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Cost and Fee Allocation in Civil Procedure

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Table of contents

1. Cost and Fee Allocation in Civil Procedure: A Synthesis
Mathias Reimann

2. The Price of Access to the Civil Courts in Australia – Old Problems, New Solutions: A Commercial Litigation Funding Case Study
Camille Cameron

3. Litigating in Austria – Are Costs and Fees Worth It?
Marianne Roth

4. “Everything Costs Its Own Cost, and One of Our Best Virtues Is a Just Desire To Pay It.” An Analysis of Belgian Law
Ilse Samoy, Vincent Sagaert

5. Major Shifting: The Brazilian Way
Alexandre Alcino Barros, Sílvia Julio Bueno Miranda

6. The Irrelevance of Costs Rules to Litigation Rates: The Experience of Quebec and Common Law Canada
H. Patrick Glenn

7. The Double Face of Cost and Fee Allocation in the Czech Republic
Jan Hurdík

8. Cost Wars in England and Wales: The Insurers Strike Back
Richard Moorhead

9. Cost and Fee Allocation in Finland
Jarkko Männistö

10. La répartition des frais en procédure civile française
Nicolas Cayrol

11. Cost and Fee Allocation in German Civil Procedure
Burkhard Hess, Rudolf Huebner

12. Lawyers’ Fees in Greece at a Turning Point: Recent Legislative Changes in Litigation Costs
Kalliopi Makridou

13. Shifting Sands and Pyrrhic Victories – The Case of India
Neela Badami

14. It’s for the Judges to Decide: Allocation of Trial Costs in Israel Report on Israel
Talia Fisher, Issi Rosen-Zvi

15. Italy: A Tale of Successful Resistance?
Alessandra Luca

16. Recent Issues of Cost and Fee Allocation in Japanese Civil Procedure
Manabu Wagatsuma

17. Attorney Fee Arrangements Really Matter in Terms of Access to Justice in Korea
Gyooho Lee

18. The Particularities of the Macau Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China: Legislation on Costs and Fees in Civil Procedure
Cândida da Silva Antunes Pires

19. Cost and Fee Allocation in the Netherlands
Marco B.M. Loos

20. Court Costs and Fee Allocation in the Russian Federation: A Civil Law System with a Free Market
Alena Zaytseva

21. Rigidity, Discretion and Potential Reform: Cost and Fee Allocation in Scotland
Greg Gordon

22. Cost and Fee Allocation in Slovenia – From Major to Partial Shifting?
Nina Betetto

23. The System of Costs in Spanish Civil Procedure
Francisco López Símo, José Ángel Torres Lana

24. Loser Pays – But Only a Reasonable Amount
Martin Sunnqvist

25. Pricey But Predictable: Civil Litigation Costs and Their Allocation in Switzerland
Caspar Zellweger

26. The American “Rule”: Assuring the Lion His Share
James R. Maxeiner

Keywords: Law, Private International Law, International & Foreign Law, Comparative Law, Civil Procedure Law, Civil Law

Publication year
Ius Gentium: Comparative Perspectives on Law and Justice
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12 pages
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