Brdar, Ingrid

The Human Pursuit of Well-Being

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Table of contents

1. Can We Get Happier Than We Are?
Ruut Veenhoven

2. Self-serving Attributional Bias and Hedonic and Eudaimonic Aspects of Well-Being
Pilar Sanjuán, Alejandro Magallares, Rodolfo Gordillo

3. Affect Specificity as Indicators of National Well-Being: Representative Sample of Croatia
Zvjezdana Prizmić-Larsen, Ljiljana Kaliterna Lipovčan, Tihana Brkljačić

4. The Effect of Leisure Activities on Life Satisfaction: The Importance of Holiday Trips
Jeroen Nawijn, Ruut Veenhoven

5. From Flow to Optimal Experience: (Re)Searching the Quality of Subjective Experience Throughout Daily Life
Teresa Freire

6. Gender Differences in Psychological Well-Being and Distress During Adolescence
Dalila Visani, Elisa Albieri, Emanuela Offidani, Fedra Ottolini, Elena Tomba, Chiara Ruini

7. The Impact of Positive Affect: Two Weekly Assessment Studies on Benefits of Positive Emotions in Patients with a Chronic Painful Disease
Elin Strand

8. Studying Predictors of Posttraumatic Growth in Cancer Patients
Marta Scrignaro, Sandro Barni, Maria Luisa Bonetti, Maria Elena Magrin

9. It’s All About Me: Maladaptive Self-focused Attention as a Mediator of the Relationship Between Extrinsic Goals and Well-Being
Mami Yamaguchi, Jamin Halberstadt

10. The Relation of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Aspirations to Adolescent Life Satisfaction
Marina Merkaš, Zora Raboteg-Šarić, Dubravka Miljković

11. Where Does the Motivation for the Antiretroviral Therapy Come From? Assessing Existential Meaning, Personal Growth, and Motivation Toward Antiretroviral Therapy in People Affected by HIV/AIDS
Krzysztof Szadejko, Gabriele Covotta

12. The Relationships Between Temperament, Character Strengths, and Resilience
Ann-Marie K. Hutchinson, Anita D. Stuart, Hester G. Pretorius

13. Character Strengths and Well-Being: Are There Gender Differences?
Ingrid Brdar, Petra Anić, Majda Rijavec

14. Optimistic Attributional Style as a Predictor of Well-Being and Performance in Different Academic Settings
Tamara O. Gordeeva, Evgeny N. Osin

15. To Flourish, Arm or Fade Away? Proactive, Defensive and Depressive Patterns of Self-Regulated Learning
Darko Lončarić

16. Moderator Effect of Burnout in Secondary School Context
Charles Martin-Krumm, Marie Oger, Philippe Sarrazin, Patrick Pelayo

17. Factor Structure of the French Ryff’s Psychological Well-Being Scales for Active Older Adults
Mareï Salama-Younes, Amany Ismaïl, Ali Montazeri, Charles Roncin

18. Further Evaluation of the Test-Retest Reliability of the Children Hope Scale and Students’ Life Satisfaction Scale
Susana C. Marques, José Pais-Ribeiro, Shane J. Lopez

19. Validation of the Mental Health Continuum Short Form and Subjective Vitality Scale with Egyptian Adolescent Athletes
Mareï Salama-Younes

20. School Interventions for Promoting Psychological Well-Being in Adolescence
Chiara Ruini, Fedra Ottolini, Elena Tomba, Carlotta Belaise, Elisa Albieri, Dalila Visani, Ernesto Caffo, Giovanni A. Fava

21. Applying Self-Determination Theory to Help Obese Portuguese Individuals
Sónia Mestre, José Pais-Ribeiro

22. A School-Based Intervention Involving Massage and Yoga for Disadvantaged Male Adolescents: An Exploratory Study on a Self-discovery Program
Lesley Powell

Keywords: Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology, Quality of Life Research, Health Psychology, Cross Cultural Psychology

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