Fischmann, Tamara

Ethical Dilemmas in Prenatal Diagnosis

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Table of contents

1. Ethical Dilemmas Due to Prenatal and Genetic Diagnostics. An Interdisciplinary, European Study (EDIG, 2005–2008)
Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber

2. Managing Complex Psychoanalytic Research Projects Applying Mapping Techniques – Using the Example of the EDIG Study
Nicole Pfenning-Meerkötter

3. Distress and Ethical Dilemmas Due to Prenatal and Genetic Diagnostics – Some Empirical Results
Tamara Fischmann

4. Reconstruction of Pregnant Women’s Subjective Attitudes Towards Prenatal Diagnostics – A Qualitative Analysis of Open Questions
Katrin Luise Läzer

5. Prenatal Testing: Women’s Experiences in Case of a Conspicuous Test Result
Elisabeth Hildt

6. Caring for Women During Prenatal Diagnosis: Personal Perspectives from the United Kingdom
Helen Statham, Joanie Dimavicius

7. Cooperation Is Rewarding If the Boundary Conditions Fit: Interdisciplinary Cooperation in the Context of Prenatal Diagnostics
Astrid Riehl-Emde, Anette Bruder, Claudia Pauli-Magnus, Vanessa Sieler

8. Prenatal Genetic Counselling: Reflections on Drawing Policy Conclusions from Empirical Findings
Anders Nordgren

9. Taking Risk in Striving for Certainty. Discrepancies in the Moral Deliberations of Counsellors and Pregnant Women Undergoing PND
László Kovács

10. Ethical Thoughts on Counselling and Accompanying Women and Couples Before, During and After Prenatal Diagnosis
Dierk Starnitzke

11. Client, Patient, Subject; Whom Should We Treat? On the Significance of the Unconscious in Medical Care and Counselling
Yair Tzivoni

12. Decision to Know and Decision to Act
Regina Sommer

13. Moral Decision-Making, Narratives and Genetic Diagnostics
Göran Collste

14. Prenatal Diagnostics and Ethical Dilemmas in a Mother Having a Child with Down Syndrome
Maria Samakouri, Evgenia Tsatalmpasidou, Konstantia Ladopoulou, Magdalini Katsikidou, Miltos Livaditis, Nicolas Tzavaras

15. Is There One Way of Looking at Ethical Dilemmas in Different Cultures?
Stephan Hau

Keywords: Biomedicine, Biomedicine general, Biotechnology, Ethics, Maternal and Child Health, Psychoanalysis, Theory of Medicine/Bioethics

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