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Nutrition, Diet and Cancer

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Table of contents

1. Aberrant Signaling Pathways in Cancer: Modulation by the Dietary Flavonoid, Quercetin
Ramamurthi Vidya Priyadarsini, Siddavaram Nagini

2. Micronutrients and Cancer: Add Spice to Your Life
Sahdeo Prasad, Subash C. Gupta, Bharat B. Aggarwal

3. Chemoprevention of Prostate Cancer with Cruciferous Vegetables: Role of Epigenetics
Laura M. Beaver, David E. Williams, Roderick H. Dashwood, Emily Ho

4. Molecular Insight and Preclinical Perspective of Thymoquinone as Chemopreventive Agent and Therapeutic Adjunct in Cancer
Sanjeev Banerjee, Mansi Parasramka, Fazlul H. Sarkar, Ramzi M. Mohammad

5. Dietary Biofactors in the Management of Cancer: Myth or Reality?
Vidushi S. Neergheen-Bhujun, K. S. Kang, O. I. Aruoma, T. Bahorun

6. Nutritional Compounds as Chemopreventive Agents by Proteasome Inhibition
Kristin Landis-Piwowar, Elizabeth Smerczak, Jian Zuo, Q. Ping Dou

7. STAT Signaling in Cancer Prevention
Su-Ni Tang, Sharmila Shankar, Rakesh K. Srivastava

8. γδ T Cells, Tea and Cancer
Jingwei Lu, Vincent J. Pompili, Hiranmoy Das

9. Phytochemical Intakes with a Mediterranean Diet: Levels Achievable with an Exchange List Diet and Potential Biomarkers in Blood
Zora Djuric

10. Plant Polyphenols and Their Role in Cancer Prevention and Chemotherapy
Sharmila Shankar, Brahma N. Singh, Rakesh K. Srivastava

11. Role of Food Micro-molecules in the Prevention of Cancer
Latha Sabikhi, Alok Jha, Sudhir Kumar Tomer, Ashish Kumar Singh

12. The Protective Role of Zinc in Cancer: A Potential Chemopreventive Agent
Bin Bao, Amir Ahmad, Azfar S Azmi, Zhiwei Wang, Sanjeev Banerjee, Fazlul H. Sarkar

13. Diet-Induced Epigenetic Changes and Cancer Prevention: A Mantra for Healthy Living
Ajay Goel, Gaurav Chaturvedi

14. Western Diet-Induced Pancreatic Cancer
M. Mura Assifi, Guido Eibl

15. Intracellular Signaling Network as a Prime Chemotherapy Target of Green Tea Catechin, (–)-Epigallocatechin-3-gallate
Brahma N. Singh, Sharmila Shankar, Rakesh K. Srivastava

16. Role of Dietary Antioxidants in Cancer
C. M. Ajila, S. K. Brar

17. Curcumin: Structure, Biology and Clinical Applications
Sharmila Shankar, Rakesh K. Srivastava

18. Obesity, Cancer and Psychopathology: Can Vegetarian Diet Be of Help?
Vikas Kumar, Ajit Kumar Thakur, Shyam Sunder Chatterjee

19. Dietary Phytochemicals as Epigenetic Modulators in Cancer
Vijay S. Thakur, Sanjay Gupta

20. Modulation of the Nrf2 Signaling Pathway by Chemopreventive Dietary Phytoconstituents
Altaf S. Darvesh, Anupam Bishayee

21. Role of Fish Oil from Gene Expression to Pharmacological Effect in Cancer Prevention
Malay Chatterjee, Subhadeep Das, Mary Chatterjee, Kaushik Roy

22. Antioxidant Supplements: An Evidence-Based Approach to Health Benefits and Risks
Goran Bjelakovic, Dimitrinka Nikolova, Christian Gluud

23. Natural Antioxidants and Their Role in Cancer Prevention
Akanksha Singh, Akansha Jain, Birinchi Kumar Sarma, Alok Jha, H. B. Singh

24. Dietary and Non-dietary Phytochemicals in Cancer Control
Dhanir Tailor, Rana P. Singh

Keywords: Biomedicine, Biomedicine general, Cancer Research, Nutrition

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