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Carbon Sequestration in Urban Ecosystems

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Table of contents

1. Urban Ecosystems and Climate Change
Rattan Lal

2. Adapting Urban Land Use in a Time of Climate Change; Optimising Future Land-Use Patterns to Decrease Flood Risks
Eveline Leeuwen, Eric Koomen

3. Comparison of Methods for Estimating Carbon Dioxide Storage by Sacramento’s Urban Forest
Elena Aguaron, E. Gregory McPherson

4. Terrestrial Carbon Management in Urban Ecosystems and Water Quality
Klaus Lorenz, Rattan Lal

5. Carbon Stocks in Urban Forest Remnants: Atlanta and Baltimore as Case Studies
Ian D. Yesilonis, Richard V. Pouyat

6. Urban Trees for Carbon Sequestration
B. C. Scharenbroch

7. Carbon Storage in Some Urban Forest Soils of Columbus, Ohio, USA
Klaus Lorenz, Rattan Lal

8. Carbon Dynamics and Sequestration in Urban Turfgrass Ecosystems
Yaling Qian, Ronald Follett

9. Carbon Sequestration Potential in Urban Soils
Sally Brown, Eric Miltner, Craig Cogger

10. Carbon Sequestration in Turfed Landscapes: A Review
E. A. Guertal

11. Microbial Control of Soil Carbon Accumulation in Turfgrass Systems
Wei Shi, Daniel Bowman, Thomas Rufty

12. Using Soil Health Indicators to Follow Carbon Dynamics in Disturbed Urban Environments – A Case Study of Gas Pipeline Right-of-Way Construction
R. R. Schindelbeck, H. M. Es

13. Carbon Sequestration in Golf Course Turfgrass Systems and Recommendations for the Enhancement of Climate Change Mitigation Potential
Adam L. Selhorst, Rattan Lal

14. Modeling Carbon Sequestration in the U.S. Residential Landscape
G. Zirkle, Rattan Lal, Bruce Augustin, R. Follett

15. Improving Soil Quality for Urban Agriculture in the North Central U.S.
Josh Beniston, Rattan Lal

16. Carbon Cycle of Urban Ecosystems
Galina Churkina

17. Legacy Effects of Highway Construction Disturbance and Vegetation Management on Carbon Dynamics in Forested Urban Verges
Tara L. E. Trammell, Margaret M. Carreiro

18. Global Urbanization and Demand for Natural Resources
Chia-Tsung Yeh, Shu-Li Huang

19. Towards Greening of Urban Landscape
Rattan Lal

Keywords: Life Sciences, Agriculture, Soil Science & Conservation, Climate Change, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences, Earth System Sciences, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning

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