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Table of contents

1. Transport and environmental regulation – common attitudes and social change
Abdelhamid Abidi

2. Environmental impact assessment of urban mobility plan: a methodology including socio-economic consequences
Patrice Mestayer, Abdelhamid Abidi, Michel André, Erwan Bocher, Jacques Bougnol, Bernard Bourges, Dorothée Brécard, Jean–Sébastien Broc, Julie Bulteau, Mireille Chiron, Pierre Yves Fadet, Guillaume Faburel, Jacques Fialaire, Nicolas Fortin, Anne Freneau, Bernard Fritsch, Nathalie Gourlot, Patricia Herbez, Robert Joumard, Thomas Leduc, Yannick Le Pen, Valérie Lépicier, Sylvie Leveaux, Jean–Pierre Orfeuil, Frédéric Penven, Gwendall Petit, Judicaël Picaut, Arnaud Rebours

3. Assessment model of territorial articulation in rural areas. Application to four Spanish “comarcas”.
Alfredo Tolón-Becerra, Isabel Otero-Pastor, Xavier Lastra-Bravo, Pedro Pérez-Martínez

4. Model of territorial distribution of CO2 emissions reduction target in the transport sector
Alfredo Tolón-Becerra, Pedro Pérez-Martínez, Xavier Lastra-Bravo, Isabel Otero-Pastor

5. Impact of land use and transport policies on carbon emissions in London and Wider South East Region of UK
Anil Namdeo, Gordon Mitchell, Tony Hargreaves

6. Carbon sequestration in shrinking cities – potential or a drop in the ocean?
Michael W. Strohbach, Eric Arnold, Sara Vollrodt, Dagmar Haase

7. Urban sprawl, food security and sustainability of Yogyakarta City, Indonesia

8. The local food system as a strategy for the rural-urban fringe planning – a pathway towards sustainable city regions
Dimas Wisnu Adrianto

9. A case study of chemical weather forecasting in the area of Vienna, Austria
Marcus Hirtl, Martin Piringer, Bernd C. Krüger

10. Micrometeorological effects on urban sound propagation: A numerical and experimental study
G. Guillaume, C. Ayrault, M. Bérengier, I. Calmet, V. Gary, D. Gaudin, B. Gauvreau, Ph. L’hermite, B. Lihoreau, L. Perret, J. Picaut, T. Piquet, J.-M. Rosant, J.-F. Sini

11. Performance evaluation of air quality dispersion models in Delhi, India
Anil Namdeo, Ibrahim Sohel, Justin Cairns, Margaret Bell, Mukesh Khare, Shiva Nagendra

12. Characterization of atmospheric deposition in a small suburban catchment
Katerine Lamprea, Stéphane Percot, Véronique Ruban, Denis Maro, Pierre Roupsard, Maurice Millet

13. Atmospheric elements deposition and evaluation of the anthropogenic part; the AAEF concept
Mickaël Catinon, Sophie Ayrault, Omar Boudouma, Juliette Asta, Michel Tissut, Patrick Ravanel

14. Sulfur dioxide and sulfate in particulate matter scavenging processes modeling in different localities of metropolitan region of São Paulo with different cloud heights
Fabio Luiz Teixeira Gonçalves, Luiz Carlos Mantovani Junior, Adalgiza Fornaro, Jairo José Pedrotti

15. Shop opening hours and population exposure to NO2 assessed with an activity-based transportation model
Evi Dons, Carolien Beckx, Theo Arentze, Geert Wets, Luc Int Panis

16. Lung deposited dose of UFP and PM for cyclists and car passengers in Belgium
Luc Int Panis, Hanny Willems, Bart Degraeuwe, Nico Bleux, Inge Bos, Lotte Jacobs, Grégory Vandenbulcke, Bas Geus, Romain Meeusen, Isabelle Thomas, Tim Nawrot

17. Emissive behaviour of two-wheeler vehicle category. Methodologies and results.
Paolo Iodice, Maria Vittoria Prati, Adolfo Senatore

18. Mobility of trace metals in urban atmospheric particulate matter from Beijing, China
Nina Schleicher, Stefan Norra, Fahe Chai, Yizhen Chen, Shulan Wang, Kuang Cen, Yang Yu, Doris Stüben

19. Health risk from air pollutants, an epidemic in Western Java Indonesia
Mila Dirgawati, Juli Soemirat, Adea E. Kusumah, Eri Wibowo

20. Emission control strategies for short-chain chloroparaffins in two semi-hypothetical case cities
Eva Eriksson, Mike Revitt, Hans-Christian Holten-Lützhøft, Christophe Viavattene, Lian Scholes, Peter Steen Mikkelsen

21. Identification of water bodies sensitive to pollution from road runoff. A new methodology based on the practices of Slovenia and Portugal
Mihael Brenčič, Ana Estela Barbosa, Teresa E. Leitão, Miriam Rot

22. Modeling nutrient and pollutant removal in three wet detention ponds
Tove Wium-Andersen, Asbjørn Haaning Nielsen, Thorkild Hvitved-Jacobsen, Jes Vollertsen

23. Analysis of flow characteristics in a compound channel: comparison between experimental data and 1D numerical simulations
João Nuno Fernandes, João B. Leal, António H. Cardoso

24. Comparison of the pollutant potential of two Portuguese highways located in different climatic regions
Ana Estela Barbosa, João Nuno Fernandes

25. Road runoff characteristics on costal zones – Exploratory Data Analysis based on a pilot case study
Pedro Antunes, Paulo Ramísio

26. Characterization of road runoff: A case study on the A3 Portuguese Highway
Paulo J. Ramísio, José M. P. Vieira

27. The impact of highway runoff on the chemical status of small urban streams
J. Nabelkova, D. Kominkova, J. Jirak

28. Changes of toxic metals bioavailability in urban creeks as a potential environmental hazard
Dana Kominkova, Jana Nabelkova, Dasa Starmanova

29. Possible sampling simplification of macroinvertebrates for urban drainage purposes
Gabriela Stastna, David Stransky, Ivana Kabelkova

30. Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in fauna from wet detention ponds for stormwater runoff
Diana Agnete Stephansen, Asbjørn Haaning Nielsen, Thorkild Hvitved-Jacobsen, Jes Vollertsen

31. Behavior of dissolved trace metals by discharging wastewater effluents into receiving water
Franziska Rühle, Laurent Lanceleur, Jörg Schäfer, Thomas Neumann, Stephan Fuchs, Gérard Blanc, Stefan Norra

32. Speciation of trace metals in organic matter of contaminated urban sediments
A. El Mufleh, B. Béchet, L. Grasset, C. Geffroy-Rodier, V. Ruban, A. Amblès

33. An urban watershed regeneration project: The Costa/Couros river case study
Paulo J. Ramísio

34. The Astysphere, a geoscientific concept for the urban impact on nature
Stefan Norra

35. Traffic related metal distribution profiles and their impact on urban soils
Jose Antonio Carrero, Iker Arrizabalaga, Naiara Goienaga, Gorka Arana, Juan Manuel Madariaga

36. Assessment of total petrol and polycylic aromatic hydrocarbon mobility in soils using leaching tests
Oliver Krüger, Maren Kolepki, Gabriele Christoph, Ute Kalbe, Wolfgang Berger

37. Soil-plant relations in an urban environment polluted with heavy metals
Radu Lacatusu, Anca-Rovena Lacatusu

38. Risk assessment of contaminants leaching to groundwater in an infrastructure project
Yuliya Kalmykova, Ann-Margret Strömvall

39. Sewage sludge treatment focused on useful compounds recovery
Joanna Gluzinska, Jacek Kwiecien

40. Environmental emission impact from transport during soil remediation
Johanna Hector, Malin Norin, Karin Andersson, Katarina Heikkilä

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis, Urbanism, Atmospheric Protection/Air Quality Control/Air Pollution

Publication year
Alliance for Global Sustainability Bookseries
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10 pages
Natural Sciences

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