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Electrical Engineering and Applied Computing

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Table of contents

1. Mathematical Modelling for Coal Fired Supercritical Power Plants and Model Parameter Identification Using Genetic Algorithms
Omar Mohamed, Jihong Wang, Shen Guo, Jianlin Wei, Bushra Al-Duri, Junfu Lv, Qirui Gao

2. Sequential State Computation Using Discrete Modeling
Dumitru Topan, Lucian Mandache

3. Detection and Location of Acoustic and Electric Signals from Partial Discharges with an Adaptative Wavelet-Filter Denoising
Jesus Rubio-Serrano, Julio E. Posada, Jose A. Garcia-Souto

4. Study on a Wind Turbine in Hybrid Connection with a Energy Storage System
Hao Sun, Jihong Wang, Shen Guo, Xing Luo

5. SAR Values in a Homogenous Human Head Model
Levent Seyfi, Ercan Yaldız

6. Mitigation of Magnetic Field Under Overhead Transmission Line
Adel Zein Dein Mohammed Moussa

7. Universal Approach of the Modified Nodal Analysis for Nonlinear Lumped Circuits in Transient Behavior
Lucian Mandache, Dumitru Topan, Ioana-Gabriela Sirbu

8. Modified 1.28Tbit/s (32×4×10Gbit/s) Absolute Polar Duty Cycle Division Multiplexing-WDM Transmission Over 320km Standard Single Mode Fiber
Amin Malekmohammadi

9. Wi-Fi Wep Point-to-Point Links
J. A. R. Pacheco Carvalho, H. Veiga, N. Marques, C. F. Ribeiro Pacheco, A. D. Reis

10. Interaction Between the Mobile Phone and Human Head of Various Sizes
Adel Zein El Dein Mohammed Moussa, Aladdein Amro

11. A Medium Range Gbps FSO Link
J. A. R. Pacheco Carvalho, N. Marques, H. Veiga, C. F. Ribeiro Pacheco, A. D. Reis

12. A Multi-Classifier Approach for WiFi-Based Positioning System
Jikang Shin, Suk Hoon Jung, Giwan Yoon, Dongsoo Han

13. Intensity Constrained Flat Kernel Image Filtering, a Scheme for Dual Domain Local Processing
Alexander A. Gutenev

14. Convolutive Blind Separation of Speech Mixtures Using Auditory-Based Subband Model
Sid-Ahmed Selouani, Yasmina Benabderrahmane, Abderraouf Ben Salem, Habib Hamam, Douglas O’Shaughnessy

15. Time Domain Features of Heart Sounds for Determining Mechanical Valve Thrombosis
Sabri Altunkaya, Sadık Kara, Niyazi Görmüş, Saadetdin Herdem

16. On the Implementation of Dependable Real-Time Systems with Non-Preemptive EDF
Michael Short

17. Towards Linking Islands of Information Within Construction Projects Utilizing RF Technologies
Javad Majrouhi Sardroud, Mukesh Limbachiy

18. A Case Study Analysis of an E-Business Security Negotiations Support Tool
Jason R. C. Nurse, Jane E. Sinclair

19. Smart Card Web Server
Lazaros Kyrillidis, Keith Mayes, Konstantinos Markantonakis

20. A Scalable Hardware Environment for Embedded Systems Education
Tiago Gonçalves, A. Espírito-Santo, B. J. F. Ribeiro, P. D. Gaspar

21. Yield Enhancement with a Novel Method in Design of Application-Specific Networks on Chips
Atena Roshan Fekr, Majid Janidarmian, Vahhab Samadi Bokharaei, Ahmad Khademzadeh

22. On-Line Image Search Application Using Fast and Robust Color Indexing and Multi-Thread Processing
Wichian Premchaisawadi, Anucha Tungkatsathan

23. Topological Mapping Using Vision and a Sparse Distributed Memory
Mateus Mendes, A. Paulo Coimbra, Manuel M. Crisóstomo

24. A Novel Approach for Combining Genetic and Simulated Annealing Algorithms
Younis R. Elhaddad, Omar Sallabi

25. Buyer Coalition Formation with Bundle of Items by Ant Colony Optimization
Anon Sukstrienwong

26. Coevolutionary Grammatical Evolution for Building Trading Algorithms
Kamal Adamu, Steve Phelps

27. High Performance Computing Applied to the False Nearest Neighbors Method: Box-Assisted and kd-Tree Approaches
Julio J. Águila, Ismael Marín, Enrique Arias, María Mar Artigao, Juan J. Miralles

28. Ethernet Based Implementation of a Periodic Real Time Distributed System
Sahraoui Zakaria, Labed Abdennour, Serir Aomar

29. Preliminary Analysis of Flexible Pavement Performance Data Using Linear Mixed Effects Models
Hsiang-Wei Ker, Ying-Haur Lee

30. Chi-Squared, Yule’s Q and Likelihood Ratios in Tabular Audiology Data
Muhammad Naveed Anwar, Michael P. Oakes, Ken McGarry

31. Optimising Order Splitting and Execution with Fuzzy Logic Momentum Analysis
Abdalla Kablan, Wing Lon Ng

32. The Determination of a Dynamic Cut-Off Grade for the Mining Industry
P. V. Johnson, G. W. Evatt, P. W. Duck, S. D. Howell

33. Improved Prediction of Financial Market Cycles with Artificial Neural Network and Markov Regime Switching
David Liu, Lei Zhang

34. Fund of Hedge Funds Portfolio Optimisation Using a Global Optimisation Algorithm
Bernard Minsky, M. Obradovic, Q. Tang, Rishi Thapar

35. Increasing the Sensitivity of Variability EWMA Control Charts
Saddam Akber Abbasi, Arden Miller

36. Assessing Response’s Bias, Quality of Predictions, and Robustness in Multiresponse Problems
Nuno Costa, Zulema Lopes Pereira, Martín Tanco

37. Inspection Policies in Service of Fatigued Aircraft Structures
Nicholas A. Nechval, Konstantin N. Nechval, Maris Purgailis

38. Toxicokinetic Analysis of Asymptomatic Hazard Profile of Welding Fumes and Gases
Joseph I. Achebo, Oviemuno Oghoore

39. Classification and Measurement of Efficiency and Congestion of Supply Chains
Mithun J. Sharma, Song Jin Yu

40. Comparison of Dry and Flood Turning in Terms of Dimensional Accuracy and Surface Finish of Turned Parts
Noor Hakim Rafai, Mohammad Nazrul Islam

41. Coordinated Control Methods of Waste Water Treatment Process
Magdi S. Mahmoud

42. Identical Parallel-Machine Scheduling and Worker Assignment Problem Using Genetic Algorithms to Minimize Makespan
Imran Ali Chaudhry, Sultan Mahmood

43. Dimensional Accuracy Achievable in Wire-Cut Electrical Discharge Machining
Mohammad Nazrul Islam, Noor Hakim Rafai, Sarmilan Santhosam Subramanian

44. Nash Game-Theoretic Model for Optimizing Pricing and Inventory Policies in a Three-Level Supply Chain
Yun Huang, George Q. Huang

45. Operating Schedule: Take into Account Unexpected Events in Case of a Disaster
Issam Nouaouri, Jean Christophe Nicolas, Daniel Jolly

46. Dynamic Hoist Scheduling Problem on Real-Life Electroplating Production Line
Krzysztof Kujawski, Jerzy Świątek

47. Effect of HAART on CTL Mediated Immune Cells: An Optimal Control Theoretic Approach
Priti Kumar Roy, Amar Nath Chatterjee

48. Design, Development and Validation of a Novel Mechanical Occlusion Device for Transcervical Sterilization
Muhammad Rehan, James Eugene Coleman, Abdul Ghani Olabi

49. Investigation of Cell Adhesion, Contraction and Physical Restructuring on Shear Sensitive Liquid Crystals
Chin Fhong Soon, Mansour Youseffi, Nick Blagden, Morgan Denyer

50. On the Current Densities for the Electrical Impedance Equation
Marco Pedro Ramirez Tachiquin, Jose Jesus Gutierrez Cortes, Victor Daniel Sanchez Nava, Edgar Bernal Flores

51. Modelling of Diseased Tissue Diffuse Reflectance and Extraction of Optical Properties
Shanthi Prince, S. Malarvizhi

52. Vertical Incidence Increases Virulence in Pathogens: A Model Based Study
Priti Kumar Roy, Jayanta Mondal, Samrat Chatterjee

53. Chaotic Oscillations in Hodgkin–Huxley Neural Dynamics
Mayur Sarangdhar, Chandrasekhar Kambhampati

54. Quantification of Similarity Using Amplitudes and Firing Times of a Hodgkin–Huxley Neural Response
Mayur Sarangdhar, Chandrasekhar Kambhampati

55. Reduction of HIV Infection that Includes a Delay with Cure Rate During Long Term Treatment: A Mathematical Study
Priti Kumar Roy, Amar Nath Chatterjee

Keywords: Engineering, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation, Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks

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Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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