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Happiness Across Cultures

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Helaine Selin, Gareth Davey

2. Happiness in India
Robert Biswas-Diener, Louis Tay, Ed Diener

3. Happiness on the Tibetan Plateau
Dave Webb

4. Happiness and Life Satisfaction in Malaysia
Ryan T. Howell, Wan Tien Chong, Colleen J. Howell, Kurt Schwabe

5. Happiness and Quality of Life in the People’s Republic of China
Gareth Davey

6. Quality of Life of an Asian Metropolis in a Governance Crisis: The Case of Hong Kong
Ming Sing

7. Quality of Work Life in Macau
Ricardo Rato, Gareth Davey

8. Satisfaction and Societal Quality in Kazakhstan
Pamela Abbott, Claire Wallace

9. Singapore: A Happy State of Mind?
Siok Kuan Tambyah, Soo Jiuan Tan

10. Happiness in Thailand
Rossarin Soottipong Gray

11. The Politics of Wellbeing in International Development: Research with Organic Farmers in Cambodia
Alice Beban

12. Farmers’ Happiness from Fish Production: A Case Study in Vietnam
Nguyen Minh Duc  

13. Constructions of Happiness and Satisfaction in the Kingdom of Tonga
Heather E. Young-Leslie, Sean E. Moore

14. Happiness in an Aboriginal Australian Community: What It Means ‘To Be Well’ and ‘To Enjoy Life’ in Central-Western New South Wales, Australia
Daniela Heil

15. Happiness in the Amazon: Folk Explanations of Happiness in a Hunter-Horticulturalist Society in the Bolivian Amazon
Victoria Reyes-García

16. Happiness in Brazil
Gazi Islam

17. Happiness in Mexico:The Importance of Human Relations
Mariano Rojas

18. Happy Villages and Unhappy Slums? Understanding Happiness Determinants in Peru
Mònica Guillen-Royo, Jackeline Velazco

19. Life Satisfaction in Malawi
Tim Hinks, Simon Davies

20. Happiness in Nigeria: A Socio-Cultural Analysis
Aaron A. Agbo, Thaddeus C. Nzeadibe, Chukwuedozie K. Ajaero

21. Ghanaian Happiness: Global, Cultural, and Phenomenological Perspectives
Vivian Afi Abui Dzokoto

22. Living The Good Life: An Economic View of Happiness in South Africa
Jeffrey T. Bookwalter

23. Concepts of Wellbeing Among Organic Farmers and Plantation Workers in Madagascar
Cathy Rozel Farnworth

24. Happiness in a Post-conflict Society: Rwanda
Pamela Abbott, Claire Wallace

25. Happiness in Navajos (Diné Ba’ Hózhó)
Angela A. A. Willeto

26. It’s All in the Family: Wellbeing Among Inuit in Arctic Canada
Michael J. Kral, Lori Idlout

27. Climate, Cash, and Culturally Embedded Happiness
Evert Vliert

28. Hinduism, Happiness and Wellbeing: A Case Study of Adulthood in an Oriya Hindu Temple Town
Usha Menon

29. The Science of Happiness: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
Stephen G. Morris

30. Does Happiness Differ Across Cultures?
Ruut Veenhoven

Keywords: Humanities / Arts / Design, Regional and Cultural Studies, Cross Cultural Psychology, Non-Western Philosophy, Quality of Life Research

Publication year
Science Across Cultures: the History of Non-Western Science
Page amount
23 pages
Art, Art History

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