Fardis, Michael N.

Innovative Materials and Techniques in Concrete Construction

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Table of contents

1. Non Finito: Challenges in Rehabilitation
Urs Meier

2. New Materials and Construction Techniques in Bridge and Building Design
Hugo Corres-Peiretti, Sebastián Dieste, Javier León, Alejandro Pérez, Julio Sánchez, Cristina Sanz

3. New Types of High Performance Concretes – Potentials for Innovations in Concrete Construction
Harald S. Müller, Michael Haist

4. Integrated Concept for Service Life Design of Concrete Structures
Harald S. Müller, Michael Vogel, Tabea Neumann

5. Sustainability with Ultra-High Performance and Geopolymer Concrete Construction
Tian Sing Ng, Yen Lei Voo, Stephen J. Foster

6. Low-Carbon Concrete Using Ground Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag and Fly Ash
Koji Sakai, Takeju Matsuka, Yasunori Suzuki

7. Recycled Aggregate Concrete for Structural Use – An Overview of Technologies, Properties and Applications
Snežana B. Marinković, Ivan S. Ignjatović, Vlastimir S. Radonjanin, Mirjana M. Malešev

8. Mix Proportioning Method for Lightweight Aggregate SCC (LWASCC) Based on the Optimum Packing Point Concept
Michael Kaffetzakis, Catherine Papanicolaou

9. Fibres in Concrete Structures
György L. Balázs

10. Sustainable Roof Elements: A Proposal Offered by Cementitious Composites Technology
Marco Prisco, Liberato Ferrara, Marco Lamperti, Simone Lapolla, Anna Magri, Giulio Zani

11. Heterogeneous Fiber-Particle Composite Subjected to Principal Stress Rotation
Benny Suryanto, Kohei Nagai, Koichi Maekawa

12. Effect of Steel Fibers on the Flexural Ductility of Lightly Reinforced Concrete Beams
Avraham N. Dancygier, Erez Berkover

13. Innovative Textile-Based Cementitious Composites for Retrofitting of Concrete Structures
Thanasis Triantafillou

14. Strength and Deformability of Concrete Members Wrapped with Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Composites with a Large Rupture Strain
Jian-Guo Dai, Tamon Ueda

15. Innovative Techniques for Seismic Retrofitting of RC Joints
Idris Bedirhanoglu, Alper Ilki, Nahit Kumbasar

16. External Strengthening of Continuous RC Beams with CFRP
Pieter Desnerck, Lander Vasseur, Stijn Matthys, Luc Taerwe

17. Prestressed FRP Fabrics for Flexural Strengthening of Concrete
Marco Menegotto, Giorgio Monti, Marc’Antonio Liotta

18. Assessment of the Fire Damage of Concrete Members after Fire Exposure
Emmanuel Annerel, Luc Taerwe

19. Robustness of Shrinkage-Compensating Repair Concretes
Pierre-Vincent Certain, Benoît Bissonnette, Josée Bastien, Jacques Marchand, Marc Jolin

20. Design of Marine Concrete Structures
Tor Ole Olsen

21. Composite Bridges with Corrugated Steel Webs to Meet Environmental Needs by Innovative Bridge Engineering
Jun Yamazaki

22. Segmental Concrete Bridges with Corrugated Steel Webs
Tsutomu Kadotani

23. Innovation in Bridge Design and Construction: Composite Box Girder Bridge
Giuseppe Mancini

24. Orthotropic Model for the Analysis of Beams with Corrugated Steel Webs
Gabriele Bertagnoli, Mario Alex Biagini, Giuseppe Mancini

Keywords: Engineering, Civil Engineering, Structural Mechanics, Building Materials, Basics of Construction, Construction Management

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Technology, Energy, Traffic

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