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Date Palm Biotechnology

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Date Palm Biotechnology from Theory to Practice
D. V. Johnson

2. Potential of Date Palm Micropropagation for Improving Small Farming Systems
M. Ferry

3. Date Palm Tissue Culture: A Pathway to Rural Development
K. Rajmohan

4. Date Palm Micropropagation via Somatic Embryogenesis
L. Fki, R. Masmoudi, W. Kriaâ, A. Mahjoub, B. Sghaier, R. Mzid, A. Mliki, A. Rival, N. Drira

5. Date Palm Micropropagation via Organogenesis
L. Abahmane

6. Micropropagation of Date Palm Using Inflorescence Explants
A. A. Abul-Soad

7. Bioreactors and Automation in Date Palm Micropropagation
A. Othmani, R. Mzid, C. Bayoudh, M. Trifi, N. Drira

8. Commercial Date Palm Tissue Culture Procedures and Facility Establishment
A. Zaid, B. El-Korchi, H. J. Visser

9. Somaclonal Variation in Date Palm
A. El Hadrami, F. Daayf, S. Elshibli, S. M. Jain, I. El Hadrami

10. Growth Abnormalities Associated with Micropropagation of Date Palm
N. S. Al-Khalifah, E. Askari

11. Molecular Detection of Somaclonal Variation in Date Palm
Y. Cohen

In Vitro Selection for Abiotic Stress in Date Palm
A. El Hadrami, F. Daayf, I. El Hadrami

Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. albedinis Toxin Characterization and Use for Selection of Resistant Date Palm to Bayoud Disease
MyH. Sedra, B. H. Lazrek

14. Radiation-Induced Mutations for Date Palm Improvement
S. M. Jain

15. Magnetic Field Induced Biochemical and Growth Changes in Date Palm Seedlings
F. Dhawi, J. M. Al-Khayri

16. Date Palm Germplasm
R. R. Krueger

In Vitro Conservation of Date Palm Germplasm
S. A. Bekheet

18. Molecular Markers in Date Palm
C. Cullis

19. Biodiversity in Date Palm: Molecular Markers as Indicators
S. Elshibli, H. Korpelainen

20. Polymorphism and Genetic Relationship in Date Palm Using Molecular Markers
S. Zehdi-Azouzi, S. Rhouma, S. Dkkhil-Dakhlaoui, A. O. M. Salem, E. Cherif, A. Othmani, M. Marrakchi, M. Trifi

21. Date Palm Genome Project at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
X. Zhang, J. Tan, M. Yang, Y. Yin, I. S. Al-Mssallem, J. Yu

22. Potential of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Technology in Date Palm Production
G. Shabbir, A. J. Dakheel, G. M. Brown, M. C. Rillig

23. Date Palm Genetics and Breeding
A. El Hadrami, F. Daayf, I. El Hadrami

24. Development of New Moroccan Selected Date Palm Varieties Resistant to Bayoud and of Good Fruit Quality
MyH. Sedra

25. Molecular Markers for Genetic Diversity and Bayoud Disease Resistance in Date Palm
MyH. Sedra

26. Towards Sex Determination of Date Palm
S. A. Bekheet, M. S. Hanafy

27. Interspecific Hybridization and Embryo Rescue in Date Palm
C. Sudhersan, Y. Al-Shayji

In Vitro Flowering of Date Palm
F. Masmoudi-Allouche, B. Meziou, W. Kriaâ, R. Gargouri-Bouzid, N. Drira

29. Date Palm Cell and Protoplast Culture
A. Assani, D. Chabane, H. Shittu, N. Bouguedoura

30. Transgenic Date Palm
M. M. Saker

31. Secondary Metabolites of Date Palm
A. El Hadrami, F. Daayf, I. El Hadrami

32. Industrial Biotechnology: Date Palm Fruit Applications
S. M. Aleid

33. Date Palm as a Source of Bioethanol Producing Microorganisms
N. Gupta, H. Kushwaha

Keywords: Life Sciences, Agriculture, Plant Sciences, Plant Breeding/Biotechnology

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