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Genesis - In The Beginning

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Table of contents

1. The Prebiotic Chemistry of Alternative Nucleic Acids
H. James Cleaves, Jeffrey L. Bada

2. Cooptive Evolution of Prebiotic Chemical Networks
Chrisantha Fernando, Vera Vasas

3. Origin and Evolution of Self-Replicating Polymers on Mineral Habitats
Enzo Gallori, Sergio Branciamore

4. Mathematical Models of Prebiotic Replication of Informational Molecules
Kelley Harris, Irene A. Chen

5. Life Without Carbon
Rob Hengeveld

6. [GADV]-Protein World Hypothesis on the Origin of Life
Kenji Ikehara

7. Reality of the Emergence of Life-Like Systems from Simple Prebiotic Polymers on Primitive Earth
Kunio Kawamura

8. The Photobiological Regime in the Very Early Earth and the Emergence of Life
Osmel Martín, Liuba Peñate, Rolando Cárdenas, J. E. Horvath

9. Prebiotic Formation of Peptides: A Markov Chain Approach
F. G. Mosqueira, Alicia Negrón-Mendoza, Sergio Ramos-Bernal, Carlos Polanco-Gonzalez

10. Atomic Structural Templates of the Earliest Life on Earth: Vibration and Lightning Experiments with Quartz and Amino Acids
Maciej Pawlikowski

11. The Chemical Evolution in Open Space: A Link to the Origin of Life
Michael Simakov

12. The Prebiotic Chemistry of Nitrogen and the Origin of Life
David P. Summers

13. Moving “Far from Equilibrium” in a Prebiotic Environment: The Role of Maxwell’s Demon in Life Origin
David L. Abel

14. Life from Interface
Katsuhiko Ariga, Gary J. Richards, Jonathan P. Hill

15. Breaking the Paradigm: The Pattern of Life
Tom Barbalet

16. Cyberbiogenesis and the EvoGrid: A Twenty-First Century Grand Challenge
Bruce Damer, Peter Newman, Ryan Norkus, John Graham, Richard Gordon, Tom Barbalet

17. Constructive Approaches for the Origin of Life
Norikazu Ichihashi, Tomoaki Matsuura, Hiroshi Kita, Takeshi Sunami, Hiroaki Suzuki, Tetsuya Yomo

18. Origin of Life by Thermodynamic Inversion: A Universal Process
Vladimir Kompanichenko

19. Life Explained by Heat Engines
Anthonie W. J. Muller

20. Computational Simulations of Prebiotic Processes
Albert Rimola, Mariona Sodupe, Piero Ugliengo

21. Comets, Information, and the Origin of Life
Robert B. Sheldon

22. In Situ High Spatial Resolution Techniques in the Search for the Origin of Life
David Wacey

23. Disorder to Order, Nonlife to Life: In the Beginning There Was a Mistake
Ernesto Mauro, A. Keith Dunker, Edward N. Trifonov

24. The Role of Information and Order in the Origin of Life
B. Roy Frieden, Robert A. Gatenby

25. The Origin of First Peptides on Earth: From Amino Acids to Homochiral Biomolecules
Thomas Jakschitz, Daniel Fitz, Bernd Michael Rode

26. Chemical Models for the Origin of Biological Homochirality
Martin Klussmann

27. Absolute Asymmetric Synthesis and the Origin of Biological Chirality
Gábor Lente

28. Energy-Driven Evolution of Prebiotic Chiral Order (Lessons from Dynamic Systems Modeling)
Radu Popa, Vily Marius Cimpoiasu

29. Recurrent Dreams of Life in Meteorites
Richard Gordon, Jesse C. Mcnichol

30. Are We from Outer Space?
Jesse C. Mcnichol, Richard Gordon

31. Origin of Life and Panspermia
Chandra Wickramasinghe

32. The Dimeric Proto-Ribosome Within the Modern Ribosome
Ilana Agmon

33. Oceanic Arginine Translator: The Origin of Life and Early Evolution of the Genetic Code
Robert W. Griffith

34. Tidal Cycling and the Origin of the Genetic Code: Implications for Cellular Life
Richard Lathe

35. Heterotrophic Model Protocells
Cristina Bianco, Sheref S. Mansy

36. A Symbiogenic Way in the Origin of Life
Luísa Pereira, Telma Rodrigues, Francisco Carrapiço

37. Horizontal Gene Transfer and the Tree of Life
Jan Sapp

38. On the Vesicular Origin of the Cell Cycle
Saša Svetina

39. Hypothesized Microenvironments for the Origin of Microbial Life on Earth
Jack T. Trevors, Asim K. Bej, Jan Dirk Elsas

40. What Can Life on Earth Tell Us About Life in the Universe?
Charles H. Lineweaver, Aditya Chopra

41. Potential for Life in the Saturn System
François Raulin

42. Energy Sources for, and Detectability of, Life on Extrasolar Planets
John A. Raven, Charles S. Cockell, Lisa Kaltenegger

43. Habitable Environments by Extremophiles on Earth, the Solar System, and Elsewhere
Joseph Seckbach, Julian Chela-Flores

44. Cultural Implications of the Search and Eventual Discovery of a Second Genesis
Roberto Aretxaga-Burgos, Julian Chela-Flores

45. The Concept of Chemical Evolution Before Oparin
Florence Raulin-Cerceau

46. A History of Origin of Life Ideas from Darwin to NASA
James E. Strick

Keywords: Life Sciences, Evolutionary Biology, Cell Biology, Geochemistry, Earth System Sciences, Science, general

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Cellular Origin, Life in Extreme Habitats and Astrobiology
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39 pages
Natural Sciences

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