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Vibration Problems ICOVP 2011

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Table of contents

1. Bifurcation and Chaos of Multi-body Dynamical Systems
Jan Awrejcewicz, G. Kudra

2. Stochastic Model Updating: Perturbation, Interval Method and Bayesian Inference
John E. Mottershead, H. Haddad Khodaparast, R. P. Dwight, K. J. Badcock

3. Impact Induced StressWave Energy Flux – Validation of Numerical and Experimental Approaches
M. Okrouhlík

4. Nonlinear Dynamics of Pendulums System for Energy Harvesting
M. Wiercigroch, A. Najdecka, V. Vaziri

5. Combination Resonance Characteristics of a Composite Plate Having Damage Subjected to in-Plane Pulsating Load
P. K. Datta, Sauvik Biswas

6. On Nonlinear Vibration Analysis of Shallow Shells – A New Approach
M. M. Banerjee, J. Mazumdar

7. Study on the Characteristics of Noise Reduction Effects of a Sound Reduction Structure
Mitsuru Endo, Yong Su Kim

8. Delamination Detections of Laminated, Nonlinear Vibrating and Thermally Loaded Beams
Emil Manoach, Sylwester Samborski, Jerzy Warminski

9. Nonlinear Lateral Oscillations of Flexible Elements in Machines: Characteristic Features and Practical Applications
Vitaly Beresnevich, S. Tsyfansky, A. Klokov

10. Appropriate Modeling of Dynamic Behavior of Quayside Container Cranes Boom Under a Moving Trolley
N. Zrnić, V. Gašić, A. Obradović, S. Bošnjak

11. Dynamics of the Anti-backlash Designed Gearings with Elastic Elements
Vojtìch Kloucek

12. Industrial Applications of Extended Output-Only Blind Source Separation Techniques
Christophe Rutten, V. H. Nguyen, J. C. Golinval

13. The Influence of Magnetic Accumulators Equipped with Permanent Magnets on the Drive of a Mechanical System with the Periodical Reciprocating Movement and Its Behavior
Frantisek Foune, Pavel Kloucek, Pavel Sidlof, Petr Skop, Martin Pustka, Petr Kacor

14. Theoretical Considerations and Practical Trends for Aseismic Buildings
Ferenc Kolonits, B. Csák

15. The Effect of Initial Stress on Nonlinear Vibrations of an Articulated Beam
Jacek Przybylski

16. Natural Frequencies of Composite Cylindrical Helical Springs Under Compression
İlyas Kacar, Vebil Yildirim

17. Gas Bubbles Motion in an Oscillating Fluid
V. S. Sorokin, I. I. Blekhman, L. I. Blekhman, V. B. Vasilkov, K. S. Yakimova

18. Theoretical and Experimental Basis of Advanced Vibrational Technologies
I. I. Blekhman, L. A. Vaisberg, D. A. Indeitsev

19. Regular and Irregular Vibrations in Nonlinear Discrete-Continuous Systems Torsionally Deformed
A. Pielorz, Danuta Sado

20. Stability of the Vertical Excitation of Slender Structures
J. Náprstek, C. Fischer

21. Bifurcation Diagram of an Impact Oscillator with Uncertain Impact Model Parameters
R. R. Aguiar, T. G. Ritto, H. I. Weber

22. Dynamics of Self-Excited Oscillators with Neutral Delay Coupling
K. Edelman, O. V. Gendelman

23. High Order Nonlinearities and Mixed Behavior in Micromechanical Resonators
N. Kacem, S. Hentz, S. Baguet, R. Dufour

24. The Importance of a Detailed Vehicle Modelling in the Numerical Prediction of Railway Ground Vibrations
G. Kouroussis, E. Bergeret, C. Conti, O. Verlinden

25. Nonlinear Sway and Active Stiffness Control of Long Moving Ropes in High-Rise Vertical Transportation Systems
Stefan Kaczmarczyk

26. The Influence of Semi-active Dampers on the Vibration Behaviour of Passenger Cars
Sebastian Schneider, Daniel Brechter, Andreas Janßen, Heiko Mauch

27. Detailed Theoretical Preparation of the Drop Test of an Electron Microscope
Petr Paščenko, V. Kanický

28. Substitution of Gyroscopic Stabilizer Correction Motor by Active Control of Pneumatic Spring
Michal Sivčák, J. Škoda

29. Comparison of Two Conceptions of the Vibration Isolation Systems
Jan Šklíba, M. Sivčák, J. Čižmár

30. Dynamic Model of Aircraft Passenger Seats for Vibration Comfort Evaluation and Control
Z. Šika, Michael Valášek, T. Vampola, U. Füllekrug, T. Klimmek

31. Vibration of the Package of Rods Linked by Spacer Grids
V. Zeman, Z. Hlaváč

32. Combination Resonances and Their Bifurcations in the Nonlinear Vibromachines with a Polynomial Characteristic of Restoring Force and Periodic Excitation
V. N. Belovodskiy, M. Y. Sukhorukov

33. A Hollow Cylinder Problem in Microstretch Theory
Esin Inan, Ahmet Kiris

34. Wave Approach in Discrete-Continuous Systems Torsionally Deformed Taking into Account Position-Dependent Inertia
Amalia Pielorz

35. On the Dynamics of the Oscillating Moving Point Load Acting on the System Comprising a Pre-stressed Layer and Pre-stressed Half-Space
Surkay D. Akbarov, Nihat İlhan, Ahmet Temugan

36. On the Stress Field Caused by the Time Harmonic Force in the System Consisting of the Piezoelectric Covering Layer and Piezoelectric Half-Plane
Surkay D. Akbarov, Nihat İlhan

37. Contribution to Modal and Spectral Interval Finite Element Analysis
Milan Sága, R. Bednár, M. Vaško

38. FEM Modeling and Dynamical Behavior of a Flexible Cracked Linkage Mechanism with Clearance
Mihai Dupac, S. Noorozi

39. Simulation of a Non-smooth Continuous System
Jan Clauberg, Markus Schneider, Heinz Ulbrich

40. Characterisation of the Dynamic Behaviour of Laminated Sheet Glass in Steel-Glass Façades
C. Colomer Segura, M. Feldmann

41. Damping Optimization for Linear Vibrating Systems Using Dimension Reduction
Peter Benner, Zoran Tomljanović, Ninoslav Truhar

42. Dynamics Modelling of Tensegrity Structures with Expanding Properties
Musa Abdulkareem, M. Mahfouf, D. Theilliol

43. Transient Response of FGM Pressure Vessels
Hakan Pekel, Ibrahim Keles, Beytullah Temel, Naki Tutuncu

44. Homogenized Perforated Interface in Acoustic Wave Propagation – Modeling and Optimization
Eduard Rohan, Vladimír Lukeš

45. Reducing Ground-Borne Micro-Vibrations by Plate Foundations
L. Auersch

46. Estimation of Parameters of Soil Vibration Due to Impact Loading
Svetlana Polukoshko, V. Gontza, S. Sokolova

47. Finite Element Model Updating and Validation of the Uniovi Structure
José Luis Zapico-Valle, M. García-Diéguez, M. P. González-Martínez, J. Abad-Blasco

48. Design of Symmetric Positive Definite Vibrating Systems via Inverse Eigenvalue Methods
Ladislav Starek, Daniel Starek

49. Characteristic Response Functions (CRFs)
Nuno M. M. Maia

50. Active Vibration Suppression by the Receptance Method: Partial Pole Placement, Robustness and Experiments
R. Samin, M. Ghandchi Tehrani, John E. Mottershead

51. Attitude Control of Micro- and Nanosatellites Using Multi-degree-of-Freedom Piezoelectric Actuators
Ramutis Bansevicius, V. Kargaudas

52. Vibration Control via Positive Delayed Feedback
Zaihua Wang, Qi Xu

53. Optimization of Semi-active Seat Suspension with Magnetorheological Damper
Stefan Segla, J. Kajaste, P. Keski-Honkola

54. Dynamics of a Rotor Suspended on Gimbals
H. I. Weber, D. H. Z. Carrera

55. Experiment Study on Fuzzy Vibration Control of Solar Panel
Dongxu X. Li, Rui Xu, Jiangjian P. Jiang

56. Seismic Vibration Attenuation of a Structural System Having Actuator Saturation with a Delay-Dependent H Controller
H. Yazici, Rahmi Guclu, I. B. Kucukdemiral

57. Active Vibration Control of Seismic-Excited Structural System with LMI Based Dynamic Output-Feedback H Controller
H. Yazici, Rahmi Guclu, G. Keskin

58. Active Vibration Control of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearings
J. Tůma, J. Šimek, J. Škuta, J. Los, J. Zavadil

59. Vibrations Reduction of Industrial Sewing Machines
P. Šidlof, V. Votrubec

60. Monitoring of Roof Truss Girder Vibration Using Piezoelectric Sensors – FEM Simulation
Jan Freundlich, Marek Pietrzakowski

61. An Application of Electromagnetic Induction in Vibration Control
Radoslav Darula, George Juraj Stein, Sergey Sorokin

62. Suppression of the Work-Piece Vibrations in Milling Using Active Clamp System
A. Parus, M. Hoffmann, T. Okulik

63. Modelling of Piezoactuator Edge Delamination in Active Beam Systems
Marek Pietrzakowski

64. Application of Proportional Velocity Feedback Control to Attenuate the Vibrations of a Flexible Plate Using Piezoceramic Patch Actuators
S. Kulah, U. Boz, I. Basdogan

65. Residual Vibrations in the Drives of Working Links of Electronic Cam Mechanisms
Miroslav Václavík, Petr Jirásko

66. Synthesis of Multiple Multiloop Digital Controller for Vibroprotection Device with Parallel Structure
L. Rybak, Aleksey Chichvarin, J. Šklíba

67. Investigation of Contact Point Trajectories of Piezoelectric Actuator with Bidirectional Polarization
Dalius Mazeika, R. Lucinskis, R. Bansevicius

68. Dynamics of High-Speed Rotors Supported in Sliding Bearings
J. Šimek, R. Svoboda

69. Smart Machines with Flexible Rotors
Arthur W. Lees

70. Stability Investigation of the Steady State Response of Flexibly Supported Rigid Rotors
Jaroslav Zapoměl, Petr Ferfecki

71. Rotor-Model-Based Identification of Foundations in Rotating Machinery Using Modal Parameters
N. Feng, E. Hahn

72. Magnetic Actuator Modelling for Rotating Machinery Analysis
Ricardo Ugliara Mendes, Hélio Fiori Castro, Kátia Lucchesi Cavalca, Luiz Otávio Saraiva Ferreira

73. Quenching Damping-Induced Instability
Ferdinand Verhulst

74. An Equivalent Blisk Model Considering the Influence of the Air Flow on Blade Vibrations of a Mistuned Compressor Blisk
Bernd Beirow, A. Kühhorn, J. Nipkau

75. Influence of Dry Friction Damping on Bladed Disk Vibration
Luděk Pešek, L. Půst

76. Damping Capacity of Superelastic Nickel-Titanium Plain Textiles
L. Heller, B. Marvalová, J. Vlach, K. Janouchová, M. Syrovátková, J. Hanuš

77. Stress and Dynamic Analysis of Rotating Composite Disc
Rahul Dev, K. Gupta, S. P. Singh

78. Identification of Missing Dynamics in Rotor Systems Using Robust Control Theory Approach
Jerzy T. Sawicki, Ryan Madden

79. An Analysis on the Supporting Structure Representative Model in Rotating Systems
Felipe Wenzel Silva Tuckmantel, Kátia Lucchesi Cavalca, Hélio Fiori Castro, Patrick Felscher, Richard Markert

80. Adaptable Vibration Monitoring
Vitalijus Volkovas

81. Design of an Optical-Fiber Accelerometer Based on Polarization Variation Due to Crushing of the Fiber
Pierre Tihon, Nicolas Linze, Olivier Verlinden, Marc Wuilpart

82. Experimental Research on Brake Squeal
Daniel Wallner, Stefan Bernsteiner

83. Experimental Investigation of Vibratory Peg-in-Hole Insertion for Robotic Assembly
Sigitas Kilikevičius, Bronius Bakšys

84. Innovative Multilevel Energy Processor in Condition Monitoring
C. Cempel

85. Effectiveness of MED for Fault Diagnosis in Roller Bearings
P. Pennacchi, Roberto Ricci, S. Chatterton, P. Borghesani

86. Bearing Fault Diagnostics Using the Spectral Pattern Recognition
P. Pennacchi, P. Borghesani, S. Chatterton, R. Ricci

87. A New Conception of Bucket Wheel Excavator Cab and Seat Mounting
J. Blekta, J. Mevald, I. Petríková, J. Petříček, A. Lufinka

88. Investigation of Dynamics of Laser Shutter System
A. Bubulis, E. Dragasius, Vytautas Jurenas, V. Maciukiene, S. Navickaite

89. Modelling of Damping Force of Polyurethane Foam in Dependence on Its Temperature
David Cirkl

90. Nonlinear Vibrational Behaviour of an Elasto-Pneumatic Training Tool
Claudia Körner, Hartmut Hetzler, Wolfgang Seemann

91. Torsional Wave Propagation in a Pre-Strained Hollow Three-Layered Circular Cylinder
S. D. Akbarov, T. Kepceler, M. Mert Egilmez

92. Localized Nonlinear Strain Waves in Media with Internal Structure
A. V. Porubov, B. R. Andrievsky

93. The Dispersion of the Axisymmetric Longitudinal Waves in the Pre-Strained Bi-Material Hollow Cylinder with the Imperfect Interface Conditions
S. D. Akbarov, C. Ipek

94. Dispersive Wave Equations for Solids with Microstructure
Arkadi Berezovski, Jüri Engelbrecht, Mihhail Berezovski

95. Elastic Waves and Defect Modes in Micropolar Lattices
D. J. Colquitt, A. B. Movchan, N. V. Movchan, I. S. Jones

96. Analytical Solution of In-Plane Response of a Thin Viscoelastic Disc Under Impact Load
Vítězslav Adámek, František Valeš

97. Travelling Waves in Non Linear Elastic Solids with Multiple Microstructures
Franco Pastrone

98. Parallel Implementation of Triangular Cellular Automata for Computing Two-Dimensional Elastodynamic Response on Arbitrary Domains
Michael J. Leamy, Adam C. Springer

99. Wave Localisation in Structured Elastic Plates
S. G. Haslinger, N. V. Movchan, A. B. Movchan, R. C. McPhedran

100. Time-Delayed Feedback Control for Flutter of Supersonic Aircraft Wing
Shu Zhang, Yu Huang, Jian Xu

101. Investigation of the Flutter Suppression by Fuzzy Logic Control for Hypersonic Wing
Dongxu Li, Qing Luo, Rui Xu

102. On the Interaction of Compressible Flow and Human Vocal Folds
J. Prokopová, M. Feistauer, J. Horáček, A. Kosík, V. Kučera

103. Numerical Simulation of Interaction of Human Vocal Folds and Fluid Flow
A. Kosík, M. Feistauer, J. Horáček, P. Sváček

104. Dynamic Stability of a Steady Flow in a Planar Channel
Karolina Bach, Hartmut Hetzler, Wolfgang Seemann

105. Friction-Maintained Dynamic Stability
Keiko Anami, Noriaki Ishii, Charles W. Knisely, Takuma Tsuji, Tatsuya Oku, Shigeki Sato

106. Sedimentation of a Spherical Solid Particle in a Compressible Viscous Fluid Under Vibration
A. Petrov, M. Shunderyuk

107. On the Suppression of Flow-Generated Self-Excited Vibrations of a Valve
Horst Ecker, Aleš Tondl

108. FE Modelling of the Fluid-Structure-Acoustic Interaction for the Vocal Folds Self-Oscillation
Pavel Švancara, J. Horáček, V. Hrůza

109. Mathematical Modeling of Flow in Human Vocal Tract
Petra Pořízková, Karel Kozel, Jaromír Horáček

110. Optimal Design of a Torsional Tuned Damper for Marine Diesel Engines Using Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis
Young-Cheol Kim, D. H. Lee, T. Y. Chung, D. Y. Ham, Y. B. Kim

Keywords: Physics, Mechanics, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Physics, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Applied and Technical Physics

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Springer Proceedings in Physics
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20 pages
Natural Sciences

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