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Plant Defence: Biological Control

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Table of contents

1. Co-evolution of Pathogens, Mechanism Involved in Pathogenesis and Biocontrol of Plant Diseases: An Overview
Jaya Arora, Shaily Goyal, Kishan G. Ramawat

2. Stilbenes: Biomarkers of Grapevine Resistance to Disease of High Relevance for Agronomy, Oenology and Human Health
Katia Gindro, Virginia Alonso-Villaverde, Olivier Viret, Jean-Laurent Spring, Guillaume Marti, Jean-Luc Wolfender, Roger Pezet

3. Alternatives to Synthetic Fungicides Using Small Molecules of Natural Origin
Christian Chervin

4. Fungi as Biological Control Agents of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes
Mohammad Reza Moosavi, Rasoul Zare

5. Secondary Metabolites and Plant Defence
Shaily Goyal, C. Lambert, S. Cluzet, J. M. Mérillon, Kishan G. Ramawat

6. Trends for Commercialization of Biocontrol Agent (Biopesticide) Products
Catherine Regnault-Roger

7. The Role of Indigenous Knowledge in Biological Control of Plant Pathogens: Logistics of New Research Initiatives
Arun Kumar, A. K. Purohit

8. Plant Chemicals in Post Harvest Technology for Management of Fungal, Mycotoxin and Insect Contamination of Food Commodities
N. K. Dubey, Priyanka Singh, Bhanu Prakash, Prashant K. Mishra

Ganoderma Diseases of Woody Plants of Indian Arid Zone and their Biological Control
Rikhab Raj Bhansali

10. Plant Defence Against Heavy Metal Stress
N. C. Aery

11. Gall Phenotypes – Product of Plant Cells Defensive Responses to the Inducers Attack
Rosy Mary dos Santos Isaias, Denis Coelho Oliveira

12. The Role of Roots in Plant Defence
Matthias Erb

13. Activation of Grapevine Defense Mechanisms: Theoretical and Applied Approaches
Marielle Adrian, Sophie Trouvelot, Magdalena Gamm, Benoît Poinssot, Marie-Claire Héloir, Xavier Daire

14. Plant Cyclotides: An Unusual Protein Family with Multiple Functions
Michelle F. S. Pinto, Isabel C. M. Fensterseifer, Octavio L. Franco

15. Methyl Jasmonate as Chemical Elicitor of Induced Responses and Anti-Herbivory Resistance in Young Conifer Trees
Xoaquín Moreira, Rafael Zas, Luis Sampedro

16. Pathogen-Responsive cis-Elements
Ting Yuan, Shiping Wang

17. Pathogenesis Related Proteins in Plant Defense Response
J. Sudisha, R. G. Sharathchandra, K. N. Amruthesh, Arun Kumar, H. Shekar Shetty

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Pathology, Agriculture

Publication year
Progress in Biological Control
Page amount
12 pages
Natural Sciences

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