Dieks, Dennis

Explanation, Prediction, and Confirmation

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Table of contents

1. The No Miracles Intuition and the No Miracles Argument
John Worrall

2. The Scope and Limits of the No Miracles Argument1

Stathis Psillos

3. Causation, Association and Confirmation
Gregory Wheeler, Richard Scheines

4. An Objective Bayesian Account of Confirmation
Jon Williamson

5. An Explication of the Use of Inference to the Best Explanation
Adam Grobler

6. A Formal Logic for the Abduction of Singular Hypotheses1

Joke Meheus

7. Probabilities in Branching Structures
Thomas Müller

8. Causality and Explanation: Issues from Epidemiology
Raffaella Campaner

9. Invariance, Mechanisms and Epidemiology
Samuel Schindler

10. What’s Wrong with the Pragmatic-Ontic Account of Mechanistic Explanation?
Alexander Reutlinger

11. Causality and Evidence Discovery in Epidemiology
Michael Joffe

12. Inferences to Causal Relevance from Experiments
Gerd Graßhoff

13. Comparing Part-Whole Reductive Explanations in Biology and Physics1

Alan C. Love, Andreas Hüttemann

14. The Arrival of the Fittest
Peter McLaughlin

15. The Arrival of the Fittest What?

Thomas A. C. Reydon

16. Normativity is the Key to the Difference Between the Human and the Natural Sciences
Wolfgang Spohn

17. Methodological Higher-Level Interdisciplinarity by Scheme-Interpretationism: Against Methodological Separatism of the Natural, Social, and Human Sciences
Hans Lenk

18. Explanation and Interpretation in the Sciences of Man
Jan Faye

19. Imagination and Explanation in History
Peter Kemp

20. Historical Narratives, Evidence, and Explanations
Paolo Garbolino

21. Holistic Social Causation and Explanation
Raimo Tuomela

22. Complexity in Economics and Prediction: The Role of Parsimonious Factors1

Wenceslao J. Gonzalez

23. Prediction and Prescription in the Science of the Artificial: Information Science and Complexity1

Maria G. Bonome

24. Against Pointillisme: A Call to Arms
Jeremy Butterfield

25. The Gibbs Paradox Revisited
Dennis Dieks

26. The Alexandroff Present and Minkowski Spacetime: Why it Cannot Do What it has Been Asked to Do1

Mauro Dorato

27. A Locus for “Now”
Tomasz Placek

28. Weyl’s Principle, Cosmic Time and Quantum Fundamentalism
S. E. Rugh, H. Zinkernagel

29. Not Throwing out the Baby with the Bathwater: Bell’s Condition of Local Causality Mathematically ‘Sharp and Clean’
M. P. Seevinck, J. Uffink

30. Kant on Chance and Explanation
Berna Kilinc

31. Shifting the (Non-Relativized) A Priori: Hans Reichenbach on Causality and Probability (1915–1932)
Michael Stöltzner

32. Carnap’s Theories of Confirmation
Pierre Wagner

33. The Rise and Fall of Falsificationism in the Light of Neurath’s Criticism1

Artur Koterski

34. Probability and Pragmatism
Maria Carla Galavotti

35. Russell on Non-Demonstrative Inference
Graham Stevens

36. Edgar Zilsel on Historical Laws
Elisabeth Nemeth

37. “Every System of Scientific Theory Involves Philosophical Assumptions” (Talcott Parsons). The Surprising Weberian Roots to Milton Friedman’s Methodology
Eric Schliesser

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of the Social Sciences, Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Nature, Epistemology, Ontology

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The Philosophy of Science in a European Perspective
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8 pages

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