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Greenhouse Gas Inventories

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Table of contents

1. Foreword

2. Benefits of dealing with uncertainty in greenhouse gas inventories: introduction
Matthias Jonas, Gregg Marland, Wilfried Winiwarter, Thomas White, Zbigniew Nahorski, Rostyslav Bun, Sten Nilsson

3. Statistical dependence in input data of national greenhouse gas inventories: effects on the overall inventory uncertainty
Wilfried Winiwarter, Barbara Muik

4. Uncertainty analysis for estimation of landfill emissions and data sensitivity for the input variation
J. Szemesova, M. Gera

5. Toward Bayesian uncertainty quantification for forestry models used in the United Kingdom Greenhouse Gas Inventory for land use, land use change, and forestry
Marcel Oijen, Amanda Thomson

6. Atmospheric inversions for estimating CO2 fluxes: methods and perspectives
P. Ciais, P. Rayner, F. Chevallier, P. Bousquet, M. Logan, P. Peylin, M. Ramonet

7. European CO2 fluxes from atmospheric inversions using regional and global transport models
L. Rivier, Ph. Peylin, Ph. Ciais, M. Gloor, C. Rödenbeck, C. Geels, U. Karstens, Ph. Bousquet, J. Brandt, M. Heimann

8. Remotely sensed soil moisture integration in an ecosystem carbon flux model. The spatial implication
Willem W. Verstraeten, Frank Veroustraete, Wolfgang Wagner, Tom Roey, Walter Heyns, Sara Verbeiren, Jan Feyen

9. Can the uncertainty of full carbon accounting of forest ecosystems be made acceptable to policymakers?
Anatoly Shvidenko, Dmitry Schepaschenko, Ian McCallum, Sten Nilsson

10. Terrestrial full carbon account for Russia: revised uncertainty estimates and their role in a bottom-up/top-down accounting exercise
M. Gusti, M. Jonas

11. Comparison of preparatory signal analysis techniques for consideration in the (post-)Kyoto policy process
Matthias Jonas, M. Gusti, W. Jęda, Z. Nahorski, S. Nilsson

12. Verification of compliance with GHG emission targets: annex B countries
A. Bun, K. Hamal, M. Jonas, M. Lesiv

13. Spatial GHG inventory at the regional level: accounting for uncertainty
R. Bun, Kh. Hamal, M. Gusti, A. Bun

14. Quantitative quality assessment of the greenhouse gas inventory for agriculture in Europe
Adrian Leip

15. A statistical model for spatial inventory data: a case study of N2O emissions in municipalities of southern Norway
Joanna Horabik, Zbigniew Nahorski

16. Carbon emission trading and carbon taxes under uncertainties
Tatiana Ermolieva, Yuri Ermoliev, Günther Fischer, Matthias Jonas, Marek Makowski, Fabian Wagner

17. CO
emission trading model with trading prices
Jarosław Stańczak, Paweł Bartoszczuk

18. Compliance and emission trading rules for asymmetric emission uncertainty estimates
Zbigniew Nahorski, Joanna Horabik

19. The impact of uncertain emission trading markets on interactive resource planning processes and international emission trading experiments
Stefan Pickl, Erik Kropat, Heiko Hahn

20. Lessons to be learned from uncertainty treatment: Conclusions regarding greenhouse gas inventories
M. Jonas, G. Marland, W. Winiwarter, T. White, Z. Nahorski, R. Bun, S. Nilson

Keywords: Environment, Climate Change, Fossil Fuels (incl. Carbon Capture), Environmental Monitoring/Analysis

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Natural Sciences

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