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Mechanisms, Transmissions and Applications

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Table of contents

1. On the Evolution of Graphical Representation of Gears
M. Ceccarelli, M. Cigola

2. Kurt Hain and Walther Meyer zur Capellen: A View from Aachen at Two Shapersof German Mechanism Theory
B. Corves

3. thinkMOTION – DMG-Lib Goes Europeana
U. Döring, R. Brecht, T. Brix

4. Multilingual Illustrated μ-Thesaurus in Mechanisms Science
E.-C. Lovasz, D. Perju, B. Corves, T. Brix, K.-H. Modler, I. Maniu, C.M. Gruescu, A. Lovasz, V. Ciupe

5. A General Classification for Mechanisms Regarding the Motion Task
B. Corves, S. Kurtenbach, M. Hüsing, C. Schneider

6. Developments of a Knee Motion Assist Mechanism for Wearable Robot with a Non-circular Gear and Grooved Cams
H. Terada, Y. Zhu, M. Suzuki, C. Cheng, R. Takahashi

7. Force Distribution for a Walking Robot with Articulated Body
I. Doroftei, Ghe Plesu, B. Stirbu

8. Numerical Root Finding from an Engineer’s Point of View
M. Färber, U. Döring

9. Kinetostatic Analysis of an Articulated Walking Mechanism
F. Moldovan, V. Dolga, C. Pop

10. A Mirror Tracking Mechanism
N.M. Dehelean, L.M. Dehelean

11. Choppers: Optomechatronic Devices for the Controlled Modulation of Light
V.-F. Duma, M.F. Nicolov, M. Kiss, T. Ilca, C. Mnerie, D. Demian, L. Szantho

12. Motion Laws of a Varifocal Objective Working with a 1/2” CCD Camera
C.M. Gruescu

13. A New Principle of Adaptive Compliant Gripper
D. Petković, N.D. Pavlović

14. Optimum Design of Cam Mechanisms
I. Simionescu, M. Ene, L. Ciupitu

15. Linkage Solutions for the Manufacture of Complex, Thermoplastic Lightweight Structures
M. Krahl, U. Hanke, K.-H. Modler

16. RBS Simulation of Integrated Piezo-Ceramic Actuation for Textile Reinforced Composite Compliant Mechanisms
N. Modler, K.-H. Modler, W. Hufenbach, D. Margineanu, E.-C. Lovasz, D. Perju, Ev. Ianosi

17. Maximally Regular Planar Non Fully Parallel Manipulators
G. Gogu

18. An Experimental Characterization of a Rickshaw Prototype
T. Li, M. Ceccarelli

19. Considerations upon the Influence of Manufacturing and Assembly Errors on the Kinematic and Dynamic Behavior in a Flight Simulator Stewart-Gough Platform
A. Pisla, T. Itul, D. Pisla, A. Szilaghyi

20. Characterization of Flexure Hinges Usingthe Script Oriented Programming Withina FEM Software Application
I. Ivanov, B. Corves

21. Basic Result on Type II DM Self-Motions of Planar Stewart Gough Platforms
G. Nawratil

22. Active Bearing for Vibration Damping of Roller Systems with Piezoelectric Actuators
M. -C. Voicu, R. Schmidt, B. Lammen, M. Mersch, I. Maniu

23. On the Kinematics of a Hybrid Parallel Robot Used in Minimally Invasive Surgery
M. Suciu, B. Gherman, C. Vaida, N. Plitea, A. Stoica, D. Pisla

24. Synthesis of Toothed Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
K. S. Ivanov

25. Differential Planetary Gear Transmissions Usable in Renewable Energy Systems
R. Saulescu, C. Jaliu, D. Ciobanu, D. Diaconescu

26. Loading Devices for Closed-Loop Gear Test Stands
C. M. Gruescu, I. Nicoara, E. Busa

Keywords: Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Robotics and Automation

Publication year
Mechanisms and Machine Science
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17 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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