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Resilient Cities

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Table of contents

1. Building the Global Adaptation Community
Konrad Otto-Zimmermann

2. Introduction: Describing Impacts at the Local Level
Lucinda Fairhurst

3. Understanding Potential Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Options in Indian Megacities
Diana Reckien, Martin Wildenberg, Kaushik Deb

4. Assessment of Climate Change-Induced Vulnerability to Floods in Hyderabad, India, Using Remote Sensing Data
Oleksandr Kit, Matthias Lüdeke, Diana Reckien

5. The Role of Community Resilience in Adaptation to Climate Change: The Urban Poor in Jakarta, Indonesia
Mario Wilhelm

6. Ecohealth and Climate Change: Adaptation to Flooding Events in Riverside Secondary Cities, West Africa
Guéladio Cissé, Brama Koné, Hampaté Bâ, Ibrahima Mbaye, Koffi Koba, Jürg Utzinger, Marcel Tanner

7. Climate Change and Adaptive Capacity of Women to Water Stress in Urban Centers of Nigeria: Emerging Concerns and Reactions
Isaac B. Oluwatayo

8. Urban Climate Strategies Against Future Heat Stress Conditions
Lutz Katzschner

9. Climate-Proof Urban Transport Planning: Opportunities and Challenges in Developing Cities
Urda Eichhorst, Daniel Bongardt, Montserrat Miramontes

10. Introduction: Frameworks for Local Action – Challenges and Proactive Recommendations
Olivia Tusinski, Alice Balbo

11. Inclusive Adaptation: Linking Participatory Learning and Knowledge Management to Urban Resilience
Michaela Hordijk, Isa Baud

12. Urban Adaptation Planning and Governance: Challenges to Emerging Wisdom
JoAnn Carmin, David Dodman, Linda Harvey, Shuaib Lwasa, Patricia Romero-Lankao

13. Urban Climate Change Adaptation in the Context of Transformation: Lessons from Vietnam
Matthias Garschagen, Frauke Kraas

14. Getting Ready for a Changing Climate: Supporting Councillor’s Leadership Role in Adaptation
Joyce Wei Ka Lee

15. Environmental Learning from the Ivory Tower to the Town Square: The Case of Trondheim, Norway
Annemie Wyckmans

16. Plan B:altic: A Social–Ecological Approach to Climate Change Adaptation
Sonja Deppisch, Sanin Hasibović, Meike Albers

17. Governance Recommendations for Adaptation in European Urban Regions: Results from Five Case Studies and a European Expert Survey
Torsten Grothmann

18. Creating Resilient Cities Through Empowered, Deliberative Participation
Janette Hartz-Karp, Hans-Peter Meister

19. Introduction: Local Strategies and Actions in Response to Climate Change
Monika Zimmermann, Nathan Brettschneider

20. Comparative Research on the Adaptation Strategies of Ten Urban Climate Plans
Luc Vrolijks, Ashley Spatafore, Anisha S. Mittal

21. Managing Regional Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Co-benefits and Co-costs
Matthias Ruth

22. Interdisciplinary and Multi-institutional Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation
Virginie Moffet, Matthieu Alibert, Caroline Larrivée

23. Climate Adaptation Strategies: Evidence from Latin American City-Regions
Dirk Heinrichs, Kerstin Krellenberg

24. Adaptation in UK Cities: Heading in the Right Direction?
Magnus Benzie, Alex Harvey, Karen Miller

25. Finding the Balance: Challenges and Opportunities for Climate Change Adaptation at Different Levels of English Local Government
Nadia Manasfi, Elizabeth Greenhalgh

26. Local Strategies for Climate Change Adaptation: Urban Planning Criteria for Municipalities of the Basque Country, Spain
Marta Olazabal, Efren Feliú, Borja Izaola, David Pon, Maria Pooley, Marimar Alonso-Martin, Carlos Castillo

27. Climate Change Adaptation in Dutch Municipalities: Risk Perception and Institutional Capacity
Maya M. Berg

28. Toward a More Flood Resilient Urban Environment: The Dutch Multi-level Safety Approach to Flood Risk Management
Berry Gersonius, William Veerbeek, Abdus Subhan, Karin Stone, Chris Zevenbergen

29. Climate Change and City Development: Resilience Strategies in Bonn
Rüdiger Wagner

30. Integrated Climate Adaptation in Dresden: Insights from Flood Prevention
Christian Korndörfer, Peter Teichmann, Frank Frenzel

31. Integrated Climate Protection Program for the City of Chemnitz: Climate Diagnosis, Climate Change Prognosis, and Adaptation Measures in the Urban Area
Petra Schneider, Nicole Gottschalk, Ralf Löser, Thomas Scharbrodt

32. Adaptation Strategies for the City of Cape Town: Finding the Balance Within Social-Ecological Complexity
Darryl Colenbrander, Gregg Oelofse, Anton Cartwright, Howard Gold, Sakhile Tsotsobe

33. Sharing the Lagos Megacity Experience in the Integrated Management of Sea Level Rise and Flooding
Nicholas Ozor, Oguguah M. Ngozi, Maximus Ugwuoke

34. Community-Based Vulnerability Assessment: Semarang, Indonesia
John Taylor

35. Research News for Climate Compliant Cities: The Case of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Frank Schwartze, Andreas Gravert, Ronald Eckert, Ulrike Schinkel, Ralf Kersten

36. Building Resilience to Climate Change Through Adaptive Land Use Planning in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Harry Storch, Nigel Downes, Lutz Katzschner, Nguyen Xuan Thinh

37. Climate Change Risk Management for a Suburban Local Government: The Case of Kogarah, Australia
Elisa Idris, Hartmut Fünfgeld

38. Climate Change as a Survival Strategy: Soft Infrastructure for Urban Resilience and Adaptive Capacity in Australia’s Coastal Zones
Nan Chen, Peter Graham

39. Curitiba, Brazil: A Model for Resilience in Latin America?
Peter Spathelf

40. Introduction: Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation in Cities
Hartmut Fünfgeld

41. Building Resilience to Climate Change in Asian Cities
Sarah Opitz-Stapleton, Laura Seraydarian, Karen MacClune, Greg Guibert, Sarah Reed, Fern Uennatornwaranggoon, Cristina Rumbaitis Rio

42. Local Vulnerability Assessment of Climate Change and Its Implications: The Case of Gyeonggi-Do, Korea
Jaekyung Koh

43. Ecosystem-Based Adaptation in the Urban Environment
Gabriel Grimsditch

44. Urban Agriculture and Climate Change Adaptation: Ensuring Food Security Through Adaptation
Marielle Dubbeling, Henk Zeeuw

45. Cooling the Public Realm: Climate-Resilient Urban Design
Jeffrey Raven

46. The Role of Transport in Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change Impacts in Urban Areas
Giuseppe Inturri, Matteo Ignaccolo

47. Urban Green Spaces: Potentials and Constraints for Urban Adaptation to Climate Change
Juliane Mathey, Stefanie Rößler, Iris Lehmann, Anne Bräuer

48. Urban Climate Framework: A System Approach Towards Climate Proof Cities
Sonja Döpp, Fransje Hooimeijer, Nienke Maas

49. Introduction: Reality Check – Adaptation on the Ground
Olivia Tusinski

50. Preparing for Climate Change While Advancing Local Sustainability: A Closer Look at Miami-Dade County, Florida, USA
Natacha Seijas, Susanne M. Torriente, Nichole L. Hefty, Melissa Stults

51. Quito’s Climate Change Strategy: A Response to Climate Change in the Metropolitan District of Quito, Ecuador
Carolina Zambrano-Barragán, Othon Zevallos, Marcos Villacís, Diego Enríquez

52. Climate Change Implications for Dhaka City: A Need for Immediate Measures to Reduce Vulnerability
Golam Rabbani, A. Atiq Rahman, Nazria Islam

53. Adaptation in Practise: Durban, South Africa
Andrew Mather, Debra Roberts, Geoffrey Tooley

Keywords: Environment, Climate Change, Urbanism, Sustainable Development, Human Geography, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning

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