Sadler, Troy D.

Socio-scientific Issues in the Classroom

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Table of contents

1. Situating Socio-scientific Issues in Classrooms as a Means of Achieving Goals of Science Education
Troy D. Sadler

2. Enhancing the Authenticity of a Web-Based Module for Teaching Simple Inheritance
Tali Tal, Yael Kali, Stella Magid, Jacqueline J. Madhok

3. Metalogue: Using Issues and Participatory Experiences to Enhance Student Learning and Interest
Siu Ling Wong, Tali Tal, Troy D. Sadler

4. Learning Science Content and Socio-scientific Reasoning Through Classroom Explorations of Global Climate Change
Troy D. Sadler, Michelle L. Klosterman, Mustafa S. Topcu

5. Metalogue: Issues in the Conceptualization of Research Constructs and Design for SSI Related Work
Troy D. Sadler, Vaille M. Dawson, Michelle L. Klosterman, Jennifer L. Eastwood, Dana L. Zeidler

6. Effects of an Interdisciplinary Program on Students’ Reasoning with Socioscientific Issues and Perceptions of Their Learning Experiences
Jennifer L. Eastwood, Whitney M. Schlegel, Kristin L. Cook

7. Metalogue: SSI in Undergraduate Science Education
Jennifer L. Eastwood, Troy D. Sadler, María Pilar Jiménez-Aleixandre

8. Discussing a Socioscientific Issue in a Primary School Classroom: The Case of Using a Technology-Supported Environment in Formal and Nonformal Settings
Maria Evagorou

9. Metalogue: Assessment, Audience, and Authenticity for Teaching SSI and Argumentation
Maria Evagorou, Troy D. Sadler, Tali (Revital) Tal

10. Decision Making and Use of Evidence in a Socio-scientific Problem on Air Quality
Shirley Simon, Ruth Amos

11. Metalogue: Engaging Students in Scientific and Socio-scientific Argumentation
Victor Sampson, Shirley Simon, Ruth Amos, Maria Evagorou

12. Different Music to the Same Score: Teaching About Genes, Environment, and Human Performances
Blanca Puig, María Pilar Jiménez-Aleixandre

13. Metalogue: Design and Enactment of SSI Curriculum: Critical Theory, Difficult Content, and Didactic Transposition
Timothy Barko, Shirley Simon, María Pilar Jiménez-Aleixandre, Troy D. Sadler

14. Learning Nature of Science Through Socioscientific Issues
Siu Ling Wong, Zhihong Wan, Maurice Man Wai Cheng

15. Metalogue: Preconditions and Resources for Productive Socio-scientific Issues Teaching and Learning
Siu Ling Wong, Dana L. Zeidler, Michelle L. Klosterman

16. Enacting a Socioscientific Issues Classroom: Transformative Transformations
Dana L. Zeidler, Scott M. Applebaum, Troy D. Sadler

17. Metalogue: Balancing Tensions Associated with Extensive Enactment of SSI-Based Teaching
Dana L. Zeidler, Randy L. Bell, Troy D. Sadler, Jennifer L. Eastwood

18. A Case Study of the Impact of Introducing Socio-scientific Issues into a Reproduction Unit in a Catholic Girls’ School
Vaille M. Dawson

19. Metalogue: Critical Issues in Teaching Socio-scientific Issues
Jennie S. Brotman, Vaille M. Dawson, Felicia Moore Mensah

20. Socio-scientific Issues-Based Education: What We Know About Science Education in the Context of SSI
Troy D. Sadler

Keywords: Education, Science Education, Learning & Instruction, Curriculum Studies, Teaching and Teacher Education

Publication year
Contemporary Trends and Issues in Science Education
Page amount
24 pages
Upbringing, Education

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