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Handbook of Tourism and Quality-of-Life Research

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Table of contents

1. Prologue: Tourism and Quality-of-Life (QOL) Research: The Missing Links
Muzaffer Uysal, Richard Perdue, M. Joseph Sirgy

2. Relationships and the Tourism Experience: Challenges for Quality-of-Life Assessments
Philip L. Pearce

3. Positive Psychology and Tourism
Sebastian Filep

4. The Role of Qualitative Methods in Tourism QOL Research: A Critique and Future Agenda
Vincent P. Magnini, John B. Ford, Michael S. LaTour

5. Poverty Elimination Through Tourism Dynamics
Manuel Vanegas

6. Tourism, Poverty Relief, and the Quality-of-Life in Developing Countries
Robertico Croes

7. Tourism and Quality-of-Life: How Does Tourism Measure Up?
Janne J. Liburd, Pierre Benckendorff, Jack Carlsen

8. Tourist Consumption Behavior and Quality-of-Life
Ruhet Genç

9. Subjective Aspects of Tourists’ Quality-of-Life (QOL)
Ruhet Genç

10. Medical Travel and the Quality-of-Life
Erik Cohen

11. Physical, Psychological, and Social Aspects of QOL Medical Tourism
Ruhet Genç

12. Place Affinities, Lifestyle Mobilities, and Quality-of-Life
Daniel R. Williams, Norman McIntyre

13. Tourist Motivation and Quality-of-Life: In Search of the Missing Link
Graham M. S. Dann

14. Understanding the Antecedents of Destination Identification: Linkage Between Perceived Quality-of-Life, Self-Congruity, and Destination Identification
M. Mithat Üner, Can Armutlu

15. An Analysis of Tourism QOL Domains from the Demand Side
László Puczkó, Melanie Smith

16. Perceptions of Tourism Impacts and Satisfaction with Particular Life Domains
Philippus Stephanes (Stefan) Kruger

17. Quality-of-Life and Travel Motivations: Integrating the Two Concepts in the Grevillea Model
Sara Dolnicar, Katie Lazarevski, Venkata Yanamandram

18. Relational Tourism: Observations on Families and Travel
Jay A. Mancini, Deepu V. George, Bryce L. Jorgensen

19. Impacts of the Internet on Travel Satisfaction and Overall Life Satisfaction
Soo Hyun Jun, Heather J. Hartwell, Dimitrios Buhalis

20. Cultural Tourism and the Enhancement of Quality-of-Life
Bob McKercher, Pamela Ho

21. Heritage, Tourism and Quality-of-Life
Gregory J. Ashworth, John E. Tunbridge

22. Ethnic Tourism and Resident Quality-of-Life
Li Yang, Xiang (Robert) Li

23. Alternative Tourism as a Contestable Quality-of-Life Facilitator
David Weaver

24. Building Social Capital to Enhance the Quality-of-Life of Destination Residents
Gianna Moscardo

25. The Tourist Area Life Cycle (TALC) and Its Effect on the Quality-of-Life (QOL) of Destination Community
Muzaffer Uysal, Eunju Woo, Manisha Singal

26. Relationship Between Carrying Capacity of Small Island Tourism Destinations and Quality-of-Life
Deborah L. Kerstetter, Kelly S. Bricker

27. Quality-of-Life Values Among Stakeholders in Tourism Destinations: A Tale of Converging and Diverging Interests and Conflicts
Klaus Weiermair, Mike Peters

28. Stakeholder Engagement in Tourism Planning and Development
Lisa C. Chase, Benoni Amsden, Rhonda G. Phillips

29. Destination Competitiveness and Its Implications for Host-Community QOL
Geoffrey I. Crouch, J. R. Brent Ritchie

30. Destination Management, Competitiveness, and Quality-of-Life: A Review of Literature and Research Agenda
B. Bynum Boley, Richard R. Perdue

31. Destination Management and Quality-of-Life
Ige Pırnar, Ebru Günlü

32. Community Participation in Tourism Planning and Development
Amir Shani, Abraham Pizam

33. The Role of Tourism in Sustainable Communities
Timothy J. Tyrrell, Robert J. Johnston

34. Exploring the Causal Nexus of Tourism Impacts on Quality-of-Life
Jeffrey Michael Rempel

35. Rural Tourism and Second Home Development: The Case of Colorado
Patrick Long, Mick Ireland, Derek Alderman, Huili Hao

36. The Effect of Tourism on the Housing Market
Bianca Biagi, Dionysia Lambiri, Alessandra Faggian

37. Resident Quality-of-Life in Gaming Communities
Patricia A. Stokowski, Minkyung Park

38. The Missing Links and Future Research Directions
Muzaffer Uysal, M. Joseph Sirgy, Richard R. Perdue

Keywords: Social Sciences, Quality of Life Research, Sustainable Development, Economic Geography, Cultural Heritage, Regional/Spatial Science

Publication year
International Handbooks of Quality-of-Life
Page amount
62 pages

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