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Karst Management

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Philip E. Beynen

2. Engineering Issues on Karst
Wanfang Zhou, Barry F. Beck

3. Dams and Reservoirs in Karst
Petar Milanović

4. Experience in Collapse Risk Assessment of Building on Covered Karst Landscapes in Russia
Vladimir Tolmachev, Mikhail Leonenko

5. Agriculture and Karst
Catherine Coxon

6. Management of Caves
David Shaw Gillieson

7. Some Considerations on Show Cave Management Issues in Southern Italy
Mario Parise

8. Geoarchaeology and Karst: A New Perspective
Philip Reeder

9. Management of Subterranean Fauna in Karst
Daniel W. Fong

10. Managing Microbial Communities in Caves
Diana E. Northup

11. Management of Carbonate Aquifers
Stephen R. H. Worthington

12. Management of Karst Groundwater Resources
Michel Bakalowicz

13. Management of Groundwater Species in Karst Environments
William F. Humphreys

14. National Karst Research Institutes: Their Roles in Cave and Karst Management
George Veni

15. Using Public Policy to Affect Human Behavior on Karst Landscapes in the United States
Erik Spencer Fleury

16. Karst and Sustainability
Robert Brinkmann, Sandra Jo Garren

17. Human Disturbance of Karst Environments
Philip E. Beynen, Kaya M. Beynen

18. The Cockpit Country, Jamaica: Boundary Issues in Assessing Disturbance and Using a Karst Disturbance Index in Protected Areas Planning
Michael Day, Alan Halfen, Sean Chenoweth

19. Expanding South Nahanni National Park, Northwest Territories, Canada, to Include and Manage Some Remarkable Sub-Arctic/Arctic Karst Terranes
Derek Ford

20. Protection of Karst Landscapes in the Developing World: Lessons from Central America, the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia
Michael Day

21. Karst in UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Paul W. Williams

Keywords: Geography, Physical Geography, Geology, Geoecology/Natural Processes

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12 pages
Natural Sciences

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