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Long Term Socio-Ecological Research

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Simron Jit Singh, Helmut Haberl, Marian Chertow, Michael Mirtl, Martin Schmid

2. Socioeconomic Metabolism and the Human Appropriation of Net Primary Production: What Promise Do They Hold for LTSER?
Helmut Haberl, Karl-Heinz Erb, Veronika Gaube, Simone Gingrich, Simron Jit Singh

3. Using Integrated Models to Analyse Socio-ecological System Dynamics in Long-Term Socio-ecological Research – Austrian Experiences
Veronika Gaube, Helmut Haberl

4. Modelling Transport as a Key Constraint to Urbanisation in Pre-industrial Societies
Marina Fischer-Kowalski, Fridolin Krausmann, Barbara Smetschka

5. The Environmental History of the Danube River Basin as an Issue of Long-Term Socio-ecological Research
Verena Winiwarter, Martin Schmid, Severin Hohensinner, Gertrud Haidvogl

6. Critical Scales for Long-Term Socio-ecological Biodiversity Research
Thomas Dirnböck, Peter Bezák, Stefan Dullinger, Helmut Haberl, Hermann Lotze-Campen, Michael Mirtl, Johannes Peterseil, Stephan Redpath, Simron Jit Singh, Justin Travis, Sander M. J. Wijdeven

7. Human Biohistory
Stephen Boyden

8. Geographic Approaches to LTSER: Principal Themes and Concepts with a Case Study of Andes-Amazon Watersheds
Karl S. Zimmerer

9. The Contribution of Anthropology to Concepts Guiding LTSER Research
Ted L Gragson

10. Viewing the Urban Socio-ecological System Through a Sustainability Lens: Lessons and Prospects from the Central Arizona–Phoenix LTER Programme
Nancy B. Grimm, Charles L. Redman, Christopher G. Boone, Daniel L. Childers, Sharon L. Harlan, B. L. Turner

11. A City and Its Hinterland: Vienna’s Energy Metabolism 1800–2006
Fridolin Krausmann

12. Sustaining Agricultural Systems in the Old and New Worlds: A Long-Term Socio-Ecological Comparison
Geoff Cunfer, Fridolin Krausmann

13. How Material and Energy Flows Change Socio-natural Arrangements: The Transformation of Agriculture in the Eisenwurzen Region, 1860–2000
Simone Gingrich, Martin Schmid, Markus Gradwohl, Fridolin Krausmann

14. The Intimacy of Human-Nature Interactions on Islands
Marian Chertow, Ezekiel Fugate, Weslynne Ashton

15. Global Socio-metabolic Transitions
Fridolin Krausmann, Marina Fischer-Kowalski

16. Building an Urban LTSER: The Case of the Baltimore Ecosystem Study and the D.C./B.C. ULTRA-Ex Project
J. Morgan Grove, Steward T. A. Pickett, Ali Whitmer, Mary L. Cadenasso

17. Development of LTSER Platforms in LTER-Europe: Challenges and Experiences in Implementing Place-Based Long-Term Socio-ecological Research in Selected Regions
Michael Mirtl, Daniel E. Orenstein, Martin Wildenberg, Johannes Peterseil, Mark Frenzel

18. Developing Socio-ecological Research in Finland: Challenges and Progress Towards a Thriving LTSER Network
Eeva Furman, Taru Peltola

19. The Eisenwurzen LTSER Platform (Austria) – Implementation and Services
Johannes Peterseil, Angelika Neuner, Andrea Stocker-Kiss, Veronika Gaube, Michael Mirtl

20. Fostering Research into Coupled Long-Term Dynamics of Climate, Land Use, Ecosystems and Ecosystem Services in the Central French Alps
Sandra Lavorel, Thomas Spiegelberger, Isabelle Mauz, Sylvain Bigot, Céline Granjou, Laurent Dobremez, Baptiste Nettier, Wilfried Thuiller, Jean-Jacques Brun, Philippe Cozic

21. Long-Term Socio-ecological Research in Mountain Regions: Perspectives from the Tyrolean Alps
Ulrike Tappeiner, Axel Borsdorf, Michael Bahn

22. Integrated Monitoring and Sustainability Assessment in the Tyrolean Alps: Experiences in Transdisciplinarity
Willi Haas, Simron Jit Singh, Brigitta Erschbamer, Karl Reiter, Ariane Walz

23. Conclusions
Marian Chertow, Simron Jit Singh, Helmut Haberl, Michael Mirtl, Martin Schmid

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Earth Sciences, general, Human Geography

Publication year
Human-Environment Interactions
Page amount
37 pages
Natural Sciences

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