Wautischer, Helmut

Philosophical Faith and the Future of Humanity

Wautischer, Helmut - Philosophical Faith and the Future of Humanity, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Helmut Wautischer

2. Foreword to Karl Jaspers’ Principles for Philosophizing

Hans Saner

3. Principles for Philosophizing: Introduction to Philosophical Life, 1942/43
Karl Jaspers

4. Philosophical Faith and the Future of Mankind
Leonard H. Ehrlich†

5. An Interview with George B. Pepper
Gregory J. Walters

6. Karl Jaspers: Philosophical Faith of a Scientist
S. Nassir Ghaemi

7. Honoring the Messenger
Suzanne Kirkbright

8. Philosophical Faith and Its Ambiguities
Alan M. Olson

9. Jaspers’ Concept of Philosophical Faith: A New Synthesis?
Andreas Cesana

10. Faith and Affirmation
Gerhard Knauss

11. Certainty and Trust: Reflections on Karl Jaspers’ Cosmo-Anthropology
Reiner Wiehl†

12. Three Interpretations of the Content of Jaspers’ Philosophical Faith
Raymond Langley

13. Philosophy of Revelation: Remarks on Schelling, Jaspers, and Rosenzweig
Wolfdietrich Schmied-Kowarzik

14. Thinking from the Origin: Critical and Personal Remarks on Jaspers’ Philosophy of Philosophizing
Armin Wildermuth

15. Faith, Science, and Philosophy
Reinhard Schulz

16. The Philosophy of History in Hegel, Heidegger, and Jaspers
Stephen A. Erickson

17. Jaspers’ Achsenzeit Hypothesis: A Critical Reappraisal
Michael Zank

18. Jaspers Meets Confucius
Charles Courtney

Verstehen in Historical-Philosophical Interpretation
Andrew L. Gluck

20. Philosophical Faith, Periechontology, and Philosophical Ethics
Shinji Hayashida

21. Can Corporate Capitalism Be Redeemed? Business Ethics and the Search for a Renewed Faith in Work
W. Michael Hoffman, Robert E. McNulty

22. Reflections on Philosophical Faith and Faith in the Twenty-First Century
Filiz Peach

23. Philosophical Faith and the Foundering of Truth in Time
Gregory J. Walters

24. Towards World Philosophy and a World History of Philosophy—Karl Jaspers: His Work, Calling, and Legacy
Richard Wisser

25. Humanism and Wars: Karl Jaspers Between Politics, Culture, and Law
Chris Thornhill

26. On Recovering Philosophy: Philosophical Dialogue and Political Philosophy After 9/11
Tom Rockmore

27. World Philosophy: On Philosophers Making Peace
Anton Hügli

28. Philosophical Faith as the Will to Communicate: Two Case Studies in Intercultural Understanding
Tomoko Iwasawa

29. Faith as Humanity’s Essential Communication Bridge
Hermann-Josef Seideneck

30. Freedom in the Space of Nothingness
Malek K. Khazaee

31. Philosophical Faith: The Savior of Humanity
Indu Sarin

32. The Second Axial Age: Fulfilling the Human Destiny
Czesława Piecuch

33. Karl Jaspers’ Philosophical Faith for the Global Age: The Idea of Civilizational Continuity
Joanne Miyang Cho

34. The Factor of Listening in Karl Jaspers’ Philosophy of Communication
Krystyna Górniak-Kocikowska

Keywords: Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, History of Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Man, Political Philosophy

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