Karl, Herman A.

Restoring Lands - Coordinating Science, Politics and Action

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Table of contents

1. Restoring and Sustaining Lands—Coordinating Science, Politics, and Community for Action
Herman A. Karl, Lynn Scarlett, Juan Carlos Vargas-Moreno, Michael Flaxman

2. Introduction: Science, Technology, and Engineering (Tools and Methods)
Michael Flaxman, Juan Carlos Vargas-Moreno

3. Using Participatory Scenario Simulation to Plan for Conservation Under Climate Change in the Greater Everglades Landscape
Juan Carlos Vargas-Moreno, Michael Flaxman

4. Using “Spatial Resilience Planning” to Test Climate-Adaptive Conservation Strategies
Michael Flaxman, Juan Carlos Vargas-Moreno

5. Social and Cultural Incentives and Obstacles to Adaptation to Increased Coastal Flooding in East Boston, MA USA
Paul H. Kirshen, Ellen M. Douglas, Michael Paolisso, Ashley Enrici

6. Collaborative Modelling as a Boundary Institution to Handle Institutional Complexities in Water Management
Olivier Barreteau, Géraldine Abrami, William’s Daré, Derrick Toit, Nils Ferrand, Patrice Garin, Véronique Souchère, Albena Popova, Caty Werey

7. Challenge of Integrating Natural and Social Sciences to Better Inform Decisions: A Novel Proposal Review Process
Kalle Matso

8. Introduction: Natural Resource Management – Framing Governance Challenges
Lynn Scarlett

9. Transcending Boundaries: The Emergence of Conservation Networks
Lynn Scarlett

10. Managing the Science-Policy Interface in a Complex and Contentious World
Kathi K. Beratan, Herman A. Karl

11. Adapting Participative Governance Framework for the Implementation of a Sustainable Development Plan Within an Organization
M. Merad, N. Dechy, F. Marcel

12. Values in Natural Resource Management and Policy
David Mattson, Herman Karl, Susan Clark

13. Flow in the Everglades
Stephen S. Light, Jan Adamowski

14. Framing Practice in an Uncertain Climate: Adaptation and Water Management in the Netherlands
Daniel Hogendoorn, David Laws, Dessie Lividikou, Arthur Petersen

15. Adapting to Changing Climate: Exploring the Role of the Neighborhood
Herman A. Karl, Lynn Scarlett, Paul Kirshen, Rebecca Dell, Hauwa Ibrahim, Laura Kuhl, Trannon Mosher, Bridget Navarro, Megan Rising, Nathan Towery

16. Introduction: People and Action (Stewardship, Community, and Implementation)
Herman A. Karl

17. Community-Based Ecological Stewardship: A Concept for Productive Harmony on the Public Lands of the Western United States
Gary McVicker

18. Thoughts on How to Implement Citizen Based Ecosystem Stewardship – Experiential Knowledge from 32 Years in Governance
Richard Whitley

19. Climate Change and the Language of Geographic Place
James A. Kent, Kevin Preister

20. Tomales Bay Watershed Council: Model of Collective Action
Mairi Pileggi, Robert Carson, Neysa King

21. Outcomes of Social-Ecological Experiments in Near-Shore Marine Environments: Cognitive Interpretation of the Impact of Changes in Fishing Gear Type on Ecosystem Form and Function
Charles G. Curtin, Sarah Hammitt

22. Synthesis: Developing the Institutions to Coordinate Science, Politics, and Communities for Action to Restore and Sustain Lands
Herman A. Karl, Lynn Scarlett, Juan Carlos Vargas-Moreno, Michael Flaxman

Keywords: Environment, Climate Change, Coastal Sciences, Philosophy of Technology

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15 pages
Natural Sciences

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