Fardis, Michael N.

Role of Seismic Testing Facilities in Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering

Fardis, Michael N. - Role of Seismic Testing Facilities in Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering, ebook


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Table of contents

1. How Can Experimental Testing Contribute to Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering
Fabio Taucer, Artur Pinto

2. Earthquake and Large Structures Testing at the Bristol Laboratory for Advanced Dynamics Engineering
Matt S. Dietz, Luiza Dihoru, Olafur Oddbjornsson, Mateusz Bocian, Mohammad M. Kashani, James A. P. Norman, Adam J. Crewe, John H. G. Macdonald, Colin A. Taylor

3. Structural and Behaviour Constraints of Shaking Table Experiments
Zoran T. Rakicevic, Aleksandra Bogdanovic, Dimitar Jurukovski

4. Eucentre TREES Lab: Laboratory for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering and Seismology
Simone Peloso, Alberto Pavese, Chiara Casarotti

5. Cross-Facility Validation of Dynamic Centrifuge Testing
Ulas Cilingir, Stuart Haigh, Charles Heron, Gopal Madabhushi, Jean-Louis Chazelas, Sandra Escoffier

6. Towards a European High Capacity Facility for Advanced Seismic Testing
Francesco Marazzi, Ioannis Politopoulos, Alberto Pavese

7. Performance Requirements of Actuation Systems for Dynamic Testing in the European Earthquake Engineering Laboratories
Luiza Dihoru, Matt S. Dietz, Adam J. Crewe, Colin A. Taylor

8. Model Container Design for Soil-Structure Interaction Studies
Subhamoy Bhattacharya, Domenico Lombardi, Luiza Dihoru, Matt S. Dietz, Adam J. Crewe, Colin A. Taylor

9. Computer Vision System for Monitoring in Dynamic Structural Testing
Francesco Lunghi, Alberto Pavese, Simone Peloso, Igor Lanese, Davide Silvestri

10. Quality Needs of IT Infrastructure in Modern Earthquake Engineering Laboratories
Mihai H. Zaharia, Gabriela M. Atanasiu

11. Use of Large Numerical Models and High Performance Computers in Geographically Distributed Seismic Tests
Ferran Obón Santacana, Uwe E. Dorka

12. Shaking Table Testing of Models of Historic Buildings and Monuments – IZIIS’ Experience
Veronika Shendova, Zoran T. Rakicevic, Lidija Krstevska, Ljubomir Tashkov, Predrag Gavrilovic

13. Dynamic Behaviour of Reinforced Soils – Theoretical Modelling and Shaking Table Experiments
Jean Soubestre, Claude Boutin, Matt S. Dietz, Luiza Dihoru, Stéphane Hans, Erdin Ibraim, Colin A. Taylor

14. Evaluation and Impact of Qualification of Experimental Facilities in Europe
Maurizio Zola, Colin A. Taylor

15. Qualification of Large Testing Facilities in Earthquake Engineering Research
Özgür Kurç, Haluk Sucuoğlu, Marco Molinari, Gabriele Zanon

16. Performance Based Seismic Qualification of Large-Class Building Equipment: An Implementation Perspective
Jeffrey Gatscher

17. Experimental Evaluation of the Seismic Performance of Steel Buildings with Passive Dampers Using Real-Time Hybrid Simulation
Theodore L. Karavasilis, James M. Ricles, Richard Sause, Cheng Chen

18. Experimental Investigation of the Seismic Behaviour of Precast Structures with Pinned Beam-to-Column Connections
Ioannis N. Psycharis, Haralambos P. Mouzakis, Panayotis G. Carydis

19. Experimental Investigation of the Progressive Collapse of a Steel Special Moment-Resisting Frame and a Post-tensioned Energy-Dissipating Frame
Antonios Tsitos, Gilberto Mosqueda

Keywords: Engineering, Civil Engineering, Structural Mechanics, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control

Publication year
Geotechnical, Geological, and Earthquake Engineering
Page amount
17 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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