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EPSA Philosophy of Science: Amsterdam 2009

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Table of contents

1. Modeling Strategies for Measuring Phenomena In- and Outside the Laboratory
Marcel Boumans

2. Mating Intelligence, Moral Virtues, and Methodological Vices
Tomislav Bracanovic

3. Rejected Posits, Realism, and the History of Science
Alberto Cordero

4. Explanation and Modelization in a Comprehensive Inferential Account
Xavier Donato-Rodríguez, Jesús Zamora-Bonilla

5. Standards in History: Evaluating Success in Stem Cell Experiments
Melinda Fagan

6. Modeling Scientific Evidence: The Challenge of Specifying Likelihoods
Patrick Forber

7. Persistence in Minkowski Space-Time
Cord Friebe

8. Genuine versus Deceptive Emotional Displays
Jonathan Grose

9. Tales of Tools and Trees: Phylogenetic Analysis and Explanation in Evolutionary Archaeology
Wybo Houkes

10. Sustaining a Rational Disagreement
Christoph Kelp, Igor Douven

11. Philosophical Accounts of Causal Explanation and the Scientific Practice of Psychophysics
Tim Christian Kietzmann

12. Meta-analysis as Judgment Aggregation
Berna Kilinc

13. The Uninvited Guest: ‘Local Realism’ and the Bell Theorem
Federico Laudisa

14. On Tins and Tin-Openers
Michael Liston

15. The Problem of Identifying the System and the Environment in the Phenomenon of Decoherence
Olimpia Lombardi, Sebastian Fortin, Mario Castagnino

16. Formal and Material Theories in Philosophy of Science: A Methodological Interpretation
Alan C. Love

17. Axiological Scientific Realism and Methodological Prescription
Timothy D. Lyons

18. Consensus Formation in Networked Groups
Carlo Martini

19. Mirror Neurons and Social Cognition: An Expanded Simulationist Framework
John Michael

20. Identity in Physics: Properties, Statistics and the (Non-)Individuality of Quantum Particles
Matteo Morganti

21. The Fiber Bundle at the Gates of Metaphysics. Challenging Tim Maudlin’s Proposal
Ioan Muntean

22. The Phase Rule and the Notion of Substance
Paul Needham

23. Pattern and Process in Evo-Devo: Descriptions and Explanations
Laura Nuño de laRosa, Arantza Etxeberria

24. Three Conceptions of Explaining How Possibly—and One Reductive Account
Johannes Persson

25. An Improper Introduction to Epistemic Utility Theory
Richard Pettigrew

26. Defending Underdetermination or Why the Historical Perspective Makes a Difference
Wolfgang Pietsch

27. An Information Semantic Account of Scientific Models
Anna -Mari Rusanen, Otto Lappi

28. Scientific Realism and Historical Evidence: Shortcomings of the Current State of Debate
Juha Saatsi

29. Venetian Sea Levels, British Bread Prices and the Principle of the Common Cause: A Reassessment
Iñaki San Pedro

30. Coincidences and How to Reason About Them
Elliott Sober

31. Stopping Rules and Data Monitoring in Clinical Trials
Roger Stanev

32. Two Comments on the Common Cause Principle in Algebraic Quantum Field Theory
Chrysovalantis Stergiou

33. The Role of Unification in Explanations of Facts
Erik Weber, Jeroen Bouwel, Merel Lefevere

34. Calibration
Paul Weirich

35. Observational Equivalence of Deterministic and Indeterministic Descriptions and the Role of Different Observations
Charlotte Werndl

36. Demarcating Presentism
Christian Wüthrich

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Science, general

Publication year
The European Philosophy of Science Association Proceedings
Page amount
13 pages

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