Rödder, Simone

The Sciences’ Media Connection –Public Communication and its Repercussions

Rödder, Simone - The Sciences’ Media Connection –Public Communication and its Repercussions, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Exploring the Impact of Science Communication on Scientific Knowledge Production: An Introduction
Martina Franzen, Peter Weingart, Simone Rödder

2. The Lure of the Mass Media and Its Repercussions on Science
Peter Weingart

3. Public Attention to Science 1820–2010 – A ‘Longue Durée’ Picture
Martin W. Bauer

4. Issue Selection in Science Journalism: Towards a Special Theory of News Values for Science News?
Franziska Badenschier, Holger Wormer

5. The Medialization of Regenerative Medicine: Frames and Metaphors in UK News Stories
Richard Elliott

6. Medialization and Credibility: Paradoxical Effect or (Re)-Stabilization of Boundaries? Epidemiology and Stem Cell Research in the Press
Arlena Jung

7. Re-ordering Epistemic Living Spaces: On the Tacit Governance Effects of the Public Communication of Science
Ulrike Felt, Maximilian Fochler

8. The Ambivalence of Visible Scientists
Simone Rödder

9. Practitioner’s Perspective: Medialization and Scholarship: A Historian’s Point of View
Paul Nolte

10. Staging High-Visibility Science: Media Orientation in Genome Research
Stephen Hilgartner

11. Scientific Sources and the Mass Media: Forms and Consequences of Medialization
Hans Peter Peters

12. Campaigns and Coalitions: Governance by Media
Joan Haran

13. Practitioner’s Perspective: The Role and Function of the Science Media Centre
Fiona Fox

14. Scientists’ Blogs: Glimpses Behind the Scenes
Brian Trench

15. Debating Troy in the Mass Media – The Catalytic Impact of Public Controversy on Academic Discourse
Susann Wagenknecht

16. Diagnosing the Present: Towards a Sociology of Medialized Social Science
Fran Osrecki

17. Making Science News: The Press Relations of Scientific Journals and Implications for Scholarly Communication
Martina Franzen

18. Practitioner’s Perspective: Science as a Public Resource: Rules of Engagement
Liza Gross

19. Dimensions of Medialization. Concluding Remarks
Peter Weingart, Simone Rödder, Martina Franzen

Keywords: Social Sciences, Sociology, general, History of Science

Publication year
Sociology of the Sciences Yearbook
Page amount
12 pages

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