Subjective Probabilities: Dutch Book Arguments for Principles of Direct Inference
Timothy Childers

3. The Foundations of Statistics: Inference vs. Decision
Ilkka Niiniluoto

4. On the Verisimilitude of Tendency Hypotheses
Roberto Festa

5. Tweety, or Why Probabilism and even Bayesianism Need Objective and Evidential Probabilities
Gerhard Schurz

6. Pluralism in Probabilistic Justification
David Atkinson, Jeanne Peijnenburg

7. One Size Does Not Fit All: Proposal for a Prior-adapted BIC

Jan-Willem Romeijn, Rens Schoot, Herbert Hoijtink

8. Mathematical Biology and the Existence of Biological Laws
Mauro Dorato

9. On Empirical Generalisations
Federica Russo

10. The Limits of Interventionism – Causality in the Social Sciences
Sebastian Mateiescu

11. Causal Realism
Michael Esfeld

12. Structural Invariants, Structural Kinds, Structural Laws
Holger Lyre

13. Santa’s Gift of Structural Realism
Paul Hoyningen-Huene

14. The Resilience of Laws and the Ephemerality of Objects: Can a Form of Structuralism be Extended to Biology?
Steven French

15. Natural Kinds, Conceptual Change, and the Duck-Bill Platypus: LaPorte on Incommensurability
Michela Massimi

16. Essentialism About Kinds: An Undead Issue in the Philosophies of Physics and Biology?
Thomas A. C. Reydon

17. Biological Laws and Kinds Within a Conservative Reductionist Framework
Christian Sachse

18. Why It Is Time to Move Beyond Nagelian Reduction
Marie I. Kaiser

19. Probability, Indeterminism and Biological Processes
Charlotte Werndl

20. Bayesianism, Convergence and Molecular Phylogenetics
Bengt Autzen

21. Quantities as Realistic Idealizations
Ilkka Niiniluoto

22. Mathematics as Quasi-matter to Build Models as Instruments
Marcel Boumans

23. Mathematical Models and Economic Forecasting: Some Uses and Mis-Uses of Mathematics in Economics
David F. Hendry

24. Technomathematical Models in the Social Sciences
Javier Echeverria

25. The Use of Mathematics in Physics and Economics: A Comparison
Donald Gillies

26. Mathematics in Cognitive Science
Daniel Andler

27. What Can the Social Sciences Learn from the Process of Mathematization in the Natural Sciences
Ladislav Kvasz

28. Probability, Statistics, and Law
Maria Carla Galavotti

29. Experiments in Political Science: The Case of the Voting Rules
Adrian Miroiu

30. The Beginning of Model Theory in the Algebra of Logic
Volker Peckhaus

31. Incomplete Symbols and the Theory of Logical Types
Graham Stevens

32. Statistical Thinking between Natural and Social Sciences and the Issue of the Unity of Science: from Quetelet to the Vienna Circle
Donata Romizi

33. The Backbone of the Straw Man Popper’s Critique of the Vienna Circle’s Inductivism
Artur Koterski

34. Carnap’s Logic of Science and Personal Probability
Thomas Uebel

35. Erwin Schrödinger, Vienna Indeterminist
Michael Stöltzner

36. Some Historical and Philosophical Aspects of Quantum Probability Theory and its Interpretation
Miklós Rédei

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of the Social Sciences, Philosophy of Biology, Epistemology

Publication year
The Philosophy of Science in a European Perspective
Page amount
11 pages

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