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Second International Handbook of Lifelong Learning

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Table of contents

1. Towards a Philosophy of Lifelong Learning
David N. Aspin, Judith D. Chapman

2. The Changing University, Lifelong Learning, and Personal Fulfilment
Robin St. C. Barrow, Patrick Keeney

3. Lifelong Learning: A Language Game in Search of Its Rules
Peter Gilroy

4. Organisational Contexts for Lifelong Learning: Individual and Collective Learning Configurations
Colin W. Evers

5. Democratic Inclusion and Lifelong Learning in a Globalising World
Penny Enslin, Mary Tjiattas

6. On Learning and Cosmopolitanism in Education
Yusef Waghid

7. It Is the Person Who Learns
Peter Jarvis

8. Of Maestros and Muscles: Expertise and Practices at Work
David Beckett

9. Continuing Professional Development and the Triadic Conception of Lifelong Learning
Mal Leicester

10. Lifelong Education: Some Deweyan Themes
Ivan A. Snook

11. Lifelong Learning: A Post-human Condition?
Richard Edwards

12. Reflections on a Definition: Revisiting the Meaning of Learning
Jan Visser

13. Egalitarian Policy Formulation in Lifelong Learning: Two Models of Lifelong Education and Social Justice for Young People in Europe
Melanie Walker

14. Focusing on the Heart: Lifelong, Life-Wide and Life-Deep Learning in the Time of HIV and AIDS
Shirley Walters

15. Lifelong Learning, Mindfulness and the Affective Domain of Education
Terry Hyland

16. Coming to Terms with the Learning Society: Between Autobiography and Politics
Kenneth Wain

17. Life Chances, Learning and the Dynamics of Risk in the Life Course
Karen Evans, Ingrid Schoon, Martin Weale

18. Lifelong Learning and Life-Wide Work in Precarious Times: Reversing Policy-Making Optics
David W. Livingstone

19. Liquidation of Labour Markets and Adult Education in China
Atsushi Makino

20. Three Translations Revisited: Lifelong Learning in Singapore
Kaori Kitagawa

21. Lifelong Learning: Innovation, Policy and Institutions
Catherine Casey

22. Higher Education and Lifelong Learning: Renewing the Educational and Social Mission of Universities in Europe
Lynne Chisholm

23. The Institutionalisation of Lifelong Learning in Australia, Hong Kong and the United States: A Bridge to the Community or a Competitor to the University?
Wing On Lee, Josephine Fleming

24. Perspectives on Lifelong Learning in Africa
Moses Otieno Oketch

25. Lifelong Learning and the Teaching Occupation: Tracking Policy Effects of Governing Ideas on Occupational(Re)Ordering
Terri Seddon, Amy Bohren

26. Transformative Environmental Education Within Social Justice Models: Lessons from Comparing Adult Ecopedagogy Within North and South America
Greg Misiaszek

27. Current Trends in Lifelong Learning in the Russian Federation: Current Developments
Joseph Zajda

28. Regulating the Professionals: Critical Perspectives on Learning in Continuing Professional Development Frameworks
Miriam Zukas

29. Lifelong Learning in OECD and Developing Countries: An Interpretation and Assessment
Abrar Hasan

30. No Royal Road: Mapping the Curriculum for Lifelong Learning
Malcolm Skilbeck

31. Schools and Lifelong Learning: The Importance of Schools as Core Centres for Learning in the Community
Judith D. Chapman, David N. Aspin

32. Schools and the Foundation for Lifelong Learning
Phillip McKenzie

33. The Learning Journey: Lifelong Professional Learning for Leaders in Faith-Based Schools
Judith D. Chapman, Michael T. Buchanan

34. Lifelong Learning as a Reference Framework for Technical and Further Education
Nicholas Gara

35. Libraries, Literacies and Lifelong Learning: The Practices Within Higher Education Institutions
Tatum McPherson-Crowie

36. Lifelong Learning: How Far Have We Come?
Ruth Dunkin

37. Acquiring Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Across a Lifetime by Transferring to One’s Own Practice
Sandra R. Daffron, Iris Metzgen-Ohlswager, Shari Skinner, Loretta Saarinen

38. The Contribution of the Adult Community Education Sector in Australia to Lifelong Learning
Veronica Volkoff

39. Lifelong or Longlife? Learning in the Later Years
Alexandra Withnall

40. Lifelong Learning to Revitalize Community Case Studies of Citizens’ Learning Initiatives in Japan
Yukiko Sawano

41. Learning Cities and Learning Regions: Helping to Make the World a Better Place
Norman Longworth

42. Lifelong Learning as a Flag of Convenience
Roger Boshier

43. Lifelong Learning, Contemporary Capitalism and Postmodernity: A Selected Reading
Robin Usher

44. The Economic Context of Lifelong Learning
John Halliday

45. Lifelong Learning as a Policy Process: A Case Study from Australia
John McIntyre

46. Informal Learning: A Vital Component of Lifelong Learning
Paul Hager

47. A Critical Approach to Work: The Contribution of Work-Based Learning to Lifelong Learning
Lorna Unwin

48. ‘Really Useful Knowledge’ or ‘Merely Useful’ Lifelong Learning?
Jim Crowther

49. The Interplay Between Lifelong Learning and Vocational Education and Training
Gavin Moodie

50. Networking and Partnerships: Another Road to Lifelong Learning
Chris Duke

51. Universities, New Technologies and Lifelong Learning
Patrick Keeney, Robin Barrow

52. The Impact of Lifelong Learning on Organizations
Karen E. Watkins, Victoria Marsick, Young Saing Kim

53. The Impact of Lifelong Learning on Communities
Stephen Brookfield

54. Is Lifelong Learning Making a Difference? Research-Based Evidence on the Impact of Adult Learning
John Field

55. Transformation or Accommodation? A Re-assessment of Lifelong Learning
Richard G. Bagnall

Keywords: Education, Lifelong Learning/Adult Education, International and Comparative Education, Educational Policy and Politics, Educational Philosophy, Sociology of Education

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