Tavares, João Manuel R.S.

Topics in Medical Image Processing and Computational Vision

Tavares, João Manuel R.S. - Topics in Medical Image Processing and Computational Vision, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Learning a Family of Detectors via Multiplicative Kernels
Quan Yuan, Ashwin Thangali, Vitaly Ablavsky, Stan Sclaroff

2. Facial Expression Recognition Using FAPs-Based 3DMMM
Hamimah Ujir, Michael Spann

3. SVM Framework for Incorporating Content-Based Image Retrieval and Data Mining into the SBIM Image Manager
Luiz A. P. Neves, Gilson A. Giraldi

4. Identification of Foliar Diseases in Cotton Crop
Alexandre A. Bernardes, Jonathan G. Rogeri, Roberta B. Oliveira, Norian Marranghello, Aledir S. Pereira, Alex F. Araujo, João Manuel R. S. Tavares

5. Towards Ontological Cognitive System
Carles Fernandez, Jordi Gonzàlez, João Manuel R. S. Tavares, F. Xavier Roca

6. A Novel Edge Detector Based on Discrete t-norms for Noisy Images
M. González-Hidalgo, S. Massanet, A. Mir

7. Colour Quantisation as a Preprocessing Step for Image Segmentation
Henryk Palus, Mariusz Frackiewicz

8. Medical Imaging and Computational Flow Models in Deformable Ducts
Marc Thiriet

9. Tracking Red Blood Cells in Microchannels: A Comparative Study Between an Automatic and a Manual Method
D. Pinho, R. Lima, A. I. Pereira, F. Gayubo

10. A Survey for the Automatic Classification of Bone Tissue Images
J. E. Gil, J. P. Aranda, E. Mérida-Casermeiro, M. Ujaldón

11. Colour Video Segmentation for the Quantification of Sweat Dynamic Function
J. L. Quintero-Morales, E. Nava-Baro, A. García-Linares, B. Camacho-García, M. S. Dawid-Milner

12. Current Issues in Medical Thermography
Ricardo Vardasca, Ricardo Simoes

13. Detection of Anatomic Structures in Retinal Images
José Pinão, Carlos Manta Oliveira, André Mora, João Dias

14. Database System for Clinical and Computer Assisted Diagnosis of Dermoscopy Images
B. S. R. Amorim, T. F. Mendonça

15. Segmentation Based Pattern Recognition for Peri-Urban Areas in X Band SAR Images
Bruno Cafaro, Silvia Canale, Alberto Santis, Daniela Iacoviello, Fiora Pirri, Simone Sagratella

16. Improving Flood Risk Management in the City of Lisbon: Developing a Detailed and Updated Map of Imperviousness Using Satellite Imagery
T. Santos, S. Freire

Keywords: Engineering, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Computer Imaging, Vision, Pattern Recognition and Graphics, Biomedical Engineering, Imaging / Radiology

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