Bationo, Andre

Lessons learned from Long-term Soil Fertility Management Experiments in Africa

Bationo, Andre - Lessons learned from Long-term Soil Fertility Management Experiments in Africa, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Overview of Long Term Experiments in Africa
A. Bationo, B. Waswa, A. Abdou, B. V. Bado, M. Bonzi, E. Iwuafor, C. Kibunja, J. Kihara, M. Mucheru, D. Mugendi, J. Mugwe, C. Mwale, J. Okeyo, A. Olle, K. Roing, M. Sedogo

2. Long Term Effects of Crop Rotations with Fallow or Groundnut on Soil Fertility and Succeeding Sorghum Yields in the Guinea Savannah of West Africa
B. V. Bado, A. Bationo, F. Lompo, K. Traore, M. P. Sedogo, M. P. Cescas

3. Crop and Soil Response to Tillage and Crop Residue Application in a Tropical Ferralsol in Sub-humid Western Kenya
J. Kihara, J. Mukalama, F. O. Ayuke, S. Njoroge, B. Waswa, J. Okeyo, S. Koala, A. Bationo

4. Strategies for Maintenance and Improvement of Soil Productivity Under Continuous Maize and Beans Cropping System in the Sub-humid Highlands of Kenya: Case Study of the Long-Term Trial at Kabete
C. N. Kibunja, F. B. Mwaura, D. N. Mugendi, P. T. Gicheru, J. W. Wamuongo, A. Bationo

5. Management of Soil Fertility in a Long-Term Field Trial of Semi-arid Kenya
F. M. Kihanda, G. P. Warren

6. Long-Term Soil Fertility Trials in Niger, West Africa
A. Abdou, S. Koala, A. Bationo

7. Effects of Organic and Inorganic Applications on Soil Bacterial and Fungal Microbial Communities Diversity and Impacts of Earthworms on Microbial Diversity in the Kabete Long-Term Trial, Kenya
M. M. Kamaa, H. N. Mburu, E Blanchart, L. Chibole, J. L. Chotte, C. N. Kibunja, D. Lesueur

8. Cropping Systems in the Sudano-Sahelian Zone: Implications on Soil Fertility Management over Varied Seasons
A. Bationo, J. Kimetu, J. Kihara, Z. Traore, M. Bagayoko, V. Bado, M. Lompo, R. Tabo, S. Koala

9. Agronomic and Economic Evaluation of Fertilizer Use in West Africa from Long-Term Experiments: Alternative Phosphorus Fertilizer Sources in Different Agro-Ecological Zones of Togo
A. Bationo, A. K. Pinto-Toyi, E. Ayuk, A. U. Mokwunye

10. Long-Term Integrated Soil Fertility Management in South-Western Nigeria: Crop Performance and Impact on the Soil Fertility Status
B. Vanlauwe, G. Nziguheba, O. C. Nwoke, J. Diels, N. Sanginga, R. Merckx

Keywords: Life Sciences, Agriculture, Soil Science & Conservation

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