Janssen, Rainer

Bioenergy for Sustainable Development in Africa

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Table of contents

1. Keynote Introduction: Traditional and Improved Use of Biomass for Energy in Africa
Edward Smeets, Francis X. Johnson, Grant Ballard-Tremeer

2. Biomass Potential in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions in Botswana
Mogodisheng B. M. Sekhwela, Donald L. Kgathi

3. Jatropha: A Promising Crop for Africa’s Biofuel Production?
Janske Eijck, Edward Smeets, André Faaij

4. Small-Scale Production of Jatropha in Zambia and its Implications for Rural Development and National Biofuel Policies
Thomson Sinkala, Francis X. Johnson

5. Economic Evaluation of Sweet Sorghum in Biofuel Production as a Multi-purpose Crop: The Case of Zambia
Clarietta Chagwiza, Gavin Fraser

6. Keynote Introduction: Biomass Technologies and Markets in Africa
Dominik Rutz, Rainer Janssen

7. Sustainable Charcoal and Firewood Production and Use in Africa
Estomih N. Sawe

8. Bioethanol Potential and Production in Africa: Sweet Sorghum as a Complementary Feedstock
Kalaluka Munyinda, Francis Davison Yamba, Hartley Walimwipi

9. Biodiesel Production in Africa
Hartley Walimwipi, Francis Davison Yamba, Manfred Wörgetter, Josef Rathbauer, Dina Bacovsky

10. Biogas Production in Africa
Greg Austin, Glynn Morris

11. New Conversion Technologies for Liquid Biofuels Production in Africa
Bothwell Batidzirai, Edward M. W. Smeets, André P. C. Faaij

12. Modern Use of Solid Biomass in Africa: Prospects for Utilization of Agro-Waste Resources in Nigeria
Kemjika Benaiah Ajoku

13. International Trade of Biofuels: Current Trends and the Potential Role of Africa
Arnaldo Walter, Anna Segerstedt

14. Keynote Introduction: Overview on Bioenergy Policies in Africa
Rainer Janssen, Dominik Rutz

15. Biofuel Policies in Tanzania
Sarah Mohamed, Gavin Fraser, Estomih N. Sawe

16. Biofuel Policy in South Africa: A Critical Analysis
Thapelo Letete, Harro Blottnitz

17. Promoting Biofuels in West Africa: An Engine for Development
Mamadou Dianka

18. Strategies for a Sustainable Pan-African Biofuels Policy
Charles B. L. Jumbe, Michael Madjera

19. Keynote Introduction: Sustainability Considerations for Biofuels Production in Africa
Rocio A. Diaz-Chavez, Jeremy Woods

20. Environmental Impacts of Biofuel Production in Africa
Kingiri Senelwa, Lazare Etiégni, Odipo Osano, Kirongo Balozi, Moses Imo

21. Potential Impacts of Biofuel Development on Biodiversity in Chobe District, Botswana
Donald L. Kgathi, Barbara N. Ngwenya, Mogodisheng B. M. Sekhwela

22. Water Implications of Biofuel Development in Semi-Arid Sub-Saharan Africa: Case Studies of Four Countries
Donald L. Kgathi, Isaac Mazonde, Michael Murray-Hudson

23. Implications of Climate Change on Sustainable Biofuel Production in Africa
Sumedha Malaviya, Nijavalli H. Ravindranath

24. Bioenergy and Sustainable Adaptation to Climate Change in Africa
Kirsten Ulsrud

25. Keynote Introduction: Socio-Economic Impacts of Different Scales of Biofuel Production in Africa
Dominik Rutz, Rainer Janssen

26. Social Impacts of Biofuel Production in Africa
Stanford Mwakasonda, Francesca Farioli

27. Small-Scale Bioenergy Initiatives: Lessons from Case Studies in Asia, Latin America and Africa
Steven Hunt, Thalia Konaris, Raffaella Bellanca, Grant Ballard-Tremeer

28. Gender Issues of Biomass Production and Use in Africa
Francesca Farioli, Touria Dafrallah

29. Financing of Biofuel Projects in Africa
Michael Hofmann, Glynn Morris, Grant Ballard-Tremeer, Kaysara Khatun

30. Economics of Modern and Traditional Bioenergy in African Households: Consumer Choices for Cook Stoves
Francis X. Johnson, Takeshi Takama

31. Opportunities and Risks of Bioenergy in Africa
Dominik Rutz, Rainer Janssen

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Renewable and Green Energy, Energy Policy, Economics and Management, Agriculture, Applied Ecology, Biodiversity

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