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IT Convergence and Services

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Table of contents

1. Analysis of Security Vulnerability and Authentication Mechanism in Cooperative Wireless Networks
Ki Hong Kim

2. Spam Host Detection Using Ant Colony Optimization
Arnon Rungsawang, Apichat Taweesiriwate, Bundit Manaskasemsak

3. Location Estimation of Satellite Radio Interferer Using Cross Ambiguity Function Map for Protection of Satellite Resources
Chul-Gyu Kang, Chul-Sun Park, Chang-Heon Oh

4. Korean Voice Recognition System Development
Soon Suck Jarng

5. Availability Management in Data Grid
Bakhta Meroufel, Ghalem Belalem

6. Mobi4D: Mobile Value-Adding Service Delivery Platform
Ishmael Makitla, Thomas Fogwill

7. The Security Management Model for Small Organization in Intelligence All-Things Environment
Hangbae Chang, Jonggu Kang, Youngsub Na

8. Simulation Modeling of TSK Fuzzy Systems for Model Continuity
Hae Young Lee, Jin Myoung Kim, Ingeol Chun, Won-Tae Kim, Seung-Min Park

9. A New Method of Clustering Search Results Using Frequent Itemsets with Graph Structures
I-Fang Su, Yu-Chi Chung, Chiang Lee, Xuanyou Lin

10. A Data Gathering Scheme Using Mobile Sink Dynamic Tree in Wireless Sensor Networks
Kilhung Lee

11. An Enhanced Resource Control Scheme for Adaptive QoS over Wireless Networks for Mobile Multimedia Services
Moonsik Kang, Kilhung Lee

12. An Analysis of Critical Success Factor of IT based Business Collaboration Network Implementation
Hangbae Chang, Hyukjun Kwon, Jaehwan Lim

13. Study of Generating Animated Character Using the Face Pattern Recognition
Seongsoo Cho, Bhanu Shrestha, Bonghwa Hong, Hwa-Young Jeong

14. Enhancing Performance of Mobile Node Authentication with Practical Security
Kyusuk Han, Taeshik Shon

15. A Study on Turbo Coded OFDM System with SLM for PAPR Reduction
Mashhur Sattorov, Sang-Soo Yeo, Heau-Jo Kang

16. A Context Information Management System for Context-Aware Services in Smart Home Environments
Jong Hyuk Park

17. Enhanced Security Scheme for Preventing Smart Phone Lost Through Remote Control
Jae Yong Lee, Ki Jung Yi, Ji Soo Park, Jong Hyuk Park

18. SSP-MCloud: A Study on Security Service Protocol for Smartphone Centric Mobile Cloud Computing
Ji Soo Park, Ki Jung Yi, Jong Hyuk Park

19. Self-Adaptive Strategy for Zero-Sum Game
Keonsoo Lee, Seungmin Rho, Minkoo Kim

20. Effect of Light Therapy of Blue LEDs Irradiation on Sprague Dawley Rat
Taegon Kim, Yongpil Park, Yangsun Lee, Minwoo Cheon

21. Fast Cancer Classification Based on Mass Spectrometry Analysis in Robust Stationary Wavelet Domain
Phuong Pham, Li Yu, Minh Nguyen, Nha Nguyen

22. An Improved User Authentication Scheme for Wireless Communications
Woongryul Jeon, Jeeyeon Kim, Junghyun Nam, Youngsook Lee, Dongho Won

23. An Improved Protection Profile for Multifunction Peripherals in Consideration of Network Separation
Changbin Lee, Kwangwoo Lee, Namje Park, Dongho Won

24. Security Improvement to an Authentication Scheme for Session Initiation Protocol
Youngsook Lee, Jeeyeon Kim, Junghyun Nam, Dongho Won

25. A Study on the Development of Security Evaluation Methodology for Wireless Equipment
Namje Park, Changwhan Lee, Kwangwoo Lee, Dongho Won

26. Computer Application in Elementary Education Bases on Fractal Geometry Theory Using LOGO Programming
Jaeho An, Namje Park

27. Construction of a Privacy Preserving Mobile Social Networking Service
Jaewook Jung, Hakhyun Kim, Jaesung You, Changbin Lee, Seungjoo Kim, Dongho Won

28. Standardization Trend of Agriculture-IT Convergence Technology in Korea
Se-Han Kim, Chang Sun Shin, Cheol Sig Pho, Byung-Chul Kim, Jae-Yong Lee

29. Design and Implementation of Greenhouse Control System Based IEEE802.15.4e and 6LoWPAN
Se-Han Kim, Kyo-Hoon Son, Byung-Chul Kim, Jae-Yong Lee

30. Accuracy Estimation of Hybrid Mode Localization Method Based on RSSI of Zigbee
HoSeong Cho, ChulYoung Park, DaeHeon Park, JangWoo Park

31. A Study on the Failure-Diagnostic Context-Awareness Middleware for Wireless Sensor Networks
In-Gon Park, Chang-Sun Shin

32. Livestock Searching System on Mobile Devices Using 2D-Barcode
ChulYoung Park, HoSeong Cho, DaeHeon Park, ChangSun Shin, Yong Yun Cho, JangWoo Park

33. Towards a Context Modeling for a Greenhouse Based on USN
Daeheon Park, Kyoungyong Cho, Jangwoo Park, Yongyun Cho

34. Ad-Hoc Localization Method Using Ranging and Bearing
Jang-Woo Park, Dae-Heon Park

35. An Improved Localization Algorithm Based on DV-Hop for Wireless Sensor Network
Long Chen, Saeyoung Ahn, Sunshin An

36. A Design of Intelligent Smart Controller for Object Audio-based User’s Active Control Service
Jong-Jin Jung, Seok-Pil Lee

37. The Method of Main Vocal Melody Extraction Based on Harmonic Structure Analysis from Popular Song
Chai-Jong Song, Seok-Pil Lee, Kyung-Hack Seo, Hochong Park

38. The Fusion Matching Method for Polyphonic Music Feature Database
Chai-Jong Song, Seok-Pil Lee, Kyung-Hack Seo, Kang Ryoung Park

39. Towards an Autonomous Indoor Vehicle: Utilizing a Vision-Based Approach to Navigation in an Indoor Environment
Edward Mattison, Kanad Ghose

40. Artificial Pheromone Potential Field Built by Interacting Between Mobile Agents and RFID Tags
Piljae Kim, Daisuke Kurabayashi

41. Proposed Network Coding for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network (WMSN)
A. A. Shahidan, N. Fisal, Nor-Syahidatul N. Ismail, Farizah Yunus

42. Alternative Concept for Geometry Factor of Frequency Reuse in 3GPP LTE Networks
Modar Safir Shbat, Vyacheslav Tuzlukov

43. Cognitive Radio Simplex Link Management for Dynamic Spectrum Access Using GNU Radio
M. Adib Sarijari, Rozeha A. Rashid, N. Fisal, A. C. C. Lo, S. K. S. Yusof, N. Hija Mahalin, K. M. Khairul Rashid, Arief Marwanto

44. Do Children See Robots Differently? A Study Comparing Eye-Movements of Adults vs. Children When Looking at Robotic Faces
Eunil Park, Ki Joon Kim, Angel P. del Pobil

45. Relative Self-Localization Estimation for Indoor Mobile Robot
Xing Xiong, Byung-Jae Choi

46. Q(λ) Based Vector Direction for Path Planning Problem of Autonomous Mobile Robots
Hyun Ju Hwang, Hoang Huu Viet, TaeChoong Chung

47. Registered Object Trajectory Generation for Following by a Mobile Robot
Md Hasanuzzaman, Tetsunari Inamura

48. An Improved Algorithm for Constrained Multirobot Task Allocation in Cooperative Robot Tasks
Thareswari Nagarajan, Asokan Thondiyath

49. Simulation-Based Evaluations of Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Autonomous Mobile Robot Path Planning
Hoang Huu Viet, Phyo Htet Kyaw, TaeChoong Chung

50. Control Mechanism for Low Power Embedded TLB
Jung-hoon Lee

51. A Noise Reduction Method for Range Images Using Local Gaussian Observation Model Constrained to Unit Tangent Vector Equality
Jeong Heon Kim, Kwang Nam Choi

52. Group-Aware Social Trust Management for a Movie Recommender System
Mucheol Kim, Young-Sik Jeong, Jong Hyuk Park, Sang Oh Park

53. Collaborative Filtering Recommender System Based on Social Network
Soo-Cheol Kim, Jung-Wan Ko, Jung-Sik cho, Sung Kwon Kim

54. Considerations on the Security and Efficiency of RFID Systems
Jung-Sik Cho, Soo-Cheol Kim, Sang-Soo Yeo, SungKwon Kim

55. A Development Framework Toward Reconfigurable Run-time Monitors
Chan-Gun Lee, Ki-Seong Lee

56. Web Based Application Program Management Framework in Multi-Device Environments for Personal Cloud Computing
Hyewon Song, Eunjeong Choi, Chang Seok Bae, Jeun Woo Lee

57. Hands Free Gadget for Location Service
Jinho Yoo, Changseok Bae, Jeunwoo Lee

58. Biologically Inspired Computational Models of Visual Attention for Personalized Autonomous Agents: A Survey
Jin-Young Moon, Hyung-Gik Lee, Chang-Seok Bae

59. Mobile Health Screening Form Based on Personal Lifelogs and Health Records
Kyuchang Kang, Seonguk Heo, Changseok Bae, Dongwon Han

60. Remote Presentation for M Screen Service in Virtualization System
Joonyoung Jung, Daeyoung Kim

61. Lifelog Collection Using a Smartphone for Medical History Form
Seonguk Heo, Kyuchang Kang, Changseok Bae

62. Simplified Swarm Optimization for Life Log Data Mining
Changseok Bae, Wei-Chang Yeh, Yuk Ying Chung

63. The Design and Implementation of Web Application Management on Personal Device
Eunjeong Choi, Hyewon Song, Changseok Bae, Jeunwoo Lee

64. Ad Hoc Synchronization Among Devices for Sharing Contents
Eunjeong Choi, Changseok Bae, Jeunwoo Lee

65. A Framework for Personalization of Computing Environment Among System on-Demand (SoD) Zones
Dong-oh Kang, Hyungjik Lee, Jeunwoo Lee

66. Facsimile Authentication Based on MAC
Chavinee Chaisri, Narong Mettripun, Thumrongrat Amornraksa

67. Dynamic Grooming with Capacity aware Routing and Wavelength Assignment for WDM based Wireless Mesh Networks
Neeraj Kumar, Naveen Chilamkurti, Jongsung Kim

68. Weakness in a User Identification Scheme with Key Distribution Preserving User Anonymity
Taek-Youn Youn, Jongsung Kim

69. A Compact S-Box Design for SMS4 Block Cipher
Imran Abbasi, Mehreen Afzal

70. iTextMM: Intelligent Text Input System for Myanmar Language on Android Smartphone
Nandar Pwint Oo, Ni Lar Thein

71. A Novel Technique for Composing Device Drivers for Sensors on Smart Devices
Deok hwan Gim, Seng hun Min, Chan gun Lee

72. Various Artistic Effect Generation From Reference Image
Hochang Lee, Sang-Hyun Seo, Seung-Taek Ryoo, Kyung-Hyun Yoon

73. A Photomosaic Image Generation on Smartphone
Dongwann Kang, Sang-Hyun Seo, Seung-Taek Ryoo, Kyung-Hyun Yoon

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Multimedia Information Systems, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks, Computational Science and Engineering, Business/Management Science, general, Biomedical Engineering

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
Page amount
36 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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