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International Handbook of Migration, Minorities and Education

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Table of contents

1. Migration, Minorities, and Learning—Understanding Cultural and Social Differences in Education
Thomas Geisen, Zvi Bekerman

2. Movements and Migratory Processes: Roles and Responsibilities of Education and Learning
Pat Cox

3. Understanding Cultural Differences as Social Limits to Learning: Migration Theory, Culture and Young Migrants
Thomas Geisen

4. Beyond Limits and Limitations: Reflections on Learning Processes in Contexts of Migration and Young People
Pat Cox

5. The Concept of Ethnicity and its Relevance for Biographical Learning
Ursula Apitzsch

6. “No Place. Nowhere” for Migrants’ Subjectivity!?
Athanasios Marvakis

7. Learning to Live Together—Towards a New Integration Society
Esteban Piñeiro, Jane Haller

8. Opportunities of Managing Diversity in Local Educational Programs
Andreas Thiesen

9. Family Child-Raising and Educational Strategies Among European Mixed Couples
Sofia Gaspar

10. Opening a Gate to Citizenship: Media for Migrants
Esther Schely-Newman

11. Living in Different Worlds and Learning All About It: Migration Narratives in Perspective
Joanne Cassar

12. Early Childhood Education in Multilingual Settings
Drorit Lengyel

13. Migration, Minorities, and Learning: Understanding Cultural and Social Differences in Education
M. Lynn Aylward

14. The State, Official-Language Education, and Minorities: Estonian-Language Instruction for Estonia’s Russian-Speakers and the Võro
Kara D. Brown

The Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit Conversation: The Language and Culture of Schooling in the Nunavut Territory of Canada
M. Lynn Aylward

16. Ambivalence: Minority Parents Positioning When Facing School Choices
Zvi Bekerman, Moshe Tatar

17. Social Change and Minority Education: A Sociological and Social Historical View on Minority Education in Croatia
Jadranka Čačić-Kumpes

18. Reimagining Home in Alberta’s Francophone Communities
Laura A. Thompson

19. New School, New System: The Experiences of Immigrant Students in Irish Schools
Merike Darmody, Emer Smyth, Delma Byrne, Frances McGinnity

20. Beyond Cultural Differences: Understanding and Negotiating the Conflict Between Chinese Immigrant Parents and Canadian Teachers
Yan Guo, Bernard Mohan

21. Introduction: Heterogeneity, Belonging and Learning in Schools
Irina Schmitt

22. Dealing with Diversity and Social Heterogeneity: Ambivalences, Challenges and Pitfalls for Pedagogical Activity
Christine Riegel

23. A Learning Curve: The Education of Immigrants in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Bremen from the 1960s to the 1980s
Sarah E. Hackett

24. School Policies, Gender-Sex-Sexuality and Ethnocultural Re-production in Sweden, Canada, and Germany
Irina Schmitt

25. Effects of the Head Start Program in the USA as Indicators of Ethnic Inequalities
Claudia Koehler

26. Project-Based Learning to Enhance Recognition and Acceptance of Cultural Diversity in the Elementary School
Christos Govaris, Stavroula Kaldi

27. School Performance of Children of Indian and Cape Verdean Immigrants in Basic Schooling in Portugal
Teresa Seabra

28. Migration, Educational Policies, and Practices: Constructing Difference in Buenos Aires and in Madrid
Ana Bravo-Moreno, Jason Beech

29. Introduction: Higher Education
Marisol Clark-Ibáñez

30. Encountering An-Other: The Culture of Curriculum and Inclusive Pedagogies
Ruth Arber

31. Possible Selves and Goal Orientations of East-African Undergraduate Students in the United States
Joash M. Wambua, Cecil Robinson

32. A Passport to Education: Undocumented Latino University Students Navigating Their Invisible Status
Marisol Clark-Ibáñez, Fredi Garcia-Alverdín, Gricelda Alva

33. Introduction Part 5: Religion and Learning
Eoin Daly

34. Integration by Other Means: Hindu Schooling in the Netherlands
Michael S. Merry, Geert Driessen

35. Negotiating the School Curriculum for the Malay Muslims in Singapore
Charlene Tan, Salleh Hairon

36. Precarious Religious Liberties in Education: The Salience of Demographic and Social Contingencies Under a Formally Pluralist Public Philosophy
Eoin Daly

37. Educational Processes and Ethnicity Among Hindu Migrants
Helena Sant’ana

38. Community, Work and Learning
Georgina Tsolidis

39. Multiculturalism in a Deeply Divided Society: The Case of Cyprus
Michalinos Zembylas

40. Learning Who They “Really” Are: From Stigmatization to Opportunities to Learn in Greek Romani Education
William New, Michael S. Merry

41. Learning Difference in the Diaspora—Sharing Sacred Spaces
Georgina Tsolidis

42. Deciphering Somali Immigrant Adolescents’ Navigation and Interpretation of Resources Embedded in Social Relationships
Moosung Lee, Na’im Madyun

43. Agency and Everyday Knowledge of Filipina Migrants in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Simone Christ

44. Ethnicized Youth Subcultures and “Informal Learning” in Transitions to Work
Vitor Sérgio Ferreira, Axel Pohl

45. “I Am Illiterate. But I Am a Doctor of Capoeira”: Integration of Marginalized Youth in Brazil
Karin E. Sauer

46. Learning Insularity: Social Capital, Social Learning and Staying at Home Among European Youth
David Cairns, Katarzyna Growiec

47. Concluding Remarks
Zvi Bekerman, Thomas Geisen

Keywords: Education, Sociology of Education, Migration, Regional and Cultural Studies, Sociology, general

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