Andrade, Carmen

Advances in Modeling Concrete Service Life

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Table of contents

1. Corrosion Data Interpretation in Concrete Structures
Carmen Andrade

2. Pitfalls and Practical Implications in Durability Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures
Joost Gulikers

3. Microstructure and durability of slag cement mortars hardened under different relative humidity conditions
José Marcos Ortega, Javier Sánchez, Miguel Ángel Climent

4. Study of corrosion rate variability in indoor and outdoor specimens
Filipe Pedrosa, Carmen Andrade

5. From corrosion rate to accumulated corrosion depth or loss in cross section of reinforcements
Nuria Rebolledo, Carmen Andrade

6. Steel Corrosion in a Chloride Contaminated Concrete Pore Solution with Low Oxygen Availability
Lina Toro, Carmen Andrade, José Fullea, Isabel Martínez, Nuria Rebolledo

7. Application of risk analysis in structural engineering – gas explosions
Ramon Hingorani, Peter Tanner

8. Hydrogen induced changes in structural properties of iron: Ab initio calculations
Alejandro Castedo, Javier Sanchez, José Fullea, Carmen Andrade, Pedro Luis Andres

9. Corrosion initiation and propagation in cracked concrete – a literature review
José Pacheco, Rob Polder

10. Possibilities for improving corrosion protection of reinforced concrete by modified hydrotalcites – a literature review
Zhengxian Yang, Hartmut Fischer, Rob Polder

11. Determination of the probable failure mechanisms and service life of offshore concrete gravity structures in the OSPAR Maritime Area - research proposal
Rod Jones, Moray Newlands, Chris Thistlethwaite

12. Electrically accelerated transport of chlorides in concrete considering non-linear chloride binding in non-equilibrium conditions
Przemek Spiesz, Jos Brouwers

13. Chloride binding related to hydration products Part I: Ordinary Portland Cement
Miruna Marinescu, Jos Brouwers

14. Chloride ingress in cracked concrete- a literature review
Branko Šavija, Erik Schlangen

15. Numerical simulation of reinforcement corrosion and protection in submerged hollow concrete structures
Andrea Della Pergola, Federica Lollini, Elena Redaelli, Luca Bertolini

Keywords: Engineering, Building Materials, Structural Materials, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk

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RILEM Bookseries
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6 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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