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Honeybee Neurobiology and Behavior

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Table of contents

1. The Spirit of the Hive and How a Superorganism Evolves
Robert E. Page

2. Vitellogenin in Honey Bee Behavior and Lifespan
Gro V. Amdam, Erin Fennern, Heli Havukainen

3. Circadian Rhythms and Sleep in Honey Bees
Ada Eban-Rothschild, Guy Bloch

4. Mechanisms of Social Organization: Commentary
Randolf Menzel

5. Foraging Honey Bees: How Foragers Determine and Transmit Information About Feeding Site Locations
Harald Esch

6. How Do Honey Bees Obtain Information About Direction by Following Dances?
Axel Michelsen

7. Progress in Understanding How the Waggle Dance Improves the Foraging Efficiency of Honey Bee Colonies
Thomas D. Seeley

8. Olfactory Information Transfer During Recruitment in Honey Bees
Walter M. Farina, Christoph Grüter, Andrés Arenas

9. Navigation and Communication in Honey Bees
Randolf Menzel, Jacqueline Fuchs, Andreas Kirbach, Konstantin Lehmann, Uwe Greggers

10. Communication and Navigation: Commentary
Randolf Menzel

11. The Digital Honey Bee Brain Atlas
Jürgen Rybak

12. Plasticity of Synaptic Microcircuits in the Mushroom-Body Calyx of the Honey Bee
Wolfgang Rössler, Claudia Groh

13. Neurotransmitter Systems in the Honey Bee Brain: Functions in Learning and Memory
Monique Gauthier, Bernd Grünewald

14. Glutamate Neurotransmission in the Honey Bee Central Nervous System
Gérard Leboulle

15. Cellular Physiology of the Honey Bee Brain
Bernd Grünewald

16. Dopamine Signaling in the Bee
Julie A. Mustard, Vanina Vergoz, Karen A. Mesce, Kathleen A. Klukas, Kyle T. Beggs, Lisa H. Geddes, H. James McQuillan, Alison R. Mercer

17. Neuropeptides in Honey Bees
C. Giovanni Galizia, Sabine Kreissl

18. Brain Anatomy and Physiology: Commentary
Randolf Menzel

19. Olfaction in Honey Bees: From Molecules to Behavior
Jean-Christophe Sandoz

20. Taste Perception in Honey Bees
Maria Gabriela Brito Sanchez

21. The Auditory System of the Honey Bee
Hiroyuki Ai, Tsunao Itoh

22. Honey Bee Vision in Relation to Flower Patterns
Misha Vorobyev, Natalie Hempel Ibarra

23. Psychophysics of Honey Bee Color Processing in Complex Environments
Adrian G. Dyer

24. Sensory Systems: Commentary
Randolf Menzel

25. Neurogenomic and Neurochemical Dissection of Honey Bee Dance Communication
Andrew B. Barron, Axel Brockmann, Moushumi Sen Sarma, Gene E. Robinson

26. Neuroanatomical Dissection of the Honey Bee Brain Based on Temporal and Regional Gene Expression Patterns
Takeo Kubo

27. Molecular Insights into Honey Bee Brain Plasticity
Judith Reinhard, Charles Claudianos

28. Elucidating the Path from Genotype to Behavior in Honey Bees: Insights from Epigenomics
Ryszard Maleszka

29. Genetics and Molecular Biology: Commentary
Randolf Menzel

30. Distributed Plasticity for Olfactory Learning and Memory in the Honey Bee Brain
Brian H. Smith, Ramón Huerta, Maxim Bazhenov, Irina Sinakevitch

31. The Molecular Biology of Learning and Memory – Memory Phases and Signaling Cascades
Uli Müller

32. Extinction Learning in Honey Bees
Dorothea Eisenhardt

33. Tactile Antennal Learning in the Honey Bee
Joachim Erber

34. Testing Mathematical Laws of Behavior in the Honey Bee
Ken Cheng

35. Visual Cognition in Honey Bees: From Elemental Visual Learning to Non-elemental Problem Solving
Martin Giurfa

36. Learning and Memory: Commentary
Randolf Menzel

Keywords: Life Sciences, Entomology, Neurosciences, Behavioural Sciences, Invertebrates, Neurobiology, Biological Microscopy

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