Meinzer, Frederick C.

Size- and Age-Related Changes in Tree Structure and Function

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Table of contents

1. A Lifespan Perspective on Integrating Structure and Function in Trees
Thomas M. Hinckley, Barbara Lachenbruch, Frederick C. Meinzer, Todd E. Dawson

2. Age-Related Changes in Tree Growth and Functional Biology: The Role of Reproduction
Sean C. Thomas

3. The Earliest Stages of Tree Growth: Development, Physiology and Impacts of Microclimate
Daniel M. Johnson, Katherine A. McCulloh, Keith Reinhardt

4. Regulation of Ontogeny in Temperate Conifers
Michael E. Day, Michael S. Greenwood

5. Radial Variation in Wood Structure and Function in Woody Plants, and Hypotheses for Its Occurrence
Barbara Lachenbruch, John R. Moore, Robert Evans

6. Size-Related Changes in Tree Proportions and Their Potential Influence on the Course of Height Growth
David A. King

7. Influence of Tree Ontogeny on Plant-Herbivore Interactions
Karina Boege, Kasey E. Barton, Rodolfo Dirzo

8. How Do Changes in Leaf/Shoot Morphology and Crown Architecture Affect Growth and Physiological Function of Tall Trees?
Hiroaki Ishii

9. Tree Size- and Age-Related Changes in Leaf Physiology and Their Influence on Carbon Gain
Kathy Steppe, Ülo Niinemets, Robert O. Teskey

10. Relationships Between Tree Height and Carbon Isotope Discrimination
Nate G. McDowell, Barbara J. Bond, Lee T. Dickman, Michael G. Ryan, David Whitehead

11. Carbon Storage in Trees: Does Relative Carbon Supply Decrease with Tree Size?
Anna Sala, Willa Fouts, Günter Hoch

12. Comparative Criteria for Models of the Vascular Transport Systems of Tall Trees
Maurizio Mencuccini, Teemu Hölttä, Jordi Martinez-Vilalta

13. Hydraulic Capacitance: Biophysics and Functional Significance of Internal Water Sources in Relation to Tree Size
Fabian G. Scholz, Nathan G. Phillips, Sandra J. Bucci, Frederick C. Meinzer, Guillermo Goldstein

14. Size-Dependent Changes in Biophysical Control of Tree Growth: The Role of Turgor
David R. Woodruff, Frederick C. Meinzer

15. Instrumental Approaches for Studying Tree-Water Relations Along Gradients of Tree Size and Forest Age
Jan Čermák, Nadezhda Nadezhdina

16. Ecophysiology of Secondary Succession in Tropical Moist Forest: Scaling from Individual Traits to Whole-Plant Performance
Niels P. R. Anten, N. Galia Selaya

17. Age-Dependent Changes in Environmental Influences on Tree Growth and Their Implications for Forest Responses to Climate Change
Steven L. Voelker

18. Consequences of Stand Age and Species’ Functional Trait Changes on Ecosystem Water Use of Forests
Brent E. Ewers, Ben Bond-Lamberty, D. Scott Mackay

Keywords: Life Sciences, Tree Biology, Plant Physiology, Forestry, Plant Ecology, Wood Science & Technology

Publication year
Tree Physiology
Page amount
14 pages
Natural Sciences

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