Milson, Andrew J.

International Perspectives on Teaching and Learning with GIS in Secondary Schools

Milson, Andrew J. - International Perspectives on Teaching and Learning with GIS in Secondary Schools, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The World at Their Fingertips: A New Age for Spatial Thinking
Andrew J. Milson, Joseph J. Kerski, Ali Demirci

2. Australia: Inquiry Learning with GIS to Simulate Coastal Storm Inundation
John C. Kinniburgh

3. Austria: Links Between Research Institutions and Secondary Schools for Geoinformation Research and Practice
Thomas Jekel, Alfons Koller, Josef Strobl

4. Canada: Teaching Geography Through Geotechnology Across a Decentralized Curriculum Landscape
Niem Tu Huynh, Bob Sharpe, Chris Charman, Jean Tong, Iain Greensmith

5. Chile: GIS and the Reduction of the Digital Divide in the Pan-American World
Osvaldo Muñiz-Solari, Gustavo Moreira-Riveros

6. China: Teacher Preparation for GIS in the National Geography Curriculum
Pinliang Dong, Peiying Lin

7. Colombia: Development of a Prototype Web-Based GIS Application for Teaching Geography
Luz Angela Rocha Salamanca, Natalia Andrea Diaz Vega

8. Denmark: Early Adoption and Continued Progress of GIS for Education
Torben P. Jensen

9. Dominican Republic: Prospects for the Incorporation of GIS into the School Curriculum
Quinta Ana Pérez Sierra, Victoria Castro De la Rosa

10. Finland: Diffusion of GIS in Schools from Local Innovations to the Implementation of a National Curriculum
Tino P. Johansson

11. France: Dogmatic Innovations, Innovative Teachers, and Parallel Experimentations
Eric Sanchez, Sylvain Genevois, Thierry Joliveau

12. Germany: Diverse GIS Implementations within a Diverse Educational Landscape
Kathrin Viehrig, Alexander Siegmund

13. Ghana: Prospects for Secondary School GIS Education in a Developing Country
Joseph R. Oppong, Benjamin Ofori-Amoah

14. Hungary: GIS in Natural Science Teacher Training
György Borián

15. India: Localized Introduction of GIS in Elite Urban Private Schools and Prospects for Diffusion
Chetan Tiwari, Vinod Tewari

16. Japan: GIS-Enabled Field Research and a Cellular Phone GIS Application in Secondary Schools
Yoshiyasu Ida, Minori Yuda

17. Lebanon: A Personal Journey from Professional Development to GIS Implementation in an English Language Classroom
Rawan Yaghi

18. Malta: GIS and Geography Teaching in the Context of Educational Reform
Maria Attard, John A. Schembri

19. The Netherlands: Introduction and Diffusion of GIS for Geography Education, 1980s to the Present
Tim Favier, Joop Schee, Henk J. Scholten

20. New Zealand: Pioneer Teachers and the Implementation of GIS in Schools
Stephanie A. Eddy, Anne F. Olsen

21. Norway: National Curriculum Mandates and the Promise of Web-Based GIS Applications
Jan Ketil Rød, Svein Andersland, Arne Frank Knudsen

22. Portugal: Experimental Science Learning, WebGIS, and the ConTIG Project
Madalena Mota

23. Rwanda: Socioeconomic Transformation to a Knowledge-Based Economy Through the Integration of GIS in Secondary Schools
Martina Forster, Theodore Burikoko, Albert Nsengiyumva

24. Singapore: The Information Technology Masterplan and the Expansion of GIS for Geography Education
Yan Liu, Geok Chin Ivy Tan, Xi Xiang

25. South Africa: Teaching Geography with GIS Across Diverse Technological Contexts
Sanet Eksteen, Erika Pretorius, Gregory Breetzke

26. South Korea: GIS Implementation Profiles Among Secondary Geography Teachers
Minsung Kim, Sang-Il Lee

27. Spain: Institutional Initiatives for Improving Geography Teaching with GIS
Alfredo del Campo, Concepción Romera, Joan Capdevila, José Antonio Nieto, María Luisa Lázaro

28. Switzerland: Introducing Geo-Sensor Technologies and Cartographic Concepts Through the Map Your World Project
Hans-Jörg Stark, Carmen Treuthardt

29. Taiwan: The Seed of GIS Falls onto Good Ground
Che-Ming Chen

30. Turkey: GIS for Teachers and the Advancement of GIS in Geography Education
Ali Demirci

31. Uganda: Educational Reform, the Rural–Urban Digital Divide, and the Prospects for GIS in Schools
Jim Ayorekire, Revocatus Twinomuhangi

32. United Arab Emirates: Building Awareness of GIS in Education Through Government and University Outreach
Mohamed R. Bualhamam

33. United Kingdom: Realizing the Potential for GIS in the School Geography Curriculum
Mary Fargher, David Rayner

34. United States of America: Rugged Terrain and Fertile Ground for GIS in Secondary Schools
Andrew J. Milson, Joseph J. Kerski

35. Synthesis: The Future Landscape of GIS in Secondary Education
Joseph J. Kerski, Andrew J. Milson, Ali Demirci

Keywords: Education, Science Education, Educational Technology, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Learning & Instruction

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