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Intracellular Delivery

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Table of contents

1. Mass Transport via Cellular Barriers and Endocytosis
Silvia Ferrati, Agathe K. Streiff, Srimeenakshi Srinivasan, Jenolyn F. Alexander, Nikhil Bhargava, Andrew M. Peters, Nelly E. Song, Ennio Tasciotti, Biana Godin, Mauro Ferrari, Rita E. Serda

2. Approaches to Achieving Sub-cellular Targeting of Bioactives Using Pharmaceutical Nanocarriers
Melani Solomon, Gerard G. M. D’Souza

3. Delivery to Intracellular Targets by Nanosized Particles
Gillian Barratt

4. The Potential and Current Progress of Internalizing Molecules in Targeted Drug Delivery
Jiehua Zhou, John J. Rossi

5. Simulation Based Analysis of Nanocarrier Internalization: Exciting Challenges with a New Computational Tool
Béla Csukás, Mónika Varga, Aleš Prokop, Sándor Balogh

6. Nanosized Drug Delivery Vectors and the Reticuloendothelial System
Lisa M. Kaminskas, Ben J. Boyd

7. Membrane Crossover by Cell-Penetrating Peptides: Kinetics and Mechanisms – From Model to Cell Membrane Perturbation by Permeant Peptides
Isabel D. Alves, Nicolas Rodriguez, Sophie Cribier, Sandrine Sagan

8. Intracellular Delivery: A Multifunctional and Modular Approach
Rupa R. Sawant, Vladimir P. Torchilin

9. Poly(Alkyl Cyanoacrylate) Nanosystems
Julien Nicolas, Christine Vauthier

10. Amphiphilic Block Copolymer Based Nanocarriers for Drug and Gene Delivery
Xiao-Bing Xiong, Afsaneh Lavasanifar

11. Stimuli-Responsive Polymersomes
Min-Hui Li

12. Silica-Based Nanoparticles for Intracellular Drug Delivery
Sandrine Quignard, Sylvie Masse, Thibaud Coradin

13. Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biomedicine
Ivo Šafařík, Kateřina Horská, Mirka Šafaříková

14. Biosynthesis of Metallic Nanoparticles and Their Applications
Adam Schröfel, Gabriela Kratošová

15. Nanocrystals: Production, Cellular Drug Delivery, Current and Future Products
Rainer H. Müller, Ranjita Shegokar, Sven Gohla, Cornelia M. Keck

16. Processing and Scale-up of Polymeric Nanoparticles
Christine Vauthier, Kawthar Bouchemal

17. Magnetic Resonance Tracking of Stem Cells with Iron Oxide Particles
Eddy S. M. Lee, Brian K. Rutt, Nicholas M. Fisk, Shih-Chang Wang, Jerry Chan

18. Nanoparticles for the Oral Administration of Cancer Therapies
Socorro Espuelas, Maite Agüeros, Irene Esparza, Juan M. Irache

19. Nanoparticles for Photodynamic Therapy Applications
Régis Vanderesse, Céline Frochot, Muriel Barberi-Heyob, Sébastien Richeter, Laurence Raehm, Jean-Olivier Durand

20. Nanoparticles Enhanced Hyperthermia
Qian Wang, Jing Liu

21. Non-viral Gene Therapy
Jianxiang Zhang, Xiaohui Li, Liping Lou, Xiaodong Li, Yi Jia, Zhe Jin, Yuxuan Zhu

22. Imaging of Nanoparticle Delivery Using Terahertz Waves
Joo-Hiuk Son, Seung Jae Oh, Jihye Choi, Jin-Suck Suh, Yong-Min Huh, Seungjoo Haam

23. Calcium Phosphate and Calcium Phosphosilicate Mediated Drug Delivery and Imaging
O. A. Pinto, A. Tabaković, T. M. Goff, Y. Liu, J. H. Adair

24. Intracellular Bacteria and Protozoa
Maria Jose Morilla, Eder Lilia Romero

25. Gene Therapy in Bone Regeneration: A Summary of Delivery Approaches for Effective Therapies
Laura Rose, Ross Fitzsimmons, Tarek El-Bialy, Hasan Uludağ

26. Nanoinformatics: Developing Advanced Informatics Applications for Nanomedicine
Victor Maojo, Miguel García-Remesal, Diana Iglesia, José Crespo, David Pérez-Rey, Stefano Chiesa, Martin Fritts, Casimir A. Kulikowski

Keywords: Life Sciences, Cell Biology

Publication year
Fundamental Biomedical Technologies
Page amount
19 pages
Natural Sciences

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