Tymieniecka, A-T.

Phenomenology/Ontopoiesis Retrieving Geo-cosmic Horizons of Antiquity

Tymieniecka, A-T. - Phenomenology/Ontopoiesis Retrieving Geo-cosmic Horizons of Antiquity, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Inspirations of Heraclitus from Ephesus Fulfilled in Our New Enlightenment
Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka

2. Was Plato A Platonist?
Konrad Rokstad

3. The Life of Being Refound with the Phenomenology of Life of Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka
Daniela Verducci

4. Critique of Reason Projects with Reference to Antiquity: I. Kant and the Platonic Ideas, E. Husserl and The Mnemosinean Enticement, A.-T. Tymieniecka and the Dyonisian Logos
Ella Buceniece

5. What was a Classic Until the Beginning of 20th Century?
Tansu Acik

6. The Existentialistic Subject Today
Simen Andersen Øyen

7. Re-Turning to the Real: Phenomenological Appropriations of Plato’s “Ideas” and the Allegory of the Cave
Robert Switzer

8. Living Life and Making Life
Andreas Brenner

9. Man’s World and Logos as Feeling
Manjulika Ghosh

10. The Feast of Life or the Feast of Reason – Kierkegaard Versus Plato
Velga Vevere

11. Gibt Es Ein Materiales Apriori?
Wei Zhang

12. The Idea of Paidea in the Context of Ontopoesis of Life
Rimma Kurenkova, Evgeny Plekhanov, Elena Rogacheva

13. International Dimention of John Dewey’s Pedagogy: Lessons for Tomorrow
Elena Rogacheva

14. Thinking Conditioned by Language and Tradition
Mara Stafecka

15. How to Conduct Life (Arete and Phronesis)
J.C. Couceiro-Bueno

16. The Reason of the Crisis. Husserl’s Re-Examination of the Concept of Rationality
Witold Płotka

Logos as Signifier: Husserl in the Context of Tradition
Koushik Joardar

18. The Axiology of Ontopoiesis and its Rationality
Susi Ferrarello

19. Originating the Western World: A Cultural Phenomenology of Historical Consciousness
Tõnu Viik

20. The Recovery of the Self. Plotinus on Self-Cognition
Magdalena Płotka

21. Social Connotations of the Category of the «Now» in the Late Writings of Edmund Husserl vs. J. Derrida and B. Waldenfels
Cezary Józef Olbromski

22. Pound, Propertius and Logopoeia

Lars Morten Gram

23. Phenomenology: Creation and Construction of Knowledge
Kiymet Selvi

24. Perspicuous Representation: A Wittgensteinian Interpretation of Martin Heidegger’s View of Truth
Aydan Turanli

25. Origin and Features of Psychical Creations in an Ontopoietic Perspective
Mina Sehdev

26. Nature and Artifice in Manifesting/Producing the Being
Francesco Totaro

27. Semiotics of Being and Uexküllian Phenomenology1

Morten Tønnessen

28. The Place: Where We See the World as  a  Limited Whole
Sibel Oktar

29. Lines for Contemporary Constructivism to Revisit and Reintegrate the Ancient Sense of Continuity between Men and Nature
Catia Giaconi

30. Paul Ricoeur: Critical Consent of Logos to Life
Aníbal Fornari

31. The Phenomenological Significance and Relevance of the Reminders Assembled as “Language-Games”
Erkut Sezgin

32. “Sophia” As “Telos”in the“Ontopoietic Perspective”
Carmen Cozma

33. The Self and the World: Vedanta, Sufism, and the Presocratics in a Phenomenological View
Olga Louchakova-Schwartz

34. Trinitarian Appropriations of the Transcendentals: Givenness and Intentionality in Levinas, Marion, and Tymieniecka
Thomas Ryba

35. Blanchot’s Inaugural Poetics: Visibility and the Infinite Conversation
William D. Melaney

36. Love of Life, Tragedy and Some Characters in Greek Mythology
Halil Turan

37. Humor in the Perspective of Logos: The Inspirations of Ancient Greek Philosophy
Anna Małecka

38. The Ideal and the Real: Bridging the Gap
Brian Grassom

39. Historicity, Narrative and the Construction of Monstrosity in John Gardner’s Grendel
Firat Karadas

40. The Power of Dance/Movement as a Means of Expression
Alі öztürk

41. Making History Our Own – Appropriation and Transgression of the Intentional History of Human Rights
Johannes Servan

42. Vitality and Wobbliness of Universal Moral Values in the Post-Modern World: Creativity and Regulative Function of the Logos of Life
Jan Szmyd

43. A True and Better “I” : Husserl’s Call for Worldly Renewal
Michael Gubser

44. The Question of the Subject: Jan Patočka’s Phenomenological Contribution
Saulius Geniusas

45. “Human Creativity According to the Being” and Narrative Ethics: An Actualization of Aristotle’s Account of Imagination
Silvia Pierosara

Theosis and Life in Nicolai Berdyaev’s Philosophy
Katarzyna Stark

47. Harmonious Balance: The Ultimate Phenomenon of Life Experience, a Confucian Attempt and Approach
Tsung-I Dow

48. “Dance: Walking and Self-Moving in Husserl and Merleau-Ponty”
Jonathon Appels

49. The Songlines: Dreaming the Ancestors and Sustaining the World in Aboriginal Art
Bruce Ross

50. Logos and Life: Understanding of Rhythm
Maija Kūle

51. Life Powerful Force Between Virtuality and Enactment
Clara Mandolini

52. Visualizing Tymieniecka’s Approach with String Theory
Patricia Trutty-Coohill

53. Universal Principles of the World and the Coordinate System on the Basis of Limit Dynamical Equilibrium
Nikolay N. Kozhevnikov

54. The Biological Principle of Natural Sciences and the Logos of Life of Natural Philosophy: A Comparison and the Perspectives of Unifying the Science and Philosophy of Life
Attila Grandpierre

Keywords: Philosophy, Phenomenology, Classical Philosophy, Metaphysics, Popular Science in Astronomy

Publication year
Analecta Husserliana
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11 pages

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