Bonelli, Stéphane

Advances in Bifurcation and Degradation in Geomaterials

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Table of contents

1. Instability and Bifurcation for Inelastic Geomaterials
R. Chambon

2. Deciphering D’Alemberts Dream: New Tools for Uncovering Rules for Self-Organized Pattern Formation in Geomaterials
Antoinette Tordesillas, David M. Walker

3. Microscopic Origins of Shear Strength in Packings Composed of Elongated Particles
E. Azéma, F. Radjaї

4. Multi-scale Analysis of Instability in Sand
C. S. Chang, Z.-Y. Yin, P.-Y. Hicher

5. Observation of Microstructural Changes and Strain Localization of Unsaturated Sands Using Microfocus X-ray CT
Y. Higo, F. Oka, S. Kimoto, T. Sanagawa, Y. Matsuhima

6. Signature of Anisotropy in Liquefiable Sand Under Undrained Shear
Jidong Zhao, Ning Guo

7. Friction and Localization Associated with Non-spherical Particles
A. V. Dyskin, E. Pasternak

8. Length Scales for Nonaffine Deformation in Localized, Granular Shear
Amy L. Rechenmacher, Sara Abedi

9. Discovering Community Structures and Dynamical Networks from Grain-Scale Kinematics of Shear Bands in Sand
Antoinette Tordesillas, David M. Walker, Amy L. Rechenmacher, Sara Abedi

10. Slip and Dislocation in Crystalline Solids as Precursors to Localized Deformation
Ronaldo I. Borja, Helia Rahmani, Fushen Liu

11. A Chemo-Thermo-Mechanically Coupled Behavior During Gas Hydrate Dissociation and Its Numerical Analysis
S. Kimoto, F. Oka, Y. Miki, T. Fukuda, H. Iwai

12. Stability of Nail Reinforced Boreholes
Euripides Papamichos

13. Stability Analysis of Creeping Faults: The Role of Chemical Decomposition of Minerals
Jean Sulem, Nicolas Brantut

14. Onset of Immersed Granular Avalanches by DEM-LBM Approach
Jean-Yves Delenne, M. Mansouri, F. Radjaї, M. S. El Youssoufi, A. Seridi

15. Multi-scale Periodic Homogenization of Ionic Transfer in Cementitious Materials
K. Bourbatache, O. Millet, A. Aїt-Mokhtar

16. Chimney of Fluidization and “Sandboil” in a Granular Soil
P. Philippe, M. Badiane

17. Experimental Study of Contact Erosion at a Granular Interface
R. Beguin, P. Philippe, Y.-H. Faure

18. Numerical Modeling of Hydrofracturing Using the Damage Theory
Alice Guest, Antonin Settari

19. Polydisperse Segregation Down Inclines: Towards Degradation Models of Granular Avalanches
Benjy Marks, Itai Einav, Pierre Rognon

20. Numerical Modelling of Interaction Between Snow Avalanche and Protective Structures
M. Wawra, Y. Wang, W. Wu

21. Crack Propagations on the Rock Face at Glacier Point of the Yosemite National Park After the 1999 Rockfall
K. T. Chau, P. Lin

22. Soil – Machine Interaction: Simulation and Testing
Mustafa Alsaleh

23. Multiscale Semi-Lagrangian Reproducing Kernel Particle Method for Modeling Damage Evolution in Geomaterials
J. S. Chen, P. C. Guan, S. W. Chi, X. Ren, M. J. Roth, T. R. Slawson, M. Alsaleh

24. Tunnel Excavation Modeling with Micromechanical Approaches
Séverine Levasseur, Frédéric Collin, Robert Charlier, Djimédo Kondo

25. Coupling Discrete Elements and Micropolar Continuum Through an Overlapping Region in One Dimension
Richard A. Regueiro, Beichuan Yan

26. On the Numerical Implementation of a Multi-Mechanism Cyclic Plasticity Model Associated to a Dilation Second Gradient Model Aiming Strain Localization Mitigation
A. Foucault, F. Voldoire, A. Modaressi

27. 2D and 3D Modelling of Geomaterials Using a Second Gradient Dilation Model
R. Fernandes, B. Ducoin, R. Chambon

28. Local Second Gradient Models for Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Coupling in Rock Like Materials
Y. Sieffert, F. Marinelli, R. Chambon

29. Two Scale Model (FEM-DEM) For Granular Media
Michał Nitka, Gaël Combe, Cristian Dascalu, Jacques Desrues

30. Finite Element Modelling of Material Instability via an Enriched Elastoplastic Model
Richard Wan, M. Pinheiro

31. Comprehensive DEM Study of the Effects of Rolling Resistance On Strain Localization in Granular Materials
Marte Gutierrez, Abdalsalam Mohamed

32. Modeling Porous Granular Aggregates
R. Affes, V. Topin, J.-Y. Delenne, Y. Monerie, F. Radjaї

33. Comparative Modelling of Shear Zone Patterns in Granular Bodies with Finite and Discrete Element Model
Jacek Tejchman

34. Influence of Weak Layer Heterogeneity on Slab Avalanche Release Using a Finite Element Method
J. Gaume, G. Chambon, M. Naaim, N. Eckert

35. Coupled Mechanical-Hydrological-Chemical Problems in Elasto-plastic Saturated Soils and Soft Rocks Using escript

Arash Mohajeri, Hans Muhlhaus, Lutz Gross, Thomas Baumgartl

36. Analytical Evidence of Shear Band Bifurcations for Softening Materials
D. Caillerie, R. Chambon, Frédéric Collin

37. Shear Banding in Cross-Anisotropic Sand Tests with Stress Rotation
Poul V. Lade

38. Instability of Unsaturated Soil During the Water Infiltration
F. Oka, E. Garcia, S. Kimoto

39. A Revisiting of Undrained Shear Banding in Water-Saturated Sand
Peijun Guo

40. Strain Localization Conditions Under True Triaxial Stress States
Kathleen A. Issen, Mathew D. Ingraham, Thomas A. Dewers

41. Meso-Scale Evolution of Shear Localization Observed in Plane Strain Experiment on Kaolin Clay
Dunja Perić, Marte Gutierrez

42. Failure of Castlegate Sandstone Under True Triaxial Loading
Mathew D. Ingraham, Kathleen A. Issen, David J. Holcomb

43. Frequency Signature of Damage Localization
E. Pasternak, A. V. Dyskin

44. Modeling of Weathered and Moisture Sensitive Granular Materials
Erich Bauer, Zhongzhi Fu

45. Effect of Different Sample Preparation Methods on the Behavior of Granular Materials Using Bender Elements
M. Aris, N. Benahmed

46. Characterization of the Strain Localization in a Porous Rock in Plane Strain Condition Using a New True-Triaxial Apparatus
P. Bésuelle, S. A. Hall

47. Granular Materials at Meso and Macro Scale: Photo-Elasticity and Digital Image Correlation
Danuta Lesniewska, David Muir Wood

Keywords: Engineering, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Geotechnical Engineering, Geophysics and Environmental Physics

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Springer Series in Geomechanics and Geoengineering
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