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Towards Life Cycle Sustainability Management

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Table of contents

1. Integrating Sustainability Considerations into Product Development: A Practical Tool for Prioritising Social Sustainability Indicators and Experiences from Real Case Application
Gustav Sandin, Greg Peters, Annica Pilgård, Magdalena Svanström, Mats Westin

2. A Life Cycle Stakeholder Management Framework for Enhanced Collaboration Between Stakeholders with Competing Interests
Christina Scandelius, Geraldine Cohen

3. Stakeholder Consultation: What do Decision Makers in Public Policy and Industry Want to Know Regarding Abiotic Resource Use?
Marisa Vieira, Per Storm, Mark Goedkoop

4. Life Cycle Management Capability: An Alternative Approach to Sustainability Assessment
Thomas Swarr, James Fava, Allan Astrup Jensen, Sonia Valdivia, Bruce Vigon

5. The Sustainability Consortium: A Stakeholder Approach to Improve Consumer Product Sustainability
Kevin Dooley, Joby Carlson, Georg Schöner, Vairavan Subramanian, Cameron Childs

6. A Social Hotspot Database for Acquiring Greater Visibility in Product Supply Chains: Overview and Application to Orange Juice
Catherine Benoît Norris, Deana Aulisio, Gregory A. Norris, Caroline Hallisey-Kepka, Susan Overakker, Gina Vickery Niederman

7. A Novel Weighting Method in LCIA and its Application in Chinese Policy Context
Hongtao Wang, Ping Hou, Hao Zhang, Duan Weng

8. The Usefulness of an Actor’s Perspective in LCA
Henrikke Baumann, Johanna Berlin, Birgit Brunklaus, Mathias Lindkvist, Birger Löfgren, Anne-Marie Tillman

9. Review on Land Use Considerations in Life Cycle Assessment: Methodological Perspectives for Marine Ecosystems
Juliette Langlois, Arnaud Hélias, Jean-Philippe Delgenès, Jean-Philippe Steyer

10. Visual Accounting
Andreas Moeller, Martina Prox

11. International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD) Handbook: Review Schemes for Life Cycle Assessment
Kirana Chomkhamsri, Marc-Andree Wolf, Rana Pant

12. Time and Life Cycle Assessment: How to Take Time into Account in the Inventory Step?
Pierre Collet, Arnaud Hélias, Laurent Lardon, Jean-Philippe Steyer

13. A Method of Prospective Technological Assessment of Nanotechnological Techniques
Michael Steinfeldt

14. State of the Art Study - How is Environmental Performance Measured for Buildings/Constructions?
Anne Rønning, Kari-Anne Lyng

15. Comparison of Water Footprint for Industrial Products in Japan, China and USA
Sadataka Horie, Ichiro Daigo, Yasunari Matsuno, Yoshihiro Adachi

16. Assessment of the Water Footprint of Wheat in Mexico
Carole Farell, Sylvie Turpin, Nydia Suppen

17. Water Footprints in Four Selected Breweries in Nigeria
Ife K. Adewumi, Oludare J. Oyebode, Kingsley C. Igbokwe, Olutobi G. Aluko

18. Development and Application of a Water Footprint Metric for Agricultural Products and the Food Industry
Bradley Ridoutt

19. LCA Characterisation of Freshwater Use on Human Health and Through Compensation
Anne-Marie Boulay, Cecile Bulle, Louise Deschênes, Manuele Margni

20. How to Measure and Manage the Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Impact of a Global Multinational Company
Nicole Unger, Henry King, Siri Calvert

21. Best Practice Application of LCM by Retailers to Improve Product Supply Chain Sustainability
David Styles, Harald Schoenberger, José Luis Galvez-Martos

22. Life Cycle Management Approach to the Design of Large-Scale Resorts
Kristin Lee Brown, Daniel Clayton Greer, Ben Schwegler

23. Greening Events: Waste Reduction Through the Integration of Life Cycle Management into Event Organisation at ESCi
Marta Anglada Roig, Sonia Bautista Ortiz, Pere Fullana i Palmer

24. Challenges for LCAs of Complex Systems: The Case of a Large-Scale Precious Metal Refinery Plant
Anna Stamp, Christina E. M. Meskers, Markus Reimer, Patrick Wäger, Hans-Jörg Althaus, Roland W. Scholz

25. Life Cycle Inventory of Pine and Eucalyptus Cellulose Production in Chile: Effect of Process Modifications
Patricia González, Mabel Vega, Claudio Zaror

26. Life Cycle Assessment of Integrated Solid Waste Management System of Delhi
Amitabh Kumar Srivastava, Arvind Kumar Nema

27. LCM of Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Emerging Neighbourhoods in Colombia
Tito Morales-Pinzón, Sara Angrill, Joan Rieradevall, Xavier Gabarrell, Carles M. Gasol, Alejandro Josa

28. Environmental Profiles of Farm Types in Switzerland Based on LCA
Daniel U. Baumgartner, Johanna Mieleitner, Martina Alig, Gérard Gaillard

29. The Use of Models to Account for the Variability of Agricultural Data
Brigitte Langevin, Laurent Lardon, Claudine Basset-Mens

30. Modular Extrapolation Approach for Crop LCA MEXALCA: Global Warming Potential of Different Crops and its Relationship to the Yield
Thomas Nemecek, Karin Weiler, Katharina Plassmann, Julian Schnetzer, Gérard Gaillard, Donna Jefferies, Tirma García–Suárez, Henry King, Llorenç Milà i Canals

31. Regional Assessment of Waste Flow Eco-Synergy in Food Production: Using Compost and Polluted Ground Water in Mediterranean Horticulture Crops
Julia Martínez-Blanco, Pere Muñoz, Joan Rieradevall, Juan I Montero, Assumpció Antón

32. Assessing Management Influence on Environmental Impacts Under Uncertainty: A Case Study of Paddy Rice Production in Japan
Kiyotada Hayashi

33. Assessing Environmental Sustainability of Different Apple Supply Chains in Northern Italy
Alessandro K. Cerutti, Daniela Galizia, Sander Bruun, Gabriella M. Mellano, Gabriele L. Beccaro, Giancarlo Bounous

34. The Effect of CO2 Information Labelling for the Pork Produced with Feed Made from Food Residuals
Hideaki Kurishima, Tatsuo Hishinuma, Yutaka Genchi

35. Role of Packaging in LCA of Food Products
Frans Silvenius, Juha-Matti Katajajuuri, Kaisa Grönman, Risto Soukka, Heta-Kaisa Koivupuro, Yrjö Virtanen

36. Packaging Legislation and Unintended Consequences: A Case Study on the Necessity of Life Cycle Management
James Michael Martinez

37. Carbon Footprint of Beverage Packaging in the United Kingdom
Haruna Gujba, Adisa Azapagic

38. Enhanced Resource Efficiency with Packaging Steel
Evelyne Frauman, Norbert Hatscher

39. Damage Assessment Model for Freshwater Consumption and a Case Study on PET Bottle Production Applied New Technology for Water Footprint Reduction
Masaharu Motoshita, Norihiro Itsubo, Kiyotaka Tahara, Atsushi Inaba

40. Sustainability Assessment of Biomass Utilisation in East Asian Countries
Yuki Kudoh, Masayuki Sagisaka, Sau Soon Chen, Jessie C. Elauria, Shabbir H. Gheewala, Udin Hasanudin, Hsien Hui Khoo, Tomoko Konishi, Jane Romero, Yucho Sadamichi, Xunpeng Shi, Vinod K. Sharma

41. Life Cycle Inventory of Physic Nut Biodiesel: Comparison Between the Manual and Mechanised Agricultural Production Systems Practiced in Brazil
Marília Folegatti Matsuura, Gil Anderi Silva, Luiz Alexandre Kulay, Bruno Galvêas Laviola

42. Life Cycle Assessment of Biodiesel Production from Microalgae Oil: Effect of Algae Species and Cultivation System
Javier Dufour, Jovita Moreno, Rosalía Rodríguez

43. Modelling the Inventory of Hydropower Plants
Vincent Moreau, Gontran Bage, Denis Marcotte, Réjean Samson

44. Life Cycle Carbon Dioxide Emission and Stock of Domestic Wood Resources using Material Flow Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment
Junhee Cha, Youn Yeo-Chang, Jong-Hak Lee

45. Analysis on Correlation Relationship Between Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emission and Life Cycle Cost of Electricity Generation System for Energy Resources
Heetae Kim, Tae Kyu Ahn

46. Development and Application of a LCA Model for Coal Conversion Products (Coal to Y)
Christian Nissing, Loïc Coënt, Nathalie Girault

47. European LCA Standardisation of ICT: Equipment, Networks, and Services
Anders S. G. Andrae

48. Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) Assessment of a Dell OptiPlex 780 Desktop – Results and Recommendations
Markus Stutz

49. State of the Art in Life Cycle Assessment of Laptops and Remaining Challenges on the
Component Level: The Case of Integrated Circuits
Ran Liu, Siddharth Prakash, Karsten Schischke, Lutz Stobbe

50. The Concept of Monitoring of LCM Results Based on Refrigerators Case Study
Przemyslaw Kurczewski, Krzysztof Koper

51. Life Cycle Management of F-Gas-Free Refrigeration Technology: The Case of F-Gases-Free Frozen Dessert Equipment
Francesca Cappellaro, Grazia Barberio, Paolo Masoni

52. Assessment of the Environmental Impacts of Electric Vehicle Concepts
Michael Held, Michael Baumann

53. A Consistency Analysis of LCA Based Communication and Stakeholders Needs to Improve the Dialogue on New Electric Vehicle
Stephane Morel, Tatiana Reyes, Adeline Darmon

54. Design for Environment and Environmental Certificate at Mercedes-Benz Cars
Klaus Ruhland, Rüdiger Hoffmann, Halil Cetiner, Bruno Stark

55. Implementing Life Cycle Engineering Efficiently into Automotive Industry Processes
Stephan Krinke

56. Environmental Product Declaration of a Commuter Train
Kathy Reimann, Sara Paulsson, Yannos Wikström, Saemundur Weaving

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Environment, general, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis, Environmental Economics, Innovation/Technology Management

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