Dolšek, Matjaž

Protection of Built Environment Against Earthquakes

Dolšek, Matjaž - Protection of Built Environment Against Earthquakes, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Global Earthquake Model: Community-Based Seismic Risk Assessment
Helen Crowley, Rui Pinho

2. Frameworks for the Consideration of Ground Motion and Seismic Response Uncertainties in Seismic Performance Assessment
Brendon A. Bradley

3. Design Earthquakes and Conditional Hazard
Iunio Iervolino

4. Orientation Dependence of Earthquake Ground Motion and Structural Response
Damian N. Grant, Diego Padilla, Paul D. Greening

5. Some Thoughts on Methods to Compare the Seismic Performance of Alternate Structural Designs
Dimitrios Vamvatsikos

6. Static Versus Dynamic Methods of Analysis for Estimating Seismic Performance
Michalis Fragiadakis, Dimitrios Vamvatsikos, Mark Aschheim

7. Seismic Design Modification Factors for Steel SMRFs for Uniform Collapse Safety
Farzin Zareian, Dimitrios G. Lignos, Helmut Krawinkler

8. Tools and Strategies for the Performance-Based Seismic Assessment of Masonry Buildings
Andrea Penna

9. Explicit Probabilistic Seismic Design of RC Structures Through an Elastic Proxy
Paolo Franchin, Paolo Emilio Pinto

10. Structural Optimization: An Assessment Approach of Design Procedures Against Earthquake Hazard
Chara Ch. Mitropoulou, Nikos D. Lagaros, Manolis Papadrakakis

11. Simplified Estimation of Seismic Risk for Buildings with Consideration of Structural Ageing
Daniel Celarec, Dimitrios Vamvatsikos, Matjaž Dolšek

12. A Toolbox and Web Application for the Seismic Performance Assessment of Buildings
Matjaž Dolšek, Robert Klinc, Matevž Dolenc, Marko Brozovič, Iztok Peruš

13. Recent Advances in the Seismic Analysis and Design of RC Bridges in Slovenia
Tatjana Isaković, Matej Fischinger

14. A Multi-Platform Simulation Alternative for the Performance-Based Design of Interactive Soil-Bridge Systems
Anastasios G. Sextos

15. The Role of Probabilistic Methods in Evaluating the Seismic Risk of Concrete Dams
Alessio Lupoi, Carlo Callari

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geotechnical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Natural Hazards

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