Gutwirth, Serge

Computers, Privacy and Data Protection: an Element of Choice

Gutwirth, Serge - Computers, Privacy and Data Protection: an Element of Choice, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The German Constitutional Court Judgment on Data Retention: Proportionality Overrides Unlimited Surveillance (Doesn’t It?)
Katja Vries, Rocco Bellanova, Paul Hert, Serge Gutwirth

2. The Noise in the Archive: Oblivion in the Age of Total Recall
Jean-François Blanchette

3. Property in Personal Data: Second Life of an Old Idea in the Age of Cloud Computing, Chain Informatisation, and Ambient Intelligence
Nadezhda Purtova

4. Right to Personal Identity: The Challenges of Ambient Intelligence and the Need for a New Legal Conceptualization
Norberto Nuno Gomes Andrade

5. Frames from the Life and Death of Jean Charles de Menezes
Amos Bianchi, Denis J. Roio

6. Regulating Privacy: Vocabularies of Motive in Legislating Right of Access to Criminal Records in Sweden
Christel Backman

7. Ubiquitous Computing, Privacy and Data Protection: Options and Limitations to Reconcile the Unprecedented Contradictions
Johann Čas

8. EU PNR: European Flight Passengers Under General Suspicion – The Envisaged European Model of Analyzing Flight Passenger Data
Franziska Boehm

9. Options for Securing PCs Against Phishing and Espionage: A Report from the EU-Project “Open Trusted Computing”
Arnd Weber, Dirk Weber*

10. Keeping Up Appearances: Audience Segregation in Social Network Sites
Bibi Berg, Ronald Leenes

11. Avatars Out of Control: Gazira Babeli, Pose Balls and “Rape” in Second Life
Katja Vries

12. Privacy as a Practice: Exploring the Relational and Spatial Dynamics of HIV-Related Information Seeking
Fadhila Mazanderani, Ian Brown

13. Rise and Phall: Lessons from the Phorm Saga
Paul Bernal

14. Disclosing or Protecting? Teenagers’ Online Self-Disclosure
Michel Walrave, Wannes Heirman

15. Why Adopting Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) Takes so Much Time
John J. Borking

16. Can a Cloud Be Really Secure? A Socratic Dialogue
Gurpreet Dhillon, Ella Kolkowska

17. Privacy Regulations for Cloud Computing: Compliance and Implementation in Theory and Practice
Joep Ruiter, Martijn Warnier

18. Data Protection in the Clouds
Yves Poullet, Jean-Marc Gyseghem, Jean-Philippe Moiny, Jacques Gérard, Claire Gayrel

19. Privacy-Preserving Data Mining from Outsourced Databases
Fosca Giannotti, Laks V.S. Lakshmanan, Anna Monreale, Dino Pedreschi, Hui (Wendy) Wang

20. Access Control in Cloud-on-Grid Systems: The PerfCloud Case Study
Valentina Casola, Raffaele Lettiero, Massimiliano Rak, Umberto Villano

21. Security and Privacy in the Clouds: A Bird’s Eye View
Wolter Pieters

Keywords: Law, European Law/Public International Law, Computers and Society, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Technology

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